20 Adorable Outdoor Playhouse Ideas for Kids That Are No Less Than a Miniature Dreamland!

What can be more amazing for the kids than having their very own playspace outside? And an outdoor playhouse does just that, while giving the kids a miniature dreamland where they can play or simply spend a relishing time. Here are 20 adorable outdoor playhouse ideas for kids that you must get your hands on.

11. Girl Outdoor Playhouse

Girl Outdoor Playhouse

If you have a little girl, then this inspiration is all about a little baby girl’s space. The decor of the place is set perfectly by adorning all the girly aspects of the accessories. This idea is so space friendly and the kids can spend their entire day playing and enjoying their playhouse. The beautiful pink flowers planted on the porch of the playhouse bring the pop of color and gorgeously compliment the decor. A wooden oval shaped dowel legged table is kept as a seating on the side of the house so that the kids can enjoy the view around their playhouse and have their own tea parties. The decor in the setting is appropriate for a girl, but you can add your customizations and transform the look for a boy as well.

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12. A Glorious Lil DIY Hut For Girls!

A Glorious Lil DIY Hut For Girls!

What steals the show with this playhouse is the gorgeous and serene aqua blue color that is a perfect theme for any setting. The planter of the same tone with white flowers placed on the porch and the beautiful paper bunting with colors contrasting to the blue theme for the house make the look more enchanting. Decor for the house is kept simple and only the look of the house is the main point of attention. Little girls love to have tea parties so the house features a little stove, a utensils rack and a seating. The theme for the inside is also kept soft and all the items placed are adding an element of funk and poise. To have a better idea and ideas for decor, visit the link below.

DIY Details : hearthandmade

13. Playhouse Project: Flower Boxes

Playhouse Project : Flower Boxes

The combination of the beautiful tones, blue and white never fails to make its mark and beautifies any interior or outdoor decor. Pick any other color for the decor and it will completely enhance the look of the entire setting, just like the planters hung on the porch of the playhouse. The beautiful pink and rosy flowers give a gorgeous appeal to the otherwise simple looking playhouse porch. The two chairs placed in front of the house make up for the seating area for the kids. The built of the house is strong and the kids can safely play in their playhouse without any problem from the outside weather. You can always choose to add more accessories to the decor as per your choice but the look of the house is intensified with a minimal decor.

DIY Details : suburble

14. A Clubhouse Playset

A Clubhouse Playset

What can be better for a kid than to have a very own playhouse along with a beautiful miniature adventure park. Combine the two and create this amazing clubhouse for the children and give them a personal anytime fun fair. A huge bright yellow turbo tube slide placed on the side of the house is the best part about the setting along with the set of three swings which accommodates a toddler seat. The letters for CLUB house arranged on the front side of the house have been built out of plywood and painted in bright shades of red, yellow and green blue. A telescope is also placed in the house for the kids so that the little astronomers can gaze at the beautiful night sky. This idea for the playhouse is perfect for any kid.

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15. Classic Black and White Playhouse

Classic Black and White Playhouse

Not just a playhouse, but this inspiration features a miniature house that you can build with just a little effort for your kid. The house comes with a proper two floor system where a small balcony can be seen on the upper floor that also gives a section to the main point of attention, the big slide on the side of the house that is placed on a good height so that the children can have the thrill of playing on the slide. The entrance of the house is marked by the beautiful green bushes and yellow flowers on the sides of the house. A little wooden swing is hung on one side where the child can rest and enjoy the surroundings.

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16. Rustic Cottage Inspired Playhouse

Rustic Cottage Inspired Playhouse

Keep it neutral and simple by making this beautiful and easy playhouse for your kid which is space friendly and safely built so that the children can spend their time. The gorgeous green tone reflected by the plants on the front of the house, add the vibrant appeal to the look. This house is built on the farmhouse theme and the door is divided into two sections which intensify the idea. The rustic looking watering can makes up for the element of funk. There is another door which is bigger in size made on the side of the house which acts as the doorway for adults to enter with wooden frame mounted on the walls lined with bright green creepers. For understanding of the step by step construction of the house, visit the guide given below.

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17. All-White Fenced Playhouse

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Not just a playhouse alone, build a whole new all-white space having the surroundings marked by a lovely wooden flooring and a wooden fence that is adorned with a lot of different planters of beautiful pink flowers. A huge area is left around the playhouse where a set of benches are kept for your kids to play. Even the cute watermelon printed umbrella adds to the look and also acts as the shield from harsh sun rays which will help your kid to play in peace. Two small rabbits are kept in front of the platform of the house that match the theme and compliment the look for the playhouse. The use of planters brings out the gardener in your child and makes them more responsible.

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18. Playhouse with Asymmetrical Roof

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Move to a different color scheme for the house as in this inspiration and build this unique looking little playhouse for your kid. The decor of the house is dominated by a lot of planters with vibrant colors that contrast with the grey and white themed house. A small tent is placed on the front with a beautiful white seating bench. The house is built with the idea of a cottage theme and this is reflected in every part of the decor and construction. The shape of the roof is different then other hut shaped playhouses as another floor is also built inside the house with a little window under the roof. You can add the decoration pieces of your choice like string lights, colorful paper buntings or a fence on the platform of the house.

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19. The Handmade Hideaway: Cottage Edition

The Handmade Hideaway : Cottage Edition

There’s no doubt that the focal point of this cottage theme hideaway is that beautiful bright yellow swing that flows down from the patio of the playhouse to the garden underneath. Another most special thing is that the whole house is worked up above the ground, standing in place with long wooden legs. The otherwise neutral color scheme of the place is matched miraculously well by that distressed painted front door, flaunting a roughened up texture of wood. Antique metal handles for the door and the window work like the icing on the cake. Check out the guide by The Handmade Home to learn more about this cool construction.

DIY Details : thehandmadehome

20. Gable Roof Wooden Playhouse

Gable Roof Wooden Playhouse

The idea for the playhouse looks like it came out right from a fairytale book with the beautiful pink colored florals placed under each window of the house which give the pop of color and the little stone rabbit kept on the side of the platform. The simple and rustic wooden bench kept on the black and white striped platform adds the element of a cottage vibe. The bright red door of the house contrasts with the neutral color theme selected for the look of the house. the walls of the playhouse flaunt a ruffle-like appeal brought by a clever arrangement of stone tiles. The small window on top of the door, is used for the purpose of ventilation to maintain the freshness of the house. For a better look of the house, visit the inspiration below.

DIY Details : homihomi

Such a huge range of themes, including a princess land to cool adventure-themed constructions, the above outdoor playhouse ideas for kids have got something or the other that goes just right for your little one for sure!