19 Beautiful Easter Garland Ideas Inspired by the Hues of Spring!

With the spring season on, Easter decorations let you integrate a whole spectrum of bright colors into the projects. And that’s why, Easter has got the most vibrant home decor inspirations to share. A spring-loaded garland would look splendid on the front door, the mantle or simply when hanging on the wall. Check out this bundle of Easter garland ideas to get going!

 Beautiful Easter Garland Ideas

1. DIY Jute Easter Carrot Garland

DIY Jute Easter Carrot Garland

Carrots are a major part of the Easter festival and with this idea, you can make your very own carrot garland that will surely compliment you decor. You just need to grab some foam carrots, jute and some wooden clothespins. The jute gives a stunning rustic appeal to the garland and also makes it super pretty.

Details : raggedy

2. Lighted Easter Egg Garland


Lighted Easter Egg Garland

Everything looks magical with just a little light, like this egg garland here that comes with mutlicolor see through eggs and a light strand. By just poking a hole in the eggs, put the light bulb in the hole and repeat it with each egg. Once completed, the final piece is super cute and just perfect for the festive day.

Details : laurascraftylife

3. Banner For Easter

Banner For Easter

If you are looking for a craft that can also involve kiddos then this little idea is your thing. Bunny rabbits are the cutest part about easter and this garland comes loaded with bunnies. You just need to grab cardboard, a rabbit stencil, white pom poms and twine. Start by cutting cardboard rabbits and attach them to the twine string, complete the piece by putting a pom pom ball as the tail.

Details : houseofhargrove

4. Make a Glitter Egg Garland

Make a Glitter Egg Garland

A colorful touch in the Easter decor works the magic perfectly just like these easter eggs that come loaded with glitter and splendour. Putting together this piece is extremely easy as you only need the glittery eggs, clothespins and baker’s twine as per the length of your mantle. Being a simple and easy to make craft, this will surely be a showstopper in your easter decor.

Details : realcoake

5. Bunny Pom Pom Easter Garland

Bunny Pom Pom Easter Garland

You only need some pom poms to make this cute easter garland that is ultimately gorgeous. The fluffy white pom poms work their magic and look perfect for the easter decor. All you have to do is take pom poms and complete them with a pair of rabbit ears made out of white craft foams and a tiny pom pom that works as the tail. Attach them to the twine and your garland will be ready.

Details : createcraftlove

6. Felt Bunny Garland Easter Craft

Felt Bunny Garland Easter Craft

Being a beginners sewing project, this idea needs felt, roving wool, embroidery floss and poly fill. The felt bunnies give a soft touch to the decor and also look super cute while the roving felt balls in varied sizes make it even more adorable and also work as the tails for the bunnies. Not only for easter, this garland can also be put in a children’s room or nursery.

Details : liagriffith

7. Easter Garland Made With Yarn

Easter Garland Made With Yarn

If you can get a little messy, this craft is the perfect choice as the final results are glorious. Start by putting glue on a balloon and wrap the colourful yarn around the balloon, you can also take the help of your kiddos in this. Once dried, blow the balloon and you have the yarn ball ready. Put the yarn balls on the string and hang the garland with your Easter decor.

Details : modpodgerocksblog

8. Felt Carrot Garland Easter Craft

Felt Carrot Garland Easter Craft

Here comes an easy idea for making a carrot garland with felt that can be completed in the span of an afternoon, the bright, vibrant tones will surely break through the winter blahs and add a lot of pizzazz to your Easter decorations. The soft texture of felt gives a cozy look and the garland can be used for other purposes also.

Details : positivelysplendid

9. DIY Speckled Easter Egg Garland

DIY Speckled Easter Egg Garland

This garland comes flaunting the beautiful ombre assortment of colours that are perfect for the Easter decor. The fine speckling effect is created by a very simple technique that is painting the popcorn in a dark tone and drop the pop corns onto the eggs and the speckling effect starts. Once completed, start by putting the eggs in the twine in a ombre pattern.

Details : thehappyhousie

10. Make A No-Sew Fabric Garland

Make A No-Sew Fabric Garland

With just a simple technique of tying knots, you can put together this super cute lucious garland perfect for the colorful Easter decor. You just need several different patterns of coordinating fabrics and durable rope. Cut the fabric in strips and start by tying knots on the rope, keeping them tight and intact making the piece lush.

Details : momspotted