20 Simply Breathtaking Easter Basket Ideas To Use As Gifts or Decor!

One of the coolest elements of Easter festive preparations is those cute baskets that can not only adorn the house, but also be presented to the friends and family when loaded with treats. Right from tiny party favours to huge table centerpieces, below are 20 breathtaking Easter basket ideas for you!

20 Simply Breathtaking Easter Basket Ideas

1. DIY Felt Flower Easter Basket

DIY Felt Flower Easter Basket

Grab your favorite colors of felt and turn them into stunning florals. And those flowers are further going to charm up a basket in a way that makes it the perfect Easter prettiness. For the tools, all you need is a pair of scissors and glue gun to adhere the finished flowers to the basket that you fill with toy bunnies and eggs.

DIY Details : aliceandlois

2. Unicorn Easter Basket

Unicorn Easter Basket

The whole magic of this Easter basket lies in its handle. It’s not just a regular basket handle, but a super glorious unicorn inspired one that also comes charmed up with a golden horn. A cardstock paper cone is covered in bright golden glitter to make the horn, while faux flowers form the perfect accompaniments to the same. For the ears of the unicorn, you can use colored paper of even pieces of felt.

DIY Details : pin.it

3. No-Sew Fabric Rope Easter Basket

No-Sew Fabric Rope Easter Basket

The kind of finish that this basket flaunts makes it hard to believe that its nothing but all fabric that works it up. Plus, it doesn’t even call for any sewing or stitching – instead goes for a clever folding and arrangement of fabric ropes. To shape the fabric into the handle, you use some wire, sticking the layers of the basket with each other using a glue gun. The ropes are actually fabric wrapped around cotton filler cord.

DIY Details : thehousethatlarsbuilt

4. Floral Easter Basket

Floral Easter Basket

Rustic and delicate at the same time, here’s a fabulous mix of the two! The basket itself is constructed entirely out of twigs,  bringing out a natural wood-like touch to everything. On the other hand, it has been heavily decorated with plastic flowers from all the sides, except for the inside and the handle. The flowers are adhered to the basket with the help of a glue gun, along with some faux leaves.

DIY Details : jestcafe

5. Flower Wicker Baskets

Flower Wicker Baskets

Perfect to present some Easter goodies as gifts to the friends and family! Plus, these baskets are a wonderful thing to use for a great table centerpiece too. Bright white wicker baskets with pastel colors of ribbon wrapped around them are lavishly decorated with lots of different faux flowers. The flowers are adhered to the basket, alongwith lovely bows of ribbon finding their spots amidst the florals.

DIY Details : instagram

6. Aqua Blue Basket with Crepe Ruffles

Aqua Blue Basket with Crepe Ruffles

The part that totally steals the show here are those beautiful crepe paper ruffles that line the whole edge of the basket. Additionally, the pale aqua hue of the fabric basket not only complements the texture and color of the ruffles, but also brings out the best of the vintage pink trims. Fake flowers, ribbon bows and that sleek handle are the perfect final touches here!

DIY Details : pin.it

7. Fabric Easter Baskets

Fabric Easter Baskets

Make tiny Easter bags that will work wonders as party favors or gifts when loaded with yummy candies, treats and eggs. The baskets are made out of beautiful printed cotton fabrics in colors that go just right with the spirit of spring. You’ll also need the downloadable fabric basket pattern, lining, broderie anglaise trim, bias binding, stiff interfacing, heavyweight fusible interfacing, and all purpose sewing thread.

DIY Details : toriejayne

8. No Sew Easter Baskets

No Sew Easter Baskets

While these baskets in themselves are soothingly simple and subtle which makes them set to use round the year – the touch of Easter here is brought by a little pom pom something that looks like a bunny tail. All you need is a round kraft box with lid, fabric, batting, ribbon, fabric glue, hot glue, scissors, wool, scrap cardboard and paintbrush.

DIY Details : maxandmeblog.blogspot

9. FREE Woven Paper Easter Basket Template + Tutorial

FREE Woven Paper Easter Basket Template + Tutorial

As the title suggests, this one is not just an inspiration. Instead it’s a complete guide to working up a woven paper Easter basket, along with an absolutely free template to work it all up. These mini paper baskets come to life when colored cardstock paper is woven in a creative fashion, finally decorating them with a delicate ribbon bow.

DIY Details : shop.mybluprint

10.DIY Easter Basket with Fresh Flowers

DIY Easter Basket with Fresh Flowers

Integrating fresh flowers into a festive basket will make it so much more fragrant, beautiful and of course, precious. This one goes for mayra pink garden roses, lavender double bloom tulips, lamb’s ear, pink veronicas, pink ranunculus, and white and lavender sweet peas. The idea is to spruce up a regular basket with the flowers, celebrating the colors of spring.

DIY details : papernstitchblog