20 Simply Breathtaking Easter Basket Ideas To Use As Gifts or Decor!

One of the coolest elements of Easter festive preparations is those cute baskets that can not only adorn the house, but also be presented to the friends and family when loaded with treats. Right from tiny party favours to huge table centerpieces, below are 20 breathtaking Easter basket ideas for you!

11. DIY Mickey and Minnie Easter Baskets

DIY Mickey and Minnie Easter Baskets

Can even a basket be transformed into a reminiscent of our all time favorites Mickey and Minnie? Two large wicker baskets with handles get that Disney character touch with red and black spray paint. Yellow and white sheets of felt, and red polka dot ribbon work for the details of the outfits of the characters. The ears of the cuties are made using some black craft foam.

DIY Details : thisfairytalelife

12. DIY Bunny Inspired Easter Baskets

DIY Bunny Inspired Easter Baskets

Six pieces of felt are all that go into the making of the base shape of these stunning baskets. Plus, a few extra cut outs depending on the design and pattern you want to work up on these pretties help to bring out some Easter themed elements. The bunny inspired one is a simple bunny-shaped felt cut out, while the other one goes for a cartoon dinosaur. Florals and carrots are some other ideas.

DIY Details : jenloveskev

13. Handmade Basket Birch Bark

Handmade Basket Birch Bark

Living around birch trees? Transform a birch bark into a marvellous Easter basket this season inspired by Damask Love. Or you can simply purchase some birch bark sheets to get it all done. The other supplies include some craft glue and a chipboard. The chipboard forms the base shape of the basket, further covering each of the sides with pieces of birch to get the final structure.

DIY Details : damasklove

14. Upcycled Easter Basket

Upcycled Easter Basket

Upcycling old items into new things of beauty has always topped the idea of homemade crafts. And here’s yet another example of the same, taking the cake with the great deal of finesse it flaunts. This Easter basket is actually a used metal coffee container that adorned with white duct tape and a yellow trim. Beads strung together form the handle for the basket, finished up with a felt flower.

DIY Details : northstory

15. Cute Ruffled Easter Basket

Cute Ruffled Easter Basket

Who wouldn’t fall in love with the kind of fabrics used to make this adorable ruffled Easter basket? The color combinations of white, black and pink, along with those Easter-perfect prints is absolutely breathtaking. Additionally, the ruffles worked up on the basket add to its charm even more. The fabrics are adhered to a regular basket with the help of hot glue.

DIY Details : crazylittleprojects

16. Ideas for a Grown up Easter Basket

 Ideas for a Grown up Easter Basket

Each and every element about this basket is dedicated to getting some self care and pampering, thereby being a perfect gift for the adults. Actually, it’s a beautiful wire basket coated in golden, housing items like spa essentials, face masks, shower melts, aroma candles, a cute coffee mug, and a few yummy treats like golden eggs, chocolates and more. It’s adorned with a striped ribbon bow.

DIY Details : keystoinspiration

17. Wood Easter Basket Bunny Shaped Trug

Wood Easter Basket Bunny Shaped Trug

It’s amazing how a few simple additions made to the structure of a regular storage box can turn it into a charming basket for a great Easter table decor. This wood trug is actually shaped like a bunny – all thanks to those bunny ears worked on one side, while the other side has got a large white wool pom pom to get that lovely rabbit tail touch.

DIY Details : ana-white

18. Peat Pot Spring Baskets Perfect for Easter

Peat Pot Spring Baskets Perfect for Easter

Display those beautiful Easter eggs in an equally beautiful basket that’s worked up from a peat pot. This one shared by Between Naps on The Porch looks amazing with its rustic natural texture, but you can always customize them with your choice of colors or embellishments. You need some peat pots, tissue paper, a print for the pattern, Mod podge, brush, ribbons, and twine.

DIY Details : betweennapsontheporch

19. Easy DIY Tutu Easter Basket Louise

Easy DIY Tutu Easter Basket Louise

This basket screams the concept of delicate out loud! And the credit for that goes to the tulle fabric that’s used to work it up. The foundation here is a simple wire basket, while lots of tulle cut into strips brings out the magic to the picture. It’s all about looping the tulle and poking it through a top hole of the basket, further looping the hanging tulle through that hole and pulling it tight.

DIY Details : pagingfunmums

20. Easter Basket From Upcycled Grocery Bag

Easter Basket From Upcycled Grocery Bag

An empty grocery bag or any regular light paper bag can work magic for putting this DIY Easter basket together! Budget-friendly, cute and purposeful – these baskets are all three at the same time. To get started with the project, you are going to need paper bags, a ruler, a pencil, a pair of scissors, hot glue gun, and clothes pins. All it takes is weaving the paper strips together.

DIY Details : liagriffith

Isn’t it surprising how some sheets of paper can end up in a beautiful easy to carry festive basket? While a few steps can help you create some large ones with decorated handles and designs. Get inspired from the above Easter basket ideas and make one or more of these pretties!