18 Ideas to Work Up Fabulous Easter Centerpieces For a Great Get-Together!

A great and memorable Easter dinner with the friends and family surely calls for a table decor that signifies the occasion. And what can do that better than a nice springy centerpiece? Not only does it make the whole table setting so much more beautiful, but also adds to the spirit of the day. Here are some ideas to work up fabulous Easter centerpieces.

9. Easter Basket Centerpiece DIY

Easter Basket Centerpiece DIY

Vibrant shades of pink and green, lots and lots of bright white eggs, and a basket to hold it all in a centerpiece – this DIY inspiration has got all the ingredients for an awesome Easter decor. To assemble the centerpiece together, you are going to need some sweet peas, boiled white eggs, geranium leaves, a wire basket,  and a clear vase to place inside the basket. This one’s not only easy, but also totally mess-free to work up.

DIY Details : tulipina

10. Easy Easter Centerpiece in a Cylinder Vase

Easy Easter Centerpiece in a Cylinder Vase

Everything here begins with a tall cylinder vase and a glorious mid-century dessert bowl with a blue glaze on the inside, further advancing towards the florals.  The cylinder is wrapped with foliage, further taping mixed clusters of the blossoms on the sides of the cylinder. Some blue chocolate robin eggs are placed in a small bowl that tops the cylinder and is placed amidst the florals. At the bottom, there’s another bowl filled with water.

DIY Details : brooklynlimestone

11. Soft and Lovely Easter Tablescape

Soft and Lovely Easter Tablescape

Who would have thought that a large wooden block that’s actually a specially handcrafted sugar mold can work as the foundation of a wonderful tablescape. Placed above a lacey table runner, the mold holds colored and speckled Easter eggs in each of the holes. Before placing the eggs, you put some Spanish moss in the molds, further accompanying the arrangement with cute bunnies from the Target.

DIY Details : awonderfulthought

12. Easter Floral Arrangement

Easter Floral Arrangement

Here’s a beautiful floral arrangement for Easter that screams the concept of vintage all around.  The idea is to select some natural speckled foam eggs, further adding some Baby’s Breath for a classic touch. Everything is placed inside a gorgeous rusty orange colored basket, bringing the best out of each of the elements. Install a tall glass vase in the middle of the basket to place the baby’s breath.

DIY Details : purelykatie

13. Glass Dish Easter Centerpiece

Glass Dish Easter Centerpiece

Grabbing everyone’s attention with the pleasing colors and the touch of glass, the centerpiece can be assembled in just a matter of 5 minutes. A large glass dish with a stand is used to work up the project. All you need to do is place lots of colored eggs in beautiful blue, light green and light grey, combining some pretty spring flowers in similar hues with the placement. Put the flowers at random spots between the eggs throughout the piece.

DIY Details : web.archive

14. A DIY Easter Egg Centerpiece : 3 Ways

 DIY Easter Egg Centerpiece : 3 Ways

No more than 5 easily available supplies, including raffi, basket grass filling, faux eggs, ribbon, a scrap of fabric is all you need to begin with this DIY centerpiece. Apart from them, all you need is something like a wire basket or a cake stand or a hurricane vase, each of which helps you make a unique version of the same centerpiece. The base nest here is worked up with lots of raffia, finally placing eggs above the same.

DIY Details : blog.williams-sonoma

15. Easter Basket Crafts : Dough Wicker Easter Basket

Easter Basket Crafts : Dough Wicker Easter