19 Beautiful Christmas Staircase Decor Ideas That Are Pure Magic!

The staircase not only connects the tiers of your house together, but also quite steals the focus in terms of the interior decor of the space. That’s why it surely can’t be neglected when pulling off a joyful festive makeover for the home. Check out the below Christmas staircase decor ideas listed below.

Beautiful Christmas Staircase Decor Ideas

1. The Merry and Bright Staircase

The Merry and Bright Staircase

What can be better than a sweeping garland coming with color-loaded accents in the entryway that is simply perfect to welcome your guests into the home. The huge red florals steal the show while the Merry sign completes the look with utmost beauty.

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2. Shining Pine Garland

Shining Pine Garland

The shimmering garland wrapped around the staircase looks like it is covered in fresh snow making it absolutely dreamy. The ribbon knot becomes a gorgeous accent to the garland while the rustic table topped with candles and various pieces completes the arrangement.

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3. Galvanized Metal Letters

Galvanized Metal Letters

Adorn the staircase with what depicts the perfect vibe of the festive season that is the Joy that it brings. All you have to do is grab the galvanized metal letters and hang them to the staircase with embellishments and bright red ribbons to complete the look.

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4. Red Plaids and Evergreen Garlands

Red Plaids and Evergreen Garlands

Spruce up the staircase with evergreen garlands and top it with lots of white lights accompanied with red and silver ornaments. The finishing touches are brought by the red plaid bows that bring the pop of color with utmost beauty and splendour.

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5. Whites and Goldens

Whites and Goldens

Perfectly coordinating with the super classy monochrome staircase, the subtle garland loaded with golden lights and white ribbons works the magic just right. The white stockings make a combination with the black and white theme of the staircase. The lush garland also brings the natural element to the decor.

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6. Rustic yet Elegant

Rustic yet Elegant

The minimal elegance of this arrangement is what makes it stunningly breathtaking while the look is spruced up by the rustic pinecones and the super cute ribbons tied to the garland. The lushness in this decor will surely be the talk among your guests as it makes the space welcoming.

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7. Variety is the Key

Variety is the Key

A garland loaded with versatile embellishments and buffalo plaid ribbons turns the regular normal staircase to a piece of beauty and perfect for the Christmas decor. The ornaments like the bells, pinecones, faux berries and ribbons steal the show.

Details : apopofpretty

8. Add Picture Frames

Add Picture Frames

Do not leave even a corner untouched just like this arrangement here that comes loaded with the bright holidays and festive vibe. From the varied picture frames to the candles at the bottom step, everything fulfills the beauty and looks absolutely stunning and breathtaking.

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9. Inspired christmas stairways

Even the simplest of settings becomes exclusively pretty with some additions, like the minimal garland accented with ribbons and faux berries. The little seating organised along the staircase with pops of colors of red also adds the cozy vibe to the space.

Details : theinspiredroom

10. Musical Note Stars

Musical Note Stars

A little repurposing gives some amazing results just like these stars made out of music notes. The entire stairway is adorned with the string of stars and the lush garland with golden lights that also illuminate the tiny stars making them magical.

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