30 Cool Dollar Store Organizing Ideas Making The Most of your Space with Utmost Style!

Right from super handy baskets and bins to a large variety of racks, cans and buckets, Dollar Store has got it all to integrate a better organization into the household or workspace. And that too, in a surprisingly budget-friendly deal! Even more amazing is the fact that you can add a dash of creativity to that stuff to end up in storage solutions that are not only purposeful but look absolutely chic and trendy. Here are 30 cool Dollar Store organizing ideas making the most of your space with utmost style.

16. Cover Drawers with Dollar Store Shelf Liner

Cover Drawers with Dollar Store Shelf Liner

The mere thing that strikes the mind when someone mentions shelf liners is that they are simple utilities to make the drawers and shelves around the house much easier to clean. But, patterned and printed liners can actually also work miraculously well to spruce up the outsides of a storage shelf. All you need to do is to cover the fronts of the drawers of a shelf with a nice adhesive shelf liner and voila! The super easy and budget-friendly hack not only goes for brightening up the storage solution, but also can be very helpful to add new life to an old, worn-out looking shelf that seems to have lost its charm. Check out how Orchard Girls explains the hack in detail.

Idea Details : orchardgirls

17. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage and Accessories

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage and Accessories

Why throw those old, used mason jars that seem to be of no use anymore when you can actually transform into a brand new storage accessory just like a piece of cake! Old mason jars can double up as super cool bathroom storage perfect to keep those cotton balls, Q-tips, the toothbrushes and all your other nitty-gritty personal care supplies on hand. This storage set is assembled by adding a personalized touch to a bundle of different-sized mason jars. The key is to add a bright coat of white paint, adding a few intended imperfections to the paint job for a vintage look. You can also use one of them as a vase or an out-of-the-box soap dispenser using a soap pump.

Idea Details : masonjarcraftslove

18. Toilet Paper Holder Shelf And Bathroom Accessories

Toilet Paper Holder Shelf And Bathroom Accessories

The toilet paper in the bathroom won’t be flowing onto the floor anymore! Plus, you are going to add a decorative flair to the space while keeping the roll perfectly secure in place – all with a DIY toilet paper holder shelf. Attach the roll holder to a piece of stained scrap wood that you can use to place decor elements like a small plant, a little vase or the air freshener. You are going to need an oil rubbed bronze toilet paper holder, a piece of scrap wood, a Rustoleum Ultimate Wood Care stain and polyurethane, 2 corner brackets and some screws to assemble the project.

Idea Details : diyshowoff

19. Enamel Mug Organizer

Enamel Mug Organizer

More of a minimalist statement-making piece than simply a storage solution, this Enamel Mug Organizer is a must-make if you adore all things vintage. What forms the base for 3 enamel mugs in a solid cream hue is a reclaimed piece of wood, having two of the mugs attached to it sideways while the last one stays upright. Lovely towel hooks accompany the organiser – and the hooks are nothing but the handles of the enamel cups. You can store all the little knick-knacks in the mugs, or simply use them to keep folded hand towels of the kitchen. Another great idea is to use the top mug as a pretty vase to combine storage with decor! All you are going to need is some glue, a few screws and a metal chain to assemble the piece.

Idea Details : homeroad

20. Repurposed Window Bathroom Towel Rack

Repurposed Window Bathroom Towel Rack

Almost effortless to construct and totally inexpensive to get all set, this bathroom towel rack is all about giving a new functionality to an otherwise purposeless window. Even the most beginner of home crafters can put this masterpiece together in just a matter of few minutes. The idea is to coat the window frame with a water-based polycrylic retaining its shabby chic essence, further adding the hooks in the front and large saw-tooth hangers at the back to make it apt for hanging on the wall. Damage free hanging strips adhered around the perimeter of the window provide for an even stronger adhesion, while starfish embellishments complete the look.

Idea Details : housebyhoff

21. Pantry Organizer

Pantry Organizer

No matter how many shelves does the pantry have, trays, boards and other stuff always seems to be cluttered on each of the shelves. But a secret hack could get that vertical space between two shelves organized like never before – employing simple tension curtain rods to get the magic going. Once you have measured the distance between two cupboard shelves, you need to place the right size rods in the space and tighten them using their inner springs. Additionally, you can also alter the distance between two rods according to the items you plan to store there, finding a befitting spot for the platters, bowls and whatever you can think of!

Idea Details : marthastewart

22. Old Book Mail Organizer

Old Book Mail Organizer

Establishing an amazing example on the concept of upgaming an old item around the house into a brand new piece of awesomeness, this mail organizer is what you will find far better than any regular metal box or bin to serve the purpose. Start with a large piece of old wood and paint it grey for an earthy result. The natural imperfections and chippy look sported by the wood works as a true show stealer for the finished piece, and what makes it functional is while it has been made fully functional by adhering 3 old book covers adorned with some pretty printed fabric and cute little scrapbook metal label holders to the wooden board.

