25 DIY Wood Signs Showcasing Your Designs with Rusticness at its Best!

Wooden accents placed around the house never fail to complement the space, whether it goes for the idea of chic and trendy or a subtle farmhouse-inspired theme. That’s why wood signs are taking home decor by a storm when it comes to displaying festive messages, inspiring words or just a random artwork. Here are 25 DIY Wood Signs you can build all by yourself, enhancing the curb appeal of your home.

13. Some New Try-Worthy Signs

Some New Try-Worthy Signs

Miraculous dark stains done on rectangular pieces of wood work wonders for a contrasting font color to write your special messages, while another one here is a light-hued wood sign that looks just like a burnt sheet of paper. Last but not the least is randomly arranged pallets!

DIY Details : aimeeweaverdesigns

14. Simple Wood Sign

Simple Wood Sign

You are going to love the tiny gaps emerging amidst the painted design on this wood sign, that too on perfectly equal distances. And that’s all because the backdrop here is formed by joining a number of thin slats together, further stapling them to a frame and heading to the staining.

DIY Details : akadesign

15. DIY Pallet Wall Art

DIY Pallet Wall Art

Slats adhered to a frame introduce so much more character to a wall art, letting the negative space peek through the stain, the design, or the lettering to end up in a soothing contrast. The distressed look here is brought by sanding a cream colored stain going atop a dark brown one.

DIY Details : loveoffamilyandhome

16. Paper Flower Spring Sign

Paper Flower Spring Sign

The grandeur this spring sign showcases is definitely greater than the cost it’s assembled for. Calling for just 5 dollars, this one is all about gluing paper flowers to the board, writing the message in between with bold black letters on white base.

DIY Details : tatertotsandjello

17. Home Sweet Home Sign

Home Sweet Home Sign

Don’t our homes too deserve a dose of pampering for giving us our safe habitat? Let’s do it with a ‘Home Sweet Home’ wood sign that goes for a dark wood stain for the perfectly square backdrop. Atop the board are white vinyl letters prepared using Silhouette Cameo.

DIY Details : wherethesmileshavebeen

18. DIY Slatted Summer Sign

DIY Slatted Summer Sign

The color scheme donned by the slatted wood sign speaks ‘Summer’ out loud, letting a subtle lemon and pink come together. Doing the job of celebrating summers with much vibrance are the words ‘Hello Sunshine’ done with the help of vinyl stencils just like a piece of cake.

DIY Details : thecraftedsparrow

19. Easy Outdoor Art

Easy Outdoor Art

Those paint sticks are no longer limited to lie in paint buckets – for they can now be turned into a breathtaking outdoor art. A piece of scrap wood is used to adhere the sticks together, while Minwax grey stain goes for the color. Multi-surface paint does magic with that bright design.

DIY Details : iheartnaptime

20. DIY Wood Sign with Calligraphy Quote

DIY Wood Sign with Calligraphy Quote

Grab your piece of motivation when in the workspace – all with an inspiring wood sign hanging on the wall. The subtle font and the great message done in beautiful calligraphy brings the best of the dark-framed white-hued plywood backdrop. Of course, can’t get better than black for the quote!

DIY Details : angelamariemade

21. Grill Set Holder

Grill Set Holder

Undoubted brilliance is the phrase that suits this wood sign that’s much more than a mere decoration. It clubs the uber cool ‘ Grillin and Chillin’ message with blingy silver knobs that let you hang the different components of your grill set on the board.

DIY Details : lilluna

22. New “Old” Distressed Barn Wood Sign

New “Old” Distressed Barn Wood Sign

Reading between the lines you will learn that the title here signifies the combination of some old worn out pieces of wood with some finished new ones. And the end results? A rightly balanced distressed look and feel. The multi-colored background is simply awesome!

DIY Details : dreamingindiy

23. DIY Woodland Sign

DIY Woodland Sign

Get all set for the winter season as that’s what this woodland sign says! Sporting a lovely ‘Let it Snow’ message along with a few tiny snowflakes all done in bright white, the wooden board is wrapped with a long piece of twine at the top.

DIY Details : livelaughrowe

24. Reclaimed Wood Love Rope Sign

Reclaimed Wood Love Rope Sign

Writing on wood signs goes totally unconventional when you ditch paints and vinyls for printing letters on the surface, instead choose to mold a long piece of rope to get it done. Freehand the design on the board using some chalk, gluing the rope using a hot glue gun.

DIY Details : funkyjunkinteriors

25. DIY Wood Gather Sign

DIY Wood Gather Sign

Once the author grabs Martha Stewart transfer paper and traces the ‘gather’ sign onto a piece of wood after adorning it with a pretty stain, some Elmer’s paint in white adds the much-needed color into the lines! While the idea goes for Minwax dark walnut, it totally depends on your tastes.

DIY Details : saltandlifeblog

Whether you place the aforesaid signs outside the house or simply hang them on the wall, they are not only going to grab you appreciation for your creativity and beautify your space, but also prove to be durable – thanks to the sturdiness of wood. Let’s get tweaking wood with your touches of personalization!