20 Flower Decoration Ideas Giving Picturesque Purposes to Faux or Real Florals!

Centuries and centuries old decorative element that never fails to go out of style is of course, pretty colorful flowers. Stealing the show with their amazing hues, textures and shapes, flowers can spruce up the house for any season, occasion or a regular day. Whether faux or real, these flower decoration ideas will surely rock your space.

11. Light Bead With Artificial Flowers

Light Bead With Artificial Flowers

Make a super easy stunning piece with string lights and flowers that needs a little amount of time. All you have to do is attach a flower to each light bulb and when all the bulbs are covered, hang your very own pretty light bead with flowers.

Details : ladecasa.blog

12. Bubble Wrap For Floating Flowers

Bubble Wrap For Floating Flowers

Who does not need a bunch of fun and easy to make ideas that can make any party bloom with beauty. You just need to grab some flowers and wrap their bottom with a piece of bubble wrap, put them in a bowl and they will beautifully float over the water making the space super pretty.

Details : smartschoolhouse

13. Make Large Paper Flowers

Make Large Paper Flowers

Paper flowers can be put up to add a lot of beauty whether you are going for a regular decor or for some specific event just like these large paper flowers here that can be made for any party, family brunch or just the decor of your house.

Details : staceyhomemaker

14. DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

We all know that going for original flowers can be way too expensive for any idea so here comes a perfect alternate for the same. Grab some coffee filter paper, twine, cotton balls and ofcourse scissors for these beautiful flowers.

Details : aisleadventures.wordpress

15. Boho & Bubbly Flower Strings

Boho & Bubbly Flower Strings


Perfect to beautify a baby shower, a baby girl’s bedroom or any space in your home, these gorgeous floral strings look so delicate and elegant. All you have to do is attach flowers to twine or for a more fuller look, stick lots of florals to each string.

Details : karaspartyideas

16. DIY Silk Flower Centerpiece

DIY Silk Flower Centerpiece

Centerpiece bring life to the entire room and not only the table or mantle, they add beauty and also become the focal point in the interior. All you have to do is grab a rustic flower pot, and insert chicken wire at the surface. Attach bunches of florals and your gorgeous centerpiece will be ready.

Details : afloral

17. Stunning Tabletop Terrarium

Stunning Tabletop Terrarium

Gorgeous terrariums add a beautiful funk to the setting and also create a stunning combination with any other pieces. This super pretty geometric terrarium house some amazing florals that bring a vibrant pop of color in the interior.

Details : pin.it

18. Crepe Paper Flower Pendant Light

Crepe Paper Flower Pendant Light

One of the benefits of crafting a DIY is that you can create something that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else just like this super pretty pendant light that houses a large flower as the shade for the bulb.

Details : liagriffith

19. Crepe Paper Calla Lily

Crepe Paper Calla Lily

Simple, elegant and perfect for any occasion, these DIY calla lilies look absolutely beautiful and easy to make. The crepe paper works just right for the look of a flower and these white, green and pale yellow tones look stunning for the lily florals.

Details : liagriffith

20. Style a Fresh Flower Centerpiece

Style a Fresh Flower Centerpiece

A gorgeous floral centerpiece arrangement can bring a lot of vibrance to any setting or room, all you have to do is grab some bunches of bright flowers and chicken wire or floral foam to hold the stems in place.

Details : liagriffith

A little paper origami, a pantry accessory like coffee-filters, crepe pretties or actual fragrant blooms, you have got a whole bundle of flower decoration ideas on hand that can take the beauty of your space to new heights of wonder.