18 Awesome Farmhouse Style Wreath Ideas Making The Welcome More Warm!

What’s the first element of the house when someone enters your space? It’s the front door – and a great Wreath makes it welcome one and all with a dose of prettiness. Below are 19 awesome farmhouse style wreath ideas that are ready to inspire!

Awesome Farmhouse Style Wreath Ideas

1. Lambs Ear and Juniper Wreath

Lambs Ear and Juniper Wreath

A lush delight put together with faux lambs ear and faux juniper stems with berries, works perfect with a modern farmhouse, coastal or any simple decor setting. Featuring a subtle blue green color scheme, the abundant wreath here is sure to make an amazing centerpiece in a interior arrangement with vintage blues. The wreath will bring life when paired with a mirror, old window frame, door or a ladder.

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2. Cotton and Olive Branch Wreath

2. Cotton and Olive Branch Wreath

Flaunting the gorgeous rustic appeal, this grapevine wreath comes accented with stunning branches of cotton and olives. The bright white and delicate cotton balls paired with leaf branches bring a subtle natural look to the rustic grapevine wreath while it is further adorned with a burlap ribbon with a black and white striped ribbon making a classy contrast. For the finishing touches, a monogram is also added for personalisation.

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3. Lamb Ears Wreath

Lamb Ears Wreath

For the right farmhouse style wreath, all you have to do is go for something that displays nature like these full lamb ears. This wreath comes with a lush appeal and also gorgeously flaunts a rustic vibe when paired with a burlap ribbon. With baskets, weathered frames or a mirror, the lamb ears wreath makes a stunning centerpiece bringing a natural touch to any setting.

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4. Farmhouse Wreath With Tobacco Basket

Farmhouse Wreath With Tobacco Basket

With a little personalisation, even a simple item becomes exclusive like this wreath here that is absolutely simple and yet makes a statement with the touch of the tobacco basket and the cursive ‘Hi’ sign. These elements compliment the simplicity of the wreath and make it a perfect decor item that brings the farmhouse appeal.

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5. Cotton Grapevine Wreath

Cotton Grapevine Wreath

Wreaths are a piece that mostly adorn your front door and create an impression on anyone who comes home. This wreath is sure to make a welcoming vibe with its splendour. The grapevine wreath brings rustic and the decor brings elegance and together they form a pretty combination. The burlap ribbons, greeneries, magnolias and tea stained cotton put together this stunning item.

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6. Rustic Grapevine Wreath

Rustic Grapevine Wreath

With the delicacy of cotton and the lush look of lamb ears leaves, this glorious wreath is put together to bring the right farmhouse appeal to any room or setting. The grapevine wreath forms the base while the stems, cotton balls and lamb ear leaves accent the wreath. The magnificent look of the wreath is what makes it a point of attention and also a show stopper in any arrangement.

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7. Buffalo Check Welcome Wreath

Buffalo Check Welcome Wreath

Instead of a grapevine wreath switch to a galvanized frame wreath that provides a particular design to the piece. The frame comes with the option of entangling the buffalo check ribbon forming a cute check border. The wreath can be further accented with bunches of lamb ear leaves and also a buffalo check ribbon bow. This wreath can be put all year long as it comes with a ‘Welcome’ message.

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8. Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Style Wreath

Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Style Wreath

You do not always need something traditional to make a decor item like you can ditch a regular wreath and put a vintage wagon wheel to use as your very own wreath base. With this unique idea, this wreath will surely make a statement anywhere and add beauty. The wheel is adorned with some magnificent and gorgeous pink florals while the flowers are accented with lots of boxwood bunches.

Details : cmongetcrafty

9. Farmhouse Sola Wood Wreath

Farmhouse Sola Wood Wreath

You can turn anything to a wreath base just like this wooden circle is repurposed as a timeless wreath with the perfect farmhouse appeal. The circle is gorgeously stained for the perfect rustic look while the huge white sola wood flowers grab all the attention. Giving the right natural look, the flowers are paired with big faux leaves. The piece is perfect to accent a door, mantle or a wall.

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