20 Marvellous Barn Wood Projects Combining Rustic Beauty with Functionality!

Recycling old barn boards or reclaimed wood pieces into a functional pretties, home decoration items, DIY storage or furniture surely seems to be an uber cool idea. But the fact that it yields high-end results while saving a huge deal of expenditure that would go in a store-bought alternatives to those items makes it even more worthwhile. To showcase the same truly well, here are 20 rustic barn wood projects combining beauty with functionality!


Best Barn Wood Projects – Pin it for later!

best barn wood projects

1. DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

DIY shelving surely doesn’t cross the mind on the mention of plumbing pipes, until one checks this winsome DIY shelf out! Same-sized wooden boards sit atop pipe fittings assembled with thread drywall screws, floor flanges, pipe nipples and caps. Black spray-paint complements the industrial shelves just right that would work great to increase the storage space in small kitchens or bathrooms.

DIY Details : houseofhawthornes

2. DIY Farmhouse Message Board

DIY Farmhouse Message Board

What a showstopper of a decor piece that comes with great deal of functionality at the same time. The message board with pallet borders has got a wonderful chicken wire at the back where you can use designed clips to attach messages, notes, photographs or little drawings to the board. The simple craft tools you need include liquid nails and strong wood glue.

DIY Details : seekinglavenderlane

3. DIY Reclaimed Wood Planter Box

DIY Reclaimed Wood Planter Box

This isn’t just a regular planter box, but an entire fairy tale frame shrinked to a miniature version of itself! The reclaimed wood box is constructed out of old fence pieces and houses a creatively assembled fairy garden on the top. How you can build the complete planter box with smaller individual wood slats is explained through detailed instructions in the below guide by Make it Love It.

DIY Details : makeit-loveit

4. The Wall Ruler

The Wall Ruler

If you have got little kids around the house, you definitely know how precious it is to track them growing with time. This wall ruler is here to let you check your child’s height at anytime, that too with a stylish wooden barn door hanging on the wall. The rustic wall ruler gets the numbers and height markings done with a permanent marker, going for some wax sealant for the final coat.

DIY Details : paintedtherapy.blogspot

5. Gabriel Wall System Hanging Organizer

Gabriel Wall System Hanging Organizer

The thing that earns a special mention for this organizer is how it hangs a whole bunch of shelves on a towel hanger. The credit goes to two metal hook screwed to the top of the organizer constructed out of pine wood. The cherry on the cake is the weathered look achieved by coating gray paint with some paraffin wax that’s scraped off with a razor blade when dry.

DIY Details : ana-white

6. DIY Necklace Holder

DIY Necklace Holder

A random-shaped piece of driftwood doubles up as such an enchanting-looking jewelry organizer! The flat driftwood surface allows you to hang all your chains and necklaces at one single spot without even worrying about the items getting tangled. A few knobs coming with an antique look are attached to the driftwood, adding to the visual interest of the holder with their unique shapes and designs.

DIY Details : visiblymoved.blogspot

7. DIY Wooden Arrows

DIY Wooden Arrows

Brighten up an empty wall with true quirkiness brought by some homemade wooden arrows that make the most of a few reclaimed wood boards. Pointing towards the top, the arrows come with a nice weathered texture, wherein each of the arrows sports a variety of hues brought by innovative use of different wood stains to coat the separate sections.

DIY Details : little-brick-house.blogspot

8. Salvaged Barn Wood Sign

Salvaged Barn Wood Sign

That sitting-through-the-ages look introduced to the texture of this barn wood sign is the result of a careful sanding. The letters spelling HOME pay a beautiful tribute to your space, and have been imprinted on the board using Silhouette stencils. The final touches of glamour are added by Fleur de Lis painted in gold on either side of the word, making the piece oh so luxurious.

DIY Details : adventuresincreating.blogspot

9. Easy Reclaimed Wood Box Centerpiece

Easy Reclaimed Wood Box Centerpiece

Who needs any extra decorations to spruce up the dining table anymore? A gorgeous centerpiece loaded with your favorite flowers is here to get it all done in just a matter of few minutes. To build the trough box that holds a few mason jars that you can use as vases, you are going to need reclaimed wood, screws, wood glue, sisal rope and some spray paint.

DIY Details : hertoolbelt

10. DIY Reclaimed Wood Framed Mirrors

DIY Reclaimed Wood Framed Mirrors

Integrate some curb appeal to even the most simplest of rectangular mirrors by framing them with reclaimed wood. Although the rustic borders call for a little woodworking skills and some patience to get all ready, the wonderful tutorial shared by The Space Between Blog explains each of the steps with detailed visual instructions right from cutting the wood to hanging the mirrors on the wall.

DIY Details : thespacebetweenblog