25 DIY Wood Signs Showcasing Your Designs with Rusticness at its Best!

Wooden accents placed around the house never fail to complement the space, whether it goes for the idea of chic and trendy or a subtle farmhouse-inspired theme. That’s why wood signs are taking home decor by a storm when it comes to displaying festive messages, inspiring words or just a random artwork. Here are 25 DIY Wood Signs you can build all by yourself, enhancing the curb appeal of your home.

Best DIY Wood Signs

DIY Wood Signs Showcasing Your Designs with Rusticness at its Best

1. How to Build and Paint a Wood Sign

How to Build and Paint a Wood Sign

Constructed right from the scratch, this sign comes with a unique curb appeal due to its texture and an uneven finish. You employ wood strips to join 4 same-sized pine boards together. The gray stain goes magically well with the white-hued words stenciled onto the surface using vinyls.

DIY Details : creativeramblingsblog

2. DIY Pallet Wood Sign

DIY Pallet Wood Sign

Having all the abilities to be the sureshot focal point of the room, this wood sign features a pallet backdrop, while the text blends on the board in a pleasing combination of yellow and white. The other supplies you need include cardstock, Silhouette Cameo, some tape, and a hanging hardware.

DIY Details : bloominghomestead

3. Love You A Little More

Love You A Little More

Simplicity at its best is well-explained with a rectangular wooden sign that not only sports a cute message but also takes the cake with its gorgeous stain job. Latex paint does wonders to give the backdrop its smooth finish, and the black letters complement the theme just right.

DIY Details : timberandgray

4. Easy DIY Wood Signs and Free Printables

Easy DIY Wood Signs and Free Printables

If this uber-cool idea inspires you, then crafting your own replica of the wood sign has been made super easy with the help of free printables. Trace the designs on a random piece of wood with an intended imperfect shape and fill in the letters in a bright color, preferably white.

DIY Details : salvagedinspirations

5. Wood Sign Photo Display

Wood Sign Photo Display

A marvellous take on photo displays, a wood sign like this can replace any traditional photo frame out there – making your memories all the way more magical with its earthy textures and sturdy wooden base. Wrap strings around the boards and hang the photos using pins.

DIY Details : pinterest

6. DIY Large Wood Sign Tutorial

DIY Large Wood Sign Tutorial

Made with a large piece of rectangular plywood, this wood sign brings the concept of Less is More to practice at its best. The sign is painted all white to highlight the letters saying ‘gather’ done in black, while the trim reveals the natural wooden appeal with a dark stain.

DIY Details : christinasadventures

7. DIY Distressed Wood Welcome Sign

DIY Distressed Wood Welcome Sign

Welcome everyone with a welcome sign that stands out with unbeatable grace when attached to your front door. The most special thing about the sign is its interesting paint job resulting in a distressed character – the credit goes to clever layering of paint.

DIY Details : createandbabble

8. Make a Glitter Accent Wood Sign

Make a Glitter Accent Wood Sign

Throwing a touch of glitter can turn plain to extraordinary! Even better when that glitter is clubbed with the rustic appeal of wood. The wooden board here is coated with black paint, white vinyl letters are adhered are joined by an accent word done in golden glitter.

DIY Details : happinessishomemade

9. Stencil on Wood Sign

Stencil on Wood Sign

A thing of definite endearment for the whole family, a board that signifies the last name of the house is all about personalization. Chalk finish paint splashed on a square board couldn’t get any better writing than some pretty vinyl stencils taking the job.

DIY Details : typicallysimple

10. Wood Pallet Sign Tutorial

Wood Pallet Sign Tutorial

I would love to name this love-themed wood sign as a perfect Valentine’s present for your special someone, celebrating your love story with a decorative essence. The key is to transfer vinyl letters onto the wooden pallet board that’s kept natural and unstained.

DIY Details : thinkingcloset

11. How to Cut Large Stencils with Silhouette CAMEO

How to Cut Large Stencils with Silhouette CAMEO

Even if you are planning to craft a super large wood sign, Silhouette Cameo can work wonders to let you prepare and cut large stencils for your project. You’ll also need a cutting mat, tacky glue, paint, scrapbook paper, tape, stencil spray, and sponsor to work up your designs and letters.

DIY Details : bydawnnicole

12. Patriotic Pallet Sign

Patriotic Pallet Sign

Minwax stain casts a magical spell on this assembly of pallets to build a patriotic wood sign, taking the cake with its countryside look. For the text, the author choose a cursive font that’s stenciled using Silhoutte Cameo and painted in bright white.

DIY Details : bloominghomestead