20 DIY Clock Ideas Telling You Time with A Dash of Prettiness!

No matter how digital the generation goes, wall clocks are something that never seem to lose their magic. Forming an integral part of an accomplished room decor, a clock must complement the theme of the interior, while being easy-to-comprehend when it comes to checking out the time. And these DIY clock ideas serve the purpose just right!

11. DIY Globe Clock

DIY Globe Clock

There’s absolutely no one who wouldn’t admire this out-of-the-box clock prettiness that’s actually nothing but a half globe. The globe is sliced around the equator, attaching the battery pack of the clock kit to the top of the globe from the insides. While pieces of cardboard are used to strengthen it, lastly attaching the clock hands in place.

DIY Details : molliepop

12. DIY Chrysanthemum Clock from Plastic Spoons!

DIY Chrysanthemum Clock from Plastic Spoons!

How those plastic spoon rounds double up as the petals of the huge faux flower deserves rounds of applause. The Chrysanthemum is built over a foam board base by gluing the spoon cut outs onto it in layers overlapping each other in style. Coats of yellow spray paint make it look oh so realistic, further screwing a small round clock in the middle of the piece.

DIY Details : thatswhatchesaid

13. DIY Hexagon Clock

DIY Hexagon Clock

Synonymous to wow, this hexagon clock won’t fail to complement a contemporary home decor with true charm. The project uses a fat quarter to get it done, while opening huge possibilities for variation when it comes to the size of the hexagons, the number of shapes worked up, the colors and fabric designs.

DIY Details : owensolivia.blogspot

14. DIY Silverware Kitchen Clock

DIY Silverware Kitchen Clock

Give an all new purpose to that luxurious silverware, adding a dash of decor and functionality to it at the same time – a DIY kitchen for the dining hall or the living room made out of spray-painted silverware is surely a thing to admire. A fork and spoon go for the hands of the clock, and a vinyl decal stripe adds the final splendour.

DIY Details : thebensonstreet

15. DIY Donut Clock

DIY Donut Clock

If you are head over heels in love with donuts, you are going to adore this DIY cuteness even more, celebrating your love for this treat. To put this donut clock together, you are going to need a clock kit, a wood clock face, some bright shades of acrylic paint and paintbrushes, a pencil, and some circular items to help you trace.

DIY Details : whydontyoumakeme

16. DIY Minimal Wall Clock

DIY Minimal Wall Clock

It perhaps, can’t get any more minimalistic than this wall clock that totally ditches all design elements – even the digits of a clock! Yet it makes everything truly crisp and clear with that simple clock mechanism going through the thickness of the wooden disk, which is actually a chopping board. A black leather strap is used to hang the clock on the wall.

DIY Details : thelovelydrawer

17. Wooden Block Clock

Wooden Block Clock

Forget painted clock digits – for you have got glorious square shaped wooden blocks serve the purpose with unbeatable rustic elegance. The tenth block is placed in the middle of the assembly to work up the clock mechanism, while each of the remaining 9 blocks go for the 12 markings. The individual pieces are joined together with nails inserted on the insides of the blocks.

DIY Details : instructables

18. It’s Game Time: Domino Clock

It’s Game Time: Domino Clock

Doesn’t the game room deserve a wall clock equally fun-filled as the place itself? This DIY domino clock does exactly that – drill a hole in the center of a cutting board, gluing dominos around the hole in the right order of numbers. The last step of course, it to integrate the clock system into the board, and voila! The playroom perfect clock is all set.

DIY Details : sadieseasongoods

19. DIY Stained Plywood Wall Clock

DIY Stained Plywood Wall Clock

As the title suggests, what makes this clock standout is its clever stain job that differentiates the two semi-circles of the clock with utmost grace, while the 3-dimensional digits bring out a similar contrast simultaneously. You need plywood, drill gun, painter’s tape, clock kit, clock sweep handles, wood die-cut numbers, stain, finishing wax, Modge Podge and q-tips.

DIY Details : kristinaclemens.blogspot

20. Turn Cork Trivets into Color Block Clocks

Turn Cork Trivets into Color Block Clocks

That geometric color blocking done on the round cork trivets totally steals the show here, while the natural texture of cork keeps things rightly balanced on the finished piece. Each of the clocks is worked up as a combination of 3 striking colors done in intersecting blocks, attaching simple-looking clock mechanisms to the middle of each board.

DIY Details : brit

Build one or more of these uber cool clocks for your home, or gift them to your loved ones to keep them reminded of you everytime they look at the time. And when it’s so easy to work up these DIY clock ideas, doesn’t it seem worth it to give it a try?