These Stunning Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decorations are True Gorgeousness!

What’s the thing that makes Dollar Tree stand out? Perhaps, it’s the fact that you can get just about anything and everything out there, that too in a surprisingly expense. Spruce up your whole space with decor elements brought from the store, getting inspired from the below Dollar Tree farmhouse decorations.

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10. Plug-in Sconces From Pendant Lights

Plug-in Sconces From Pendant Lights

With little work, bring a vintage touch to your room decor by working up this piece of beauty. The old and regular pendant lights can be transformed to something this pretty with two wire baskets, wooden boards, the cord and the tools. This idea will surely make a statement in your arrangement and a hot topic among your friends and family.

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11. Thrifted Pedestals Makeover

Thrifted Pedestals Makeover

There is always a need to create different heights between items when decorating a table or mantle arrangement. These pedestals facilitate just that. You just need to grab the decorative pedestals and start by painting them in black and a coat of light brown chalk paint. Finish with a final coat of white and place a thick wooden block to top as the base. Put the pedestals to display and adorn your decor.

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12. Chalk Painted Herb Planters

Chalk Painted Herb Planters

Make your little herb plantation with this simple and yet pretty idea that only needs you to grab some terra cotta pots and paint them in white chalk paint. Move ahead by using the stamping method to write the names of each herb that the pot will house. Finish the work by putting th herbs into the desginated pots. The faint stamping and the distressed look brings a gorgeous farmhouse look.

Details : rusticandwoven

13. Wall Sconce Makeover With Mason Jars

Wall Sconce Makeover With Mason Jars

For a minimalist lover, the project here requires you to grab wall sconces and mason jars that will be beautifully repurpsed to hanging floral holders. Start by painting the sconce and adding a layer of chalkpaint for a better rustic look. Also paint the mason jars in white. Move further by attaching the candle stands again and place the vases there. Tie a twine and fill the jars with florals, the little addition brings to the character.

Details : prettycraftyandwanderful

14. DIY Grainsack Stripe Stamp

DIY Grainsack Stripe Stamp

Details :ellacleireinspired

15. Pottery Barn Knock Off DIY Moss Ball

Pottery Barn Knock Off DIY Moss Ball

Who doesn’t love a little green touch to the decor which is even easier to make. All you need is styrofoam balls, moss, twine, and the other tools. Put glue in the container where the ball will be covered in moss. Move the ball in the container so that enough moss is sticked to it. To bring definition to the moss balls, you can make a variety of them with twine and burlap cloth.

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16. DIY Farmhouse Rope Tray

DIY Farmhouse Rope Tray

A tray worked up with rope, not only sounds interesting but is equally rustic and easy to make. You will need a burner cover, some rope, and other tools. Start by putting glue to the edges of the tray and stick the rope to the edge. Move ahead by sticking the rope to the surface as the shape and finish the piece by attaching the handles to the tray.

Details : youtube

17. Dollar Store Door Decoration

Dollar Store Door Decoration

A door is the first thing that creates an impression on any visitor, so bring some life to the simple door with a little decor that is extremely easy to put together. You need to start by painting the faux galvanized bucket with white paint that makes it stand out. Load it with beautiful florals and also top it with a huge burlap ribbon that brings character.

Details : mylittlehouse

18. Dollar Store Cotton Wreath

Dollar Store Cotton Wreath

Start with a little repurposing and grab the old window frames that flaunt a beautiful weathered look. The windows make a stunning backdrop and also make a show stopping statement. Pair it with a simple grapevine wreath adorned with cotton balls and a burlap ribbon. The complete piece looks absolutely rustic and brings out the farmhouse look.

Details :thecrazycraftlady

19. Farmhouse Love Sign

Farmhouse Love Sign

Even the simplest of things can be turned to a piece with utmost beauty just like this one here that features the transformation of a love sign to a perfect farmhouse sign. Start by spray painting the sign with the rustoleum grey hammered paint that gives it a look of galvanized metal. Complete the piece by adding moss to one of the letters to give a unique touch.

Details : hometalk

Whether you want to work up a glorious mason jar decoration or steal the show with bright wall signs that spread so much more positivity around the house, or simply want to work up some planters, these Dollar Tree farmhouse decorations are unfailingly awesome!