20 Marvellous Barn Wood Projects Combining Rustic Beauty with Functionality!

Recycling old barn boards or reclaimed wood pieces into a functional pretties, home decoration items, DIY storage or furniture surely seems to be an uber cool idea. But the fact that it yields high-end results while saving a huge deal of expenditure that would go in a store-bought alternatives to those items makes it even more worthwhile. To showcase the same truly well, here are 20 rustic barn wood projects combining beauty with functionality!


11. Easy DIY Wood Signs with Free Printables

Easy DIY Wood Signs with Free Printables

Make the bathroom a much more art-loaded section of the house with a glorious ‘bath and towel’ label hanging on the wall. On the other hand, you can grab an abstract-shaped piece of wood that goes best for the mantel or the kitchen, throwing in some nautical accents to the decor. Both the signs call for simple text or designs transferred to the surface with basic tracing and painting.

DIY Details : salvagedinspirations

12. Junk Decor

Junk Decor

Junky shadow boxes that were otherwise subjected to rest in the garage or simply get thrown away get an all new purpose with this inspiration. They yield three marvellous wall-fitting shelves to store all bath towels and other personal care supplies, while some barn wood boards are used to construct breathtaking signs. Stencilling the letters comes into play yet again!

DIY Details : beauty4ashes-ellie.blogspot

13. Reclaimed Wood Flower Pot Holder

Reclaimed Wood Flower Pot Holder

Vertical planters are totally in trend today – and what backs the statement beautifully is this flower pot holder built using a large rectangular reclaimed wood board. Some light strap hinges and hose clamps attached to the wooden board serve the purpose of holding terra cotta pots in place that you can further load with your favorite plants or flowers, or simply go for some faux floral decor.

DIY Details : organizedclutter

14. Barn Wood Hook Board

Barn Wood Hook Board

Once you screw a few vintage-looking hooks to a rectangular barn board, you would love how it turns out with its natural cracks, different hues and the weathered texture. Speaking of how you can utilize the hook board, it opens up huge possibilities for storage – right from a towel hanging section in the bathroom to a luminary hanger for the porch!

DIY Details : serendipitousromance.tumblr

15. Hanging Barn Board Luminaries

Hanging Barn Board Luminaries

You don’t really find a hanging light fixture as splendid as this one quite often! The subtle glow that these luminaries come with is taken to next level awesomeness with the contrast between luxurious mason jars holding the lights and the rectangular barn wood that hangs the jars from the rims. Oh yes, the piece of wood also keeps the connection of the bulbs in place.

DIY Details : livediyideas

16. Reclaimed Wood Love Rope Sign

Reclaimed Wood Love Rope Sign

A unique take on the idea of wooden board lettering, this reclaimed wood sign actually sports the message in an out-of-the-box fashion. Instead of tracing letters, going for vinyls or filling alphabet outlines with paints, this inspiration puts a long piece of jute twine or rope to form the word ‘Love’. The key is to mold the rope and glue it onto handwritten alphabets.

DIY Details : funkyjunkinteriors

17. A Reclaimed Wood Branch Shelf

A Reclaimed Wood Branch Shelf

Beginning with two simple reclaimed wood fence panels, this shelf has got a wooden dowel inserted into the two sides work wonders for storing the toilet paper roll or simply hanging hand towels. Once you wash and cut the panels to size, they are connected with hinges and adorned with a stenciled design for an extra touch of funky!

DIY Details : funkyjunkinteriors

18. The Easiest DIY Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table

The Easiest DIY Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table

The author calls this sofa table as the easiest one to make out there. And taking at the minimalist build of the masterpiece, you are only going to back the statement. What you need to gather to get the construction going is some wood cuts for the legs, a piece of flat reclaimed wood, wood screws, drill and bit, corner brackets, painters tape, Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, foam brush, white spray paint, and clear sealer.

DIY Details : cityfarmhouse

19. Reclaimed Wood Bath Caddy

Reclaimed Wood Bath Caddy

If all fancy and blingy is not your cup of tea, you would adore this rustic bath caddy that does only what it’s meant for while befitting the size of your bath tub just right. Built using a reclaimed wood board, the caddy calls for some cutting, sanding, gluing and screwing of different pieces of wood, along with the easy-to-forge steps explained in the below Ehow guide.

DIY Details : ehow

20. Reclaimed Wood Desk

Reclaimed Wood Desk

Looking for a compact workspace that can fit even the smallest of spaces around the house? This reclaimed wood desk can come to your rescue, impressing one and all with its more-than-awesome looks. What the reclaimed wood top rests on are lovely hairpin legs that are screwed to the board, getting the finished piece done in under 100 dollars!

DIY Details : notjustahousewife

An outdoor decor sign or build a work desk from the very scratch, construct a whole bunch of wall-hanging shelves or simply make a breathtaking table centerpiece – there’s a huge spectrum of showstealing pieces you can end up with. All it takes is to grab your dose of inspiration from the above barn wood projects.