23 More Than Cute DIY Pillows Ranging From Food to Plants for the Themes!

Throwing a bunch of whimsical cushions or pillows on the bed or the couch adds new life to the whole space. And of course, it increases the cozy and comfort factor of th room at the same time. You would love crafting these DIY Pillows that come in all sorts of interesting themes, shapes and patterns.


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Cute DIY Pillows

 1. How to Make a Square Pillow Cover

How to Make a Square Pillow Cover

Stock up on some fat quarters and get going to whip up a whole array of these adorable pillows. If you are a total novice at sewing or stitching, you can still make these covers surprisingly quick, stuffing them with a store-bought pillow form.

DIY Details : sewwhatalicia

2. Stencil Pillow

Stencil Pillow

The deal that you spend to make this minimalist stencil pillow is what one would spend on a regular, plain cotton pillow cover. The alphabet stencil from your kiddo’s stationery supplies works wonders to imprint letters onto the fabric using a Sharpie pen, sticking to a combo of black and white.

DIY Details : refabdiaries

3. Re-Purposed Sweater Pillows

Re-Purposed Sweater Pillows

Grab all those sweaters that you don’t wear anymore, as it’s time to turn them into these absolutely adorable sweater pillows. An easy-to-follow sewing technique gets it all done, putting a lightweight fusible interfacing, a pillow form, and of course, a pullover to use.

DIY Details : tidbits-cami

4. How to Make a Simple No Sew Pillow

How to Make a Simple No Sew Pillow

Luxury at its best – this luscious-looking pillows are a totally no-sew affair! It’s actually constructed from a lovely table runner, but you can also go for any double layer placemat that you like. What makes the pillow stand out is its gorgeous bunched fabric details and the glossy touch.

DIY Details : scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom

5. How To Make Your Own Pillows

How To Make Your Own Pillows

Beautiful fish scales of a mermaid somehow have stepped out the waters and landed on these one-of-a-kind pillows. Round felt cut-outs in colors that create an ombre effect on a whole are used to achieve the scale-like look. A simple gluing of the felt pieces onto the fabric would work just right.

DIY Details : lovethispic

6. Yarn Embroidered Pillows

Yarn Embroidered Pillows

You are instantly going to love a set of pillows that sports colorful pom poms attached to an earthy neutral-hue fabric. A little embroidery is all thanks to these pillows calling for plain pillow covers, yarn, a darning needle, fabric marker or pencil, ruler, scissors and stencils.

DIY Details : designimprovised

7. Diy Beautiful Heart Pillow

Diy Beautiful Heart Pillow

Can that huge bright red pom pom heart ever fail to take your breath away? The idea is to sew a felt heart onto a pillow cover in a shade that contrasts red, further sewing each of the pom poms over the heart with a thread and needle. Apt and appropriate for gifting!

DIY Details : lotsofdiy

8. DIY Heart Pattern Pillow

DIY Heart Pattern Pillow

Different-sized fabric cut outs sewn together and bunched up at the bottom create an illusion of a flower. And when a whole lot of such flowers are assembled in a heart shape atop a pillow cover, you get a glorious and super elegant heart pattern pillow almost effortlessly.

DIY Details : lovethispic

9. The 10 Minute DIY Pillow Cover

The 10 Minute DIY Pillow Cover

No matter what’s the fabric you want to turn into a pillow, this 10-minute sewing would make it happen in just a matter of few steps. This inspiration by Creek Line House goes for three different kinds of fabrics, each with a print of its own yet coordinating with each other on a larger picture.

DIY Details : creeklinehouse

10. DIY Circus Animal Cookie Pillows

DIY Circus Animal Cookie Pillows

Two of the most loved things of kids and grown ups alike – soft toys and yummy treats blend together to form these animal cookie pillows. The food-turned-pillows in hot pink or bright white look just like cookies, having loads of pom poms in rainbow colors work for the cookie sprinkles.

DIY Details : studiodiy

11. DIY No-Sew Funfetti Cake Slice Pillow

DIY No-Sew Funfetti Cake Slice Pillow

Who wouldn’t want to grab a bite of such a huge cake slice that’s adorned with colorful funfetti? You need pink cotton or felt, white felt, different acrylic paints, poly-fil stuffing, fabric glue, thread, paint brush, scissors and ruler. Those flower-like swirls on top make it look even more realistic.

DIY Details : awwsam