17 Halloween Mantel Decor Ideas That are Easy to Pull Off and Rightly Spooky!

That lovely platform above the fireplace, the mantel has got a huge potential to get dressed up for occasions, grabbing the eyeballs immediately upon entering the room. Complement the orange fire underneath with autumn perfect Halloween decorations this season, rocking the festive get togethers. All you need to check out is these 17 Halloween mantel decor ideas below.

17 Halloween Mantel Decor Ideas That are Easy to Pull Off and Rightly Spooky

1. Halloween Mantel Linky Party

Halloween Mantel Linky Party

A mantel is like the focal point of the living room, so the decor for that space should be one of the best just like this gorgeous one here that comes with all things cute and easy to make. The main element of decor in this setting is old book pages that add a lot of texture to each item.

Details : homestoriesatoz

2. Decorating Your Mantel For Halloween

Decorating Your Mantel For Halloween

Check out this extremely spooky one here that features everything that perfectly reflects the halloween vibe. Right from the large witch hat to the little pieces connected to magic are placed to create the right witch themed mantel decor.

Details : handmademood

3. Welcome Halloween!

Welcome Halloween!

Flaunting the correct halloween aura, the tiny skulls add a lot to the spookiness of this mantel decor while the bats and the ‘Boo’ garland with spider webs makes it amazingly cute. The fake skeleton looks extremely real and is the perfect icing on the cake.

Details : pin.it

4. Orange Leaves and Bright Pumpkins

Orange Leaves and Bright Pumpkins

Blending the vibrance of the fall tones with the spooky black decor, this mantel reflects everything of the season. The orange brown autumn leaves, bright pumpkins and the pictures on the mantel bring the pop of color while keeping the decor a little scary with the owl, crows, spider webs and the trick or treat garland.

Details : sweetsomethingdesign.blogspot

5. All Black Decor

All Black Decor

Working up something as the backdrop of the decor gives a focal point to the space just like the picture here with the antique frame on a weathered window pane. The black decor pieces bring a lot to the setting right from the pumpkins to the little crows and potion bottles.

Details : catchmyparty

6. Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations

If you are planning to go a little light on the decor then this idea here is a right one as it features minimal items and the major pieces here are the huge pumpkins, antique frame with chalkboard and the gorgeous yet spooky Halloween garland that is hung over the cloth.

Details : theprojectgirl

7. Classic Black & White Halloween Mantel

Classic Black & White Halloween Mantel

Everything looks extremely classy and stunning in the gorgeous combination of black and white just like this amazingly pretty mantel decor here. From the spooky garland to the antique lanterns, the decor compliments the setting beautifully.

Details : fun365.orientaltrading

8. The Golden Magic!

This halloween mantel decor reflects the beautiful shimmer of the golden tone along with the black decor items which makes it pop even more. Making a perfect blend of both the colors, the pieces like the board with flying bats, pumpkins, skulls are the cherry on the cake.

Details :pin.it