15 DIY Rustic Kitchen Decorations Celebrating Earthy Hues and Textures

Being the heart of the house, a kitchen has got all the abilities to speak for itself through its decor, organisation and visual beauty. A sure-shot solution to complementing just about any interior theme is to go for a bunch of versatile and rustic kitchen decorations.


DIY Rustic Kitchen Decorations

1. Flip Stir Whisk Mason Jar Utensil Holder

Flip Stir Whisk Mason Jar Utensil Holder

Integrate some rustic goodness to the kitchen organization affairs – all with a lovely utensil holder crafted out of wide mouth quart mason jars. The jars are perfect for holding all the cutlery, stirrers, whisks and other similar kitchen tools. For decor, the mason jars have got some twine tied around them and rest inside a wooden box that takes the cake with its distressed paint. You are also going to need some paint, a nice wood stain and ribbon to make the holder. Prefer going for an ombre effect for the jars in different hues of brown. Make them last long with a final application of polyurethane.

DIY Details : etsy

2. Kitchen Gallery Wall b

The House That Handmade Built™ (@coleswifey) által megosztott bejegyzés,

Is there any doubt that a kitchen gallery wall as glorious as this one is going to be the focal point of your space? It’s all about collecting a whole bunch of farmhouse-inspired signs with messages about food, kitchen and more. While some of the signs look quite expensive with their fine frames, others have got an earthy appeal themselves with lots of reclaimed wood, weathered surfaces and natural textures doing the wonder. The best part about the idea is that you can get as random as you want with the choice of signs, yet end up in a gallery wall that looks oh so breathtaking in the larger picture. A small storage shelf underneath the display completes it just right!

DIY Details : instagram

3. Vintage Weighing Scale and Utensils

Amy Beth (@littlecountryhome) által megosztott bejegyzés,

Whether it’s that tiny pitcher spelling ‘Cream’ in black over a cream-hued background, that larger one that holds all the cutlery with utmost grace, the vintage-looking weighing scale, or simply the wooden chopping boards standing behind – everything about this kitchen corner is magnificent. To make the whole assembly easy to move and well-organized, this Instagram post shows how you can use an industrial wire basket to store all the aforesaid items in style. You can find some of the pretties shown here from just about any thrift store, however, that weighing scale would call for a lot more careful quest – but isn’t it totally worth the effort?

DIY Details : instagram

4. DIY Primitive Cabinet from a Repurposed Wooden Crate and Frame

DIY Primitive Cabinet from a Repurposed Wooden Crate and Frame

This rustic DIY cabinet is constructed using an old repurposed wooden crate and a frame. Thanks to the framed metal wire mesh forming the door, the cabinet beautifully reveals the stuff stored inside. Set the metal wire on the gas stove for a few minutes to give it the awesome rusty texture, while going for some lovely Blue Minerals Chalk Paint Powder to coat the cabinet with. Knick of Time uses a side latch from a wall clock to allow for closing of the cabinet’s door. A delicate vintage crochet doily hangs inside the cabinet with the help of 2 tiny nails tacked into the upper corners of the crate.

DIY Details : knickoftime

5. Functional and Fabulous Kitchen Racks

Functional and Fabulous Kitchen Racks

Add a touch of farmhouse prettiness to your kitchen, while saving loads of storage space at the same time. Not only does this kitchen rack look truly beautiful, but it also allows you to hang all the mugs and cups with the help of hooks attached to the bar that’s screwed onto the wall. You can make a whole bunch of such racks, using each one for a different purpose – hang pans from one, while going for kitchen towels on the other, or simply adorn the racks with a hanging planter box that you can also use to store cutlery and other similar tools. The hanging rack is easy to assemble and are readily available from IKEA along with a few other essential organizational accessories.

DIY Details : stonegableblog

6. Pottery Barn Inspired Glass Rack (Modular)

Pottery Barn Inspired Glass Rack (Modular)

Clear up some cupboard space in the kitchen as you have got a whole new display for all the glasses. Oh yes, some of the wine glasses actually hang from this modular rack with unbeatable elegance. To make the pottery barn inspired rack, you are going to need wooden boards, some gauge nails, a jigsaw, a miter saw, tape measure, a sander, a nailer, some wood glue, mounting brackets, some paint or stain, and a careful cut list for the shelves, sides, front rails and the back support. The below guide by Sawdust 2 Stitches shares the accurate cut measurements with you, while also taking you through the detailed steps you need to follow to put together the rack all by yourself.

DIY Details : sawdust2stitches

7. Rustic Wall Shelving Tutorial

Rustic Wall Shelving Tutorial

Although these amazing wall shelves are attached to the wall using screws and supported with metal brackets, they get their farmhouse appeal from the ropes that create an illusion of the shelves hanging on the wall. The twisted Manila rope makes everything look quite nautical, having cute little knots tied at the bottom of the second shelf. You will need footboards, miter saw, a drill and paddle drill bits, tape measure, level, wall anchors, a dark walnut stain, shelving brackets and screws, and of course, the rope to get the project started. Display thrifted, pretty vintage kitchen items on the wall and take it to all new levels of awesomeness.

DIY Details : makinghomebase

8. Three Tiered Kitchen Stand

Three Tiered Kitchen Stand

How endearing is that three tiered kitchen stand having ample of room for putting decorative items and nitty-gritty kitchen accessories on its disc-like shelves? This inspiration by Dear Lillie Blog uses the stand to display few fresh hydrangeas and eucalyptus, filling it up with cute little polka dot jars. For an increased rustic essence, you can store the flowers or fresh fruits in pretty wooden pots that are further placed on the kitchen stand. Whether it’s the dining table or the center of the kitchen island, this 3-tiered stand would look amazing on just about any of the spots.

DIY Details : dearlillieblog.blogspot

9. DIY Photo Clipboards

DIY Photo Clipboards

Showcase some gorgeous works of art, or your precious family photographs on one one of the kitchen walls or gallery with this homemade hack. These DIY photo clipboards are constructed out of a simple 6 foot board from Menards, cutting it into four 13 inch pieces with a chop saw. Sanding down their edges makes them look even more rustic, and the dark walnut stain applied on the surface of the boards only does more good to them. Once you seal them with a Minwax finishing wax, they are set to display the pictures. Love Grows Wild captures a few beautiful shots of some fruits and veggies to bring out the most of the food-inspired decor.

DIY Details : lovegrowswild

10. Twine Wrapped Cabinet Hardware

Twine Wrapped Cabinet Hardware

Even the most simple of cabinet handles can be transformed into extraordinary farmhouse-inspired pretties with just a few little tweaks. All it takes to get the project started is some jute or twine, and the totally mess-free craft gets all set. Once you coat the cabinet handles with some oil rubbed bronze paint, grab a roll of jute or cotton twine and start wrapping the handles with the same. Apart from the time taken for the base paint to dry, the whole process won’t ask for more than 5 minutes and you will have the twine wrapped cabinet hardware in hand. To make sure the twine stays in place, it’s advised to go for some hardware glue.

DIY Details : ilovethatjunk

11. How to Make DIY Twig Letters

How to Make DIY Twig Letters

It seems like the alphabet has come to life – and that’s all because of the 3 dimensional beauty these letters come with. Another great thing about them is that you can place them on the mantle, hang them on the wall, or simply use as monograms around the house to signify the initials of all the family members. The key is to adhere lots of twigs from the yard and stick them to a wooden letter using a hot glue gun. You just need to be a little precise when trimming the twigs in order to fit the letter perfectly, and the overlapping twigs will do the rest of the job. Check out the steps of construction as shared in the below guide by The Happy Housie.

DIY Details : thehappyhousie.porch

12. DIY Stained Open Shelving

DIY Stained Open Shelving

Create visual interest on an otherwise plain kitchen wall, increasing storage space simultaneously as you have got this incredible DIY stained open shelving on hand. Simple rectangular wooden shelves attached to the wall with black-coated brackets is what this is all about. You are going to need pine board, some brackets, drywall anchors, Rust-Oleum Ultimate wood stain in dark walnut, some polyurethane in satin, a sandpaper, a drill, screwdriver, tape measure, level, HomeRight finish max pro sprayer, rags, and some mineral spirits to forge the shelves for your kitchen.

DIY Details : 11magnolialane

13. Double Pantry Barn Door DIY

Double Pantry Barn Door DIY

Integrate a barn door character to your kitchen with two narrow doors made out of tongue and groove pattern board. Attaching a common board horizontally achieves the final look, and all this calls for just a handful of magical supplies – some lumber, hinges, chrome handles, some paint and stain, some wood screws, a tongue and groove pattern stock board, a common board, chrome square door hinges, chrome handles, table saw, some light gray paint, a wide foam brush and a rag for the application of stain. The weathered effect is a result of applying paint and wiping it off with rag, repeating the steps and diluting the paint with water at required intervals.

DIY Details : designingvibes

14. Upcycled Barnwood Style Sideboard

Upcycled Barnwood Style Sideboard

Tw old cabinets that were otherwise lying in trash seem to be enchanting by a spell that blends them together into this gorgeous upcycled barnwood style sideboard. The perfect love-worthy rustic brown look is brought by going over a whitewash stain with a darker stain, while old decorative carriage house hinges are attached to the new cabinet doors. The most special part here is that Z barn door-inspired design that’s worked up on the front of the sideboard, and of course, you can’t forget to mention the contrast built between the white-painted cabinet and the rustic doors. Learn how you can build the sideboard right from the very scratch, taking some inspiration from the below guide by Mountain Modern Life.

DIY Details : mountainmodernlife

15. DIY Kitchen Island and Building Plans

DIY Kitchen Island and Building Plans

Kitchen islands are quite a wonderful addition to the space, taking it to new heights of luxury when it comes to the appearance. And even better is the fact that you can build a marvelous furniture-style island for your kitchen all by yourself. That marble effect on top paired up with wooden antique-looking legs and storage underneath makes it look like a large farmhouse-themed table. Plus, the paint job done on the legs and the storage slab match the marble effect surprisingly well. Totally free kitchen island building plans are shared in this awesome tutorial by Nina Hendrick to make it all a lot more easier for you.

DIY Details : ninahendrick

Whether chic and trendy or a subtle display of farmhouse-inspired prettiness, there’s absolutely nothing that the aforesaid DIY rustic kitchen decorations won’t spruce up almost effortlessly!