20 Flower Decoration Ideas Giving Picturesque Purposes to Faux or Real Florals!

Centuries and centuries old decorative element that never fails to go out of style is of course, pretty colorful flowers. Stealing the show with their amazing hues, textures and shapes, flowers can spruce up the house for any season, occasion or a regular day. Whether faux or real, these flower decoration ideas will surely rock your space.

20 Flower Decoration Ideas

1. Make Hanging Flower Balls

Make Hanging Flower Balls

Add a splash of color and beauty to your parties or any event with this easy to make hanging flower balls that only need some bright flowers, foam ball, ribbon and a little bit of your time.

Details : ehow

2. Enchanting Flowers in Light Bulbs

Enchanting Flowers in Light Bulbs

Give life to those simple bulbs and add a little more enchantment to regular flowers. All you need is a special liquid that allows the blooms to maintain their vibrancy for a long time. You can display a series of these in any setting.

Details : mymodernmet

3. Make Paper Flowers

Make Paper Flowers

Beautify any space with these easy to make huge bunches of paper flowers that will surely be the focal point of your entire interior. These blooms will add a lot of pizzazz to any setting and also come with endless options for combinations.

Details : thecraftpatchblog

4. DIY Flower Lampshade

DIY Flower Lampshade

Put together this extremely gorgeous lampshade that only needs bunches of different flowers and a lamp. All you have to do is cut the stems and start gluing the flowers to the surface of the lamp as per your desired look.

Details : simplyciani

5. Cupcake Flower Lights

Cupcake Flower Lights

Garlands are one of the easiest to make and also add a lot of beauty to any setting or decor. Just like this super cute flower lights garland that will light up any space with some cupcake paper, string lights and scissors.

Details : ohhappyday

6. Make a Mini Paper Rose Wreath

Make a Mini Paper Rose Wreath

These gorgeous paper wreaths will surely add a lot of beauty to any space or setting, with just a little amount of your time. All you have to do is attach some paper flowers to a foam disc and attach ribbons to its surface and for hanging it as well.

Details : liagriffith

7. DIY Faux Flower Monogram

DIY Faux Flower Monogram

Monograms are a perfect piece of decor as it reflects a personal touch to the interior and can be put anywhere like the front door or the kiddo’s room, etc. You just have to cut the letter and attach flowers to it. Once done, hang the letter wherever you want.

Details : decoist

8. Rustic Letters With Flowers

Rustic Letters With Flowers

Perfect for a nursery, a craft room or anywhere in your house, you can make these gorgeous rustic wooden letters with a floral touch that looks absolutely stunning and elegant. You just have to put flowers in carved letters and place them anywhere you like.

Details : designdazzle

9. DIY Shaggy Heart Pillow for Your Room

DIY Shaggy Heart Pillow for Your Room


If you want some adorable room decor that is not too hard to make? Then this stunning piece is your thing. All you have to do is grab a red fabric and cut a huge heart that fits perfectly with your pillow. Make lots of roses and attach them to the heart. Your pillow will be ready!

Details : diyprojectsforteens

10. Flower Wall Hanging DIY

Flower Wall Hanging DIY

Featuring a very inexpensive, and easy DIY for party decorations or as a regular decor piece this guide here shows a easy to make floral wall hanging. This gorgeous item will surely add a wow factor to the decor and can be used for further events as well.

Details : theurbandarling