19 Beautiful Christmas Staircase Decor Ideas That Are Pure Magic!

The staircase not only connects the tiers of your house together, but also quite steals the focus in terms of the interior decor of the space. That’s why it surely can’t be neglected when pulling off a joyful festive makeover for the home. Check out the below Christmas staircase decor ideas listed below.

11. Decorating A Staircase For The Holidays

Decorating A Staircase For The Holidays

A little minimalism work their magic and bring something super pretty to life just like in the link below. This simple stairway arrangement is simply easy to make. All you have to do is grab some varied wreaths with different patterns and sizes and hang them with a ribbon.

Details : rosyscription

12. Ski Shoes and Ornaments

Ski Shoes and Ornaments

One surely can not get enough of these beautiful and lush garlands when it comes to decorating the staircase. The little transformations make each one of them different from each other as this one here is loaded with lots of ornaments and also a pair of ski shoes that is really unique.

Details : lovelyliving

13. Contrasting Colours with White

Contrasting Colours with White

Compliment the staircase with some pops of vibrance with these stunningly beautiful tones that make a gorgeous contrast with the white space. The best thing about this super pretty arrangement is that it is extremely easy to make and so amazing to look at.

Details : pin.it

14. Plaid Mugs and Tags

Plaid Mugs and Tags

Christmas is all about gifts and all good things and this super cute setting here features a great idea. The red plaid mugs hung with name tags and filled with treats brings an all new beauty to the space with the fresh greens.

Details : pin.it

15. Delicate Ribbons and Rustic Pinecones

Delicate Ribbons and Rustic Pinecones

A simple garland paired with strong string lights and huge rustic pinecones spruces up the space and also compliments the light blue and white tone of the interior. Some white ribbons are also placed on the garland as the accent complimenting the bright greens.

Details : onsuttonplace

16. Get Versatile with Embellishments

Get Versatile with Embellishments

Christmas is empty without loads of versatile and vibrant ornaments that beautifully adorn the natural fresh greens. The bright red balls, stars and the golden string lights make a pretty combination with the subtle blue and white theme and also enhance the look to an all new level.

Details : pin.it

17. Can’t Get Enough of Lights

Can't Get Enough of Lights

The stairway might be the most used space inside a house so why not make it the best as this decor in the link that is so lush and fulfills the glorious look of the space. The railings are spruced up by with white ribbons, fresh greens and string lights.

Details : pin.it

18. Employ Pine Garlands

Employ Pine Garlands

A minimalist theme in this arrangement works its vibe and puts the little decor to its best use. With just a pine garland, pinecones and ribbons the simple stairway is transformed to something so pretty and makes the space festive ready.

Details : wynnandroo

19. Paper Ornaments and Yarn Balls

Paper Ornaments and Yarn Balls

Loaded with so many pieces, this decor will surely be the showstopper in the entire arrangement as it looks super pretty and gorgeous. The decorative paper ornaments in various sizes, yarn balls, snowflakes and some greens have turned this stairway to something just so magical.

Details : pin.it

Who would think paper ornaments could add so much more life to your space, or a garland worked up with rustic pinecones could give the house a farmhouse touch instantly? But these Christmas staircase decor ideas do it perfectly!