19 Beautiful Easter Garland Ideas Inspired by the Hues of Spring!

11. Fabric Scrap DIY Easter Garland

Fabric Scrap DIY Easter Garland

A little repurposing can always come to use while making a DIY as it is inexpensive and also makes the work simple. All you have to do is grab all the fabric scraps you can find, some ribbon, lace and twine. Start by putting the scraps in knots and do the same with the ribbons and lace for a varied pattern and decorative touches.

Details : iheartnaptime

12. Knit Carrot Easter Garland

Knit Carrot Easter Garland

If you have even the most beginner knitting skills, you can put this garland together in no time. Being unique, this idea combines carrots made from orange yarn and green carrot tops that are made from yarn wrapped wire. Have a look at the link below, for a better understanding of the knitting process.

Details : dukesandduchesses

13. A Chick Easter Garland

A Chick Easter Garland

If you’re looking for a cute yet easy Easter garland decoration, these chicks made from yarn are the best idea. The yarn chicks here are adorable and do not take much time to put together and you can also involve kids in this craft. You can give versatile expressions to your chicks and also put different feathers and patterns.

Details : temeculablogs

14. Book Page Easter Garland

 Book Page Easter Garland

Book pages repurposed into a craft bring a stunning vintage vibe being extremely inexpensive. You just need to grab an old book, card stock and twine. Make circles out of book pages and smaller ones from cardstock and stick them together. Complete each circle with a letter for Easter. You also need a rabbit cutout for the final circle. Finish your garland by attaching the circles to twine.

Details : whitecottagehomeandliving

15. Marbleized Easter Egg Garland

Marbleized Easter Egg Garland

A splash of colors brings life to everything like these little marbleized eggs worked up as a super pretty egg easter garland. You can also put kiddos to the work of painting the card stock in the marbleized pattern with the help of golf balls. Once the card stock is painted completely, cut it in the shapes of an egg and attach to the yarn making the garland.

Details : happyhooligans

16. Easter Peeps Garland

Easter Peeps Garland

Easter is all about bunnies, candies and colors, as this garland here that features the bright peeps and lots of jelly beans. Bringing a lot of color to the space, this garland here is also easy to make as you only need to grab packets of peeps and jelly beans and complete your piece by putting bunnies and jelly beans in a string of thread to make the garland.

Details : upstateramblings

17. Rustic Eggs Easter Garland

Rustic Eggs Easter Garland

If you are looking for a rustic piece then have a look at this amazing idea that features the beautiful country appeal. Made from only burlap or twine, this easter garland is simple to put together and yet extremely stunning. The subtle look makes it elegant and also unique for the Easter decorations. This garland can also be put after Easter because the piece is simply pretty.

Details : etsy.com

18. Tiny Chicks Easter Garland

Tiny Chicks Easter Garland

Featuring the bright yellow chicks, this garland comes with the super cute patterned fabric with the pinking sheared edges that make it even more chic. This easter garland will surely light up your decor and be a talk among your guests for the lovely vibe that it will create with its charm and beauty. You can go for a pattern of your choice as the main element here is the fabric.

Details : etsy.com

19. Salt Dough Easter Egg Garland

Salt Dough Easter Egg Garland

What can be better than cooking your own garland with just a few steps. All you need to do is make a salt dough and cut out egg shapes for the garland. Bake the cut outs and start painting the desired patterns in versatile colors and complete with a coat of mod podge. Attach the eggs to the garland and the final result will be super cute and gorgeous.

Details : thedesperatecraftwives.blogspot

The element of glory each of these Easter garland ideas flaunt makes them a must-try for a handmade project. So, why wait to let the whole house indulge in some springy goodness when it’s all so easy!