These Stunning Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decorations are True Gorgeousness!

What’s the thing that makes Dollar Tree stand out? Perhaps, it’s the fact that you can get just about anything and everything out there, that too in a surprisingly expense. Spruce up your whole space with decor elements brought from the store, getting inspired from the below Dollar Tree farmhouse decorations.

1. Painted French Metal Planter

From the simple metal planter boxes, spruce them up to pieces of beauty that only needs a little work. All you need to do is gather some chalk paints in various colors, paste wax, sandpaper, and some tools. Start by painting the box with the color of your choice and sand the areas of the raised letters for a distressed look. Use them as a gorgeous centerpiece.

Details: beesinapod

2. Farmhouse Style Moss Topiary Tree

Farmhouse Style Moss Topiary Tree

For a simple DIY that is easy to make and makes a statement, have a look at this idea. You just need foam cone, sheet moss, and the tools. Divide the foam into two parts making a bottom and top. Turn the bottom to a pot like structure and paint it. Paint the top in green and cover it with moss. Once completed, attach it to the pot with skewers and put it to display.

Details: thehappyhouse

3. Hanging Wire Baskets On Reclaimed Wood

Hanging Wire Baskets On Reclaimed Wood

With minimal effort and cost, you can work up this little piece that makes for a stunning piece in the decor. All you need are some blocks of weathered wood to turn them into a backdrop for the piece. Stick them together and move ahead by mounting the wire baskets that will assist you with some storage. The wooden back adds to the character in the setting.

Details :thrifyandchic

4. Industrial Farmhouse Storage Drawers

Industrial Farmhouse Storage Drawers

Give a little makeover to the regular storage drawers that you find at a dollar store and turn to something rustic. Start by removing the drawers and the plastic pulls to transform their look. Spray paint the structure and attach the scrapbook metal labels to the drawers. Put buttons in the place of pulls and also attach wooden boards to the frame to complete the look.

Details : littlehouseoffour

5. Farmhouse Candle Holder

Farmhouse Candle Holder

You just need to combine two varied items and put them together as one to make a beautiful showstopper piece. All you need to do is grab cake tins and two candle sticks with a vintage look. Paint the candlesticks for a much weathered look and stick the tin to a candlestick. Move further by placing a tall candle in the center and topping the cake tin with some fresh boxwood leaves for a natural touch.

Details : oursouthernhomes

6. Hurricane Lanterns Out of Frames

Hurricane Lanterns Out of Frames

What could be better than turning simple picture frames to a lantern that perfectly displays the vintage look and also comes with a variety of shapes and sizes. You just need to put your hands on some frames and open them properly as we only need the front of each frame. Place these glass frames together forming a box and use the edges of the frame to make the top. Putthe pretty lanterns to display.

Details :frosgrainfab

7. Farmhouse Style Vase Holder

Farmhouse Style Vase Holder

An elegant way to display beautiful florals is here and you need some milk bottle vases and a whitewood board. Cutting the board in 4 pieces required to make a box and complete it by painting the box. Drill the top with three holes that fit the bottle vases and put them in their place. Top the vases with florals and adorn your interiors with this subtle item.

Details :hometalk

8. Farmhouse Style Wire Wall Baskets

Farmhouse Style Wire Wall Baskets

Storage is never enough and you can always put that wall to use with this easy to make DIY. First you need rectangular or square baskets, spray paints, wood board cut to size and all the necessary tools. Give a distressed look to your wooden board and move further by spraypainting the baskets. Give the finishing touches like adding picture hooks and fasten the baskets. Start with your storage.

Details :remodelaholic

9. Affordable Dollar Tree Succulent Pots

Affordable Dollar Tree Succulent Pots

Coming with a benefit of being low maintenance, succulents bring a fresh vibe to any interior arrangement. You can put together your very own succulent plant pots that only requires terra cotta pots, succulents, decorative stones, lace, paint and other tools. Start by painting the pot, fill it with the stones and simply put the succulents inside.