23 More Than Cute DIY Pillows Ranging From Food to Plants for the Themes!

Throwing a bunch of whimsical cushions or pillows on the bed or the couch adds new life to the whole space. And of course, it increases the cozy and comfort factor of th room at the same time. You would love crafting these DIY Pillows that come in all sorts of interesting themes, shapes and patterns.


12. Make a Cloud Pillow

Make a Cloud Pillow

Step into the dreamworld when resting your head on a cloud-shaped pillow that looks oh so adorable. The cute closed eyes of the cloud and the little dots all over add so much character to the pillow. All you need is some fabric, all purpose craft paint in black and paintbrush, zipper, poly-fil, and an iron off pen.

DIY Details : goinghometoroost

13. DIY Mini Pretzel Pillows

DIY Mini Pretzel Pillows

These unique pillows making one crave for some crunchy pretzels are no less than a thing of wonder. Plus, they are so easy to whip up at home using some brown knit fabric, white scrap fabric, thread, a pair of scissors, sewing machine a dowel rod, a hot glue and glue sticks.

DIY Details : littleinspiration

14. Make These Geometric Tasseled Pillows in Under 20 Minutes!

Make These Geometric Tasseled Pillows in Under 20 Minutes!

An uber cool take on the classic square pillows with tassels hanging on the corners, these geometric pretties take no more than 20 minutes to get all set. You need fabric, four spools of embroidery floss, thread, stuffing, sewing machine, needle, pins, scissors, ruler, and a pencil.

DIY Details : brit

15. DIY Diamond Pillow

DIY Diamond Pillow

Diamonds, another name for shining prettiness can an all new version of themselves that’s equally opulent to look at. The pillow calls for a solid colored fabric, ruler, pencil, scissors, white fabric paint, tape, sewing pins, sewing machine and poly-fil stuffing to build the geometric gem!

DIY Details : little-white-whale

16. DIY Cactus Succulent Pillow

DIY Cactus Succulent Pillow

No matter how much do these pillows resemble a cactus, they are just the opposite of their natural counterparts when it comes to the level of pointy! In fact, the succulents and cacti here are so soft to touch that you can literally, sleep on them.

DIY Details : brit

17. DIY Stuffed Balloon Animals

DIY Stuffed Balloon Animals

Twisting and turning those pretty long, cylindrical balloons and transforming them into bunnies and other animals has been quite a part of us all. However, these cuties celebrating the twisty balloons are actually colored knit fabric stitched in a clever fashion and stuffed with pillow stuffing.

DIY Details : littleinspiration

18. Simple and Sweet Donut Pillow

Simple and Sweet Donut Pillow

Celebrate your love for donuts with a DIY craft that’ll make sure your favorite treats are right next to you while you doze off! The free-flowing pink frosting adorned with colorful felt-turned-sprinkles looks absolutely awesome on the subtle, light brown polyfill stuffed pillow donut.

DIY Details : abeautifulmess

19. DIY Knot Pillows Tutorial

DIY Knot Pillows Tutorial

Not just any other pillow, these super soft and cozy knots add a decorative element to your space – and can be the perfect accents to the bed. How entangled within themselves these pillows look may make putting together seem a tough deal. But, this tutorial gets it going like a child’s play.

DIY Details : littleinspiration

20. DIY Holiday Sequin Pillows

DIY Holiday Sequin Pillows

Integrate a dash of drama to a subtle pillow cover, while also displaying a tiny message, the name of your loved ones or a cute phrase in style. The secret lies is gluing a bright golden sequin trim to the fabric in a way that it exactly matches the words written in pencil underneath.

DIY Details : theproperblog

21. How to Watercolor Paint on Fabric

How to Watercolor Paint on Fabric

Watercolors blending and merging with each other with even the slightest splashes of water is a visual treat to watch. But, you don’t need a drawing canvas to witness the same, as some fabric intended for homemade cushion covers serves the purpose with true grace.

DIY Details : ellaclaireinspired

22. DIY Fur Pillow Cases

DIY Fur Pillow Cases

If you have ever come across fluffy-looking fur pillow covers, you must be familiar with the huge price tag they come with. Choose a homemade version of the same, costing just a fraction of that tag. The building blocks for the furry cases is some upholstery fabric and a real or faux sheepskin rug.

DIY Details : bunnybaubles


23. Fir Cushions

Fir Cushions

If you can recall the block printing technique from school craft classes, you would love to make these fir cushions at home. A fir tree shape carved into a big potato when covered with black paint works as the painting block, going for a bright white fabric as the base.

DIY Details : idoitmyself

When the most basic of sewing and stitching can produce such endearing end results, giving these DIY pillows a try seems to be a great idea. Specially if it can brighten up the bed, making it oh so comfy with that fluffy goodness.