18 Ideas to Work Up Fabulous Easter Centerpieces For a Great Get-Together!

A great and memorable Easter dinner with the friends and family surely calls for a table decor that signifies the occasion. And what can do that better than a nice springy centerpiece? Not only does it make the whole table setting so much more beautiful, but also adds to the spirit of the day. Here are some ideas to work up fabulous Easter centerpieces.

best easter centerpieces for a great get together

1. How to Create A Spring Bulb Centerpiece

How to Create A Spring Bulb Centerpiece

Throw in pretty spring bulbs in gold urns with different heights and shapes, along with those varied textures. And voila! – bright yellow daffodils, purple hyacinth and white tulips that you can get from any nearby nursery end up in a fresh centerpiece for a great Easter. Make them look more natural by gently breaking them apart and spreading out.

DIY Details : anappealingplan

2. DIY Peeps Centerpiece

DIY Peeps Centerpiece

These vibrant tulips will instant transport anyone to the magic of spring. But, when you put them in a vase and load lots of yummy peeps inside the same makes everything all the way more amazing. A glass vase works wonders for putting the centerpiece together, bringing out the best of the lovely floral hues and yumminess of the traditional Easter treats.

DIY Details : bellalimento

3. DIY Robin Blue Painted Easter Eggs

DIY Robin Blue Painted Easter Eggs

If subtle and minimalistic is your all-time favorite decor, then these painted Easter eggs are all you need. They look splendid with those pastel shades of blue, while some go for a nice coat of yellow. Loads of metallic brown speckles randomly made over the surface of the wooden eggs with the help of a toothbrush add the perfect touch of glamour to the arrangement. A DIY nest rests underneath the eggs!

DIY Details : blog.birdsparty

4. DIY Eggshell Flower Centerpiece

DIY Eggshell Flower Centerpiece

We just can’t take our eyes off of this flower centerpiece that replaces a traditional vase with real eggshells. You get a perfect table centerpiece for the Easter celebrations with those delicate flower buds oozing out of the shells. Going for a mixed bouquet of flowers will make the assembly look much more vivid, finally placing the vase shells on a nice egg carton or a ceramic egg tray.

DIY Details : littleinspiration

5. DIY Make Your Own Golden Easter Eggs

DIY Make Your Own Golden Easter Eggs

Nothing can define luxury the way a splash of golden does! And that’s exactly what these golden Easter eggs do that are totally a do-it-yourself affair. The idea is to grab some eggs and spray them in gold after making a hole at the top and emptying them out. Use the painted eggs as mini vases, preferably going for some beautiful Lilly of the Valleys. For the base, you can use a wooden tray, a small stand or an egg holder.

DIY Details : 79ideas

6. Easter Flower Basket Centerpiece

Easter Flower Basket Centerpiece

This masterpiece doesn’t just serve the purpose of a good festive centerpiece, instead works up as a complete tablescape for the Easter gathering. Impress the guests with a large flat bottom basket that doubles up as a tiny flower garden having little bunnies around, and a burlap table runner. The basket goes for harmony mini iris, daffodils, violas and prim roses.

DIY Details : hoosierhomemade

7. Recycled Easter Decorations Tiered Basket

Recycled Easter Decorations Tiered Basket

Looking quite like  huge treat, this Easter decoration piece is worked up with yogurt cups arranged in a three tier structure. Each level of the centerpiece is adorned with pastel hued eggs and gorgeous doilies. An element of rustic comes to life with twine wrapped around the yogurt cups. You also need Matte Mod Podge, rub-on transfers, foam brush, scrapbook paper, book pages, buttons, empty thread spools, scissors, glue, and a popsicle stick.

DIY Details : modpodgerocksblog

8. Flower Show Centerpiece: Styling An Easter Table

Flower Show Centerpiece: Styling An Easter Table

The milk glass containers filled with lots of foam that form the stands for this centerpiece are no less than love! And for the actual decor, the author here goes for a lovely arrangement of decorated eggs and pretty spring flowers. Specifically, this one has got soft pinks and lovely colors of peach stock, white hyacinth, coral sweetpea and baby pink tulips. Aqua blue plates create the perfect Easter tablescape for the celebration.

DIY Details : yourcozyhome.blogspot