Idea Details : beyondthepicket-fence

23. DIY Decorated Magazine Holders

DIY Decorated Magazine Holders

Integrate a pop of color to basic wooden magazine holders, making them totally worth jazzing up your workspace or the bookshelf. Cutting some colorful papers to fit the different sides of the holder and adhering them to the surface is all it calls for. You are going to need no more than 6 readily available supplies to work up the holders – some wooden magazine holders, lots of decorative papers, some PVA glue or mod podge, a paintbrush or foam brush, a pair of scissors and a pencil. Another idea is go for fabrics or stamps instead of paper cut outs, and undoubtedly, these pretty ones can give just about any store-bought magazine holders a run for their money!

Idea Details : gatheringbeauty

24. How to Build a Magazine Rack

Sheer splendour is the word you would scream when looking at this magazine rack crafted from a few pieces of wood and a few luxuriously designed wooden brackets in an L-shape. Organizing all your desk magazines in a wonderful fashion, this one comes with smaller sections for different magazines, and allows you to splash it with your choice of paint to match your office’s decoration. Modern and oh so chic to look at, the rack is sturdy and long-lasting at the same time. To check out the detailed steps you need to follow to construct the rack, head to the below tutorial shared by This Old House that takes you through the process with pictorial instructions.

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25. Family Charging USB Outlet Charger

Family Charging USB Outlet Charger

This picturesque charging station makes it surprisingly convenient to charge the mobile devices and tablets of the whole family at a single spot without creating a complete mess of entangled wires – a lovely 4-port USB charger installed on the wall does the wonders. Plus, it adds an unbeatable element of cool to the space by keeping each of the devices well-organized while they are at the charging dock that flaunts a winsome label saying ‘Charging’. Learn the process of installation of the charging outlet as well as the construction of the wooden box in the below guide by Driven By Decor. Now forget misplaced cords and adapters forever!

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26. Gold Pencil Holder

Gold Pencil Holder

Get your hands on something that can prove to a huge boon to your stationery storage affairs and make the workspace scream with great funk! Right from scissors to pens, pencils to tiny paper clips and other desk essentials, this gold hued pencil holder has got ample of room for it all. The secret behind all the decluttering and classifying of the table stuff lies with random storage boxes lying around the house – some metal cylinder cans or containers, a cute little shot glass and a fancy tea canister. All have been glued to a wooden board, further being charmed up with lovely coats of bright metallic gold spray paint.

Idea Details : viewfromthefridge

27. Recycled Wooden Box Jewelry Storage

Recycled Wooden Box Jewelry Storage

Often struggle with keeping your bangles or chains managed and easy to find? Make use of vertical space yet again, constructing a recycled jewelry storage using a recycled wooden box. Used, empty glass bottles placed inside the hanging box serve as wonderful holders for all the bracelets and bangles, keeping them separated from each other – simply place the larger and elastic bracelets at the bottom, leaving the smallest ones for the bottle’s neck. Grab another box and attach a wired frame to its back, ending up in an uber cool earring organizer, hanging the pretties with utmost elegance. What a thrifty vanity element can this one be!

Idea Details : decoratrix

28. DIY Necklace and Bracelet Holder

DIY Necklace and Bracelet Holder

The mere sight of this jewelry organizer explains that it’s as pretty as the stuff it holds! Super gorgeous construction and great functionality make it a must-have for the ladies out there. The DIY necklace and bracelet holder comes with a beautiful candlestick base, while what holds the pieces of jewelry is a paper towel roll or a wooden dowel that’s attached atop the stick in a horizontal manner. What you are going to need to get started with the project is basic tools including some primer, paint and a hot glue gun. Go for your favorite colors to coat the holder with, adding extra prettiness with tiny decorative items.

Idea Details : lifeannstyle

29. DIY Bathroom Towel Storage in Under 5 Minutes

DIY Bathroom Towel Storage in Under 5 Minutes

Have you ever wondered that those simple Dollar Store baskets can double up as marvellous shelves of a wall-fitted storage solution? That’s exactly what this DIY bathroom towel rack showcases, and even better is the fact that you can put it together in no more than 5 minutes in a completely mess-free affair. You just have to push a few screws into the basket to hang them on the wall and your storage gets all set in the blink of an eye. Costing no more than 20 dollars for the whole project, the woven baskets steal the show with their texture and of course, that earthy brown hue. Perfect for storing all the towel rolls, washcloths and other small bathroom supplies!

Idea Details : makinglemonadeblog

30. DIY Rope Basket

DIY Rope Basket

Doesn’t a bedside storage seem to be a fabulous option for folding and keeping that quilt or other cozy throws instead of simply letting them spread across the bed? Why not install a chic and ultra-trendy basket compact enough to sit beneath the nightstand, and eliminate that hassle forever. It’s just a matter of grabbing a long rope and wrapping it around a Dollar Store plastic basket. Customize the colors according to your whims and choices, ending up in a storage solution that’s surprisingly budget-friendly for its stunning appearance. Grab a hot glue gun and run the glue around the basket, pushing down the rope in place until the whole basket is covered.

Idea Details : iheartorganizing

Whether it’s a lightweight yet super classified desk organizer or a lovely kitchen cutlery stand, a beautiful vase shelf plus towel rack or simply a personalized storage basket, there’s nothing you can’t build using a handful of items and a little creativity. All you need is to get inspired from the above Dollar Store organizing hacks and get the magic started!