20 DIY Fall Wreaths That Pay The Perfect Tribute to Warm Colors of the Season!

Those dry leaves, bundles of pastel hues flaunted by the flora around, rustic pumpkins and so much more – everything about the fall season is a treat to the eyes. Welcome the season with homemade wreaths celebrating each of these pretties, inspired by the below DIY fall wreath ideas.

10. Bittersweet and Burlap Wreath

Bittersweet and Burlap Wreath

Welcoming the fall season and also the visitors to the house, this wreath is going to be a talk among your guests because it looks super cute. The bright tones of the bittersweet stems and pumpkins make the wreath funky.

Details : onsuttonplace

11. Metallic Acorn Wreath

Metallic Acorn Wreath

The addition of natural elements in fall decorating lends authenticity and grace. The use of acorns displays a lot of different appearances as they look like buttons, stars and flowers while the metallic finish makes the wreath super chic.

Details : mabeyshemadeit

12. Scarecrow Fall Wreath

Scarecrow Fall Wreath

Bring life to an urban scarecrow by grabbing an old shirt and lots of raffia that make up for look of the hands and head. This scarecrow wreath is extremely easy to make while the result is absolutely unique.

Details : makelyhome

13. Candy Corn Wreath

Candy Corn Wreath

Flaunt your love for candy corns by putting together this lush wreath that comes loaded with fabrics which depict the bright tones of a candy corn. All you have to do is wrap the wreath in small folded strips of the canvas fabrics.

Details : whipperberry

14. Houndstooth Plaid Pumpkin Wreath

Houndstooth Plaid Pumpkin Wreath

Adorning the cozy vibe of the fall season, the tiny pumpkins made from the houndstooth fabric look extremely adorable and cute. Keeping the focus on the pumpkins, a little look is added by a burlap ribbon.

Details : tatertotsandjello

15. Hydrangea Wreath for Fall

Hydrangea Wreath for Fall

The wreath loaded with faux hydrangea leaves adorns the golden and brown tones of the fall season. A lush wreath looks extremely rich and adds a lot to the look of the setting be it the front door or anywhere in the house.

Details : itallstartedwithpaint

16. Rustic Country Whole-Grain Wreath

Rustic Country Whole-Grain Wreath

Grab a straw based wreath and start by covering it with small batches of oats securing them with twine or floss like here in the idea. What can be better than making a wreath with grains that displays the look of country.

Details : keepingwiththetimes

17. A Perfect Fall Wreath

A Perfect Fall Wreath

Here is a fun DIY that you can do with your little ones and have some craft time with them. All you have to do is print different types of leaves in a variety of tones of the season. Stick them to a wreath foam and your super cute wreath will be ready.

Details : iheartnaptime

18. Raw Husk Corn Husk Wreath

Raw Husk Corn Husk Wreath

Combine a dose of elegance with the idea of rustic- all with this beautiful raw husk and corn husk wreath. All you need is dried corn husks, flat wood wreath form, raw corn husk and twine to get started with the project.

Details : kleinworthco

19. $5 Burlap Fall Wreath

$5 Burlap Fall Wreath

Putting the burlap fabric to use, this wreath here looks extremely pretty and rustic while it is easy to make and at the same time inexpensive. The fall embellishments beautifully compliment the minimal look of the wreath.

Details : classyclutter

20. Coffee Filter Wreath

Coffee Filter Wreath

Who knew that the coffee filters can be worked up in a gorgeous wreath which beautifully adorns the front door or any setting. The natural texture and tone of the coffee filter looks perfect when put in a wreath while the little additions complete the look.

Details : allthingsheartandhome

Crafting rustic-looking wreaths with paper folding or working up a piece of decor with bright green apples or soft pastel flowers, or celebrating the staple fall treat candy corns, there’s nothing about the above DIY fall wreath ideas that you cannot love.