19 DIY Succulent Planter Ideas that Are So Cool You Won’t Want to Miss!

There’s something about succulents, probably their low-maintenance quality, the beauty they flaunt and how easily they can be planted into even the tiniest of pots that makes them an ever successful choice when it comes to whipping up DIY planters. We have bundled up 19 uber cool ideas to make DIY succulent planter ideas that you won’t want to miss.

11. DIY Easter Bunny Cactus Planter

DIY Easter Bunny Cactus Planter

Give a super cute vibe to your cactus succulent by putting it in a little easter bunny planter. This pretty easter bunny is absolutely easy to make and can be put specially for easter or at any time of the year. All you need is a little bit of air dry clay and you can change the design as per your requirement.

Details : fallfordiy

12. Braided Clay Planter

We all know that clay comes with a variety of ideas and it can be transformed to anything beautiful. Grab a lot of clay and make thin strips out of it, braid the strips together and attach them to the pot. You can choose different colors for the clay so that contrasting tones can be created for each pot.

Details : youtube

13. Crystal Planters to Purify Your Home

Crystal Planters to Purify Your Home

Combined with the clarifying attributes of the crystals, these planters are super-charged to cleanse your space. The planters come with the element of purity and look absolutely pretty. The beauty of the crystals and these little succulents add charms to the arrangement as the idea is unique and simply stunning.

Details : jojotastic

14. Hanging Planters

Hanging Planters

Mason jars always come handy for any DIY and fit just right for every idea. The little mason jars are perfect and its so easy to turn them into cute planters. All you have to do is get a couple of mason jars and fill them with sand and soil. Attach and wrap the rope to the top of the jars and hang them in any setting.

Details : catesthill

15. DIY Air Plant Holders

DIY Air Plant Holders

Air plants are one of the best succulents as they absorb moisture from the air as the name suggests which makes them absolutely no maintenance plants. All you have to do is choose wooden boxes with varied sizes and put the plants according to the box size. Paint the boxes with different tones and leave some with the natural wooden texture for the added look.

Details : anightowlblog

16. DIY Succulent Cinderella Pumpkins

DIY Succulent Cinderella Pumpkins

Pumpkins are not only limited for halloweens as they can be turned to super cute and majestic looking planters. Play with the shapes, sizes and colors for the pumpkins for a huge variety in your planters. Fill the pumpkins completely with the succulents. These pumpkin planters look like they came out from a fairytale story.

Details : dennis7dees

17. Wine Cork Magnet Planters

Wine Cork Magnet Planters

Have a bunch of corks lying around and you have no idea what to do with them, then this idea here is your option to convert those corks to mini magnet planters. Core out the centers of the cork and fill them with soil. Move ahead by attaching magnets to the corks and put the succulents in the corks. Place all the cork planters as per your choice.

Details : itallstartedwithpaint

18. DIY Tea Cup Planter Party Favors

DIY Tea Cup Planter Party Favors

Whether you are throwing a spring brunch, bridal shower, or birthday party, these succulents are the perfect party favor. These little planters really brighten up a space and bring life to a room. The tea cups give a vintage vibe to the decor and each cup with a name tag can be used as a place setting for the guests.

Details : curbly

19. Farmhouse Style DIY Succulent Planter Box

Farmhouse Style DIY Succulent Planter Box

This stunning DIY succulent planter box is one of the perfect ways to add farmhouse flair to an end table, bookcase or entry table. With some mason jars and a planter box you can bring life to any room or setting by putting this little succulent box. You can paint the planter box and the mason jars with the colors of your choice and as per your decor requirement.

Details : consumercrafts

Tea cups that are no longer in use to empty metal cans, glass jars to repurposed toys, is there any kind of container that can’t be turned into a winsome piece with the above DIY succulent planter ideas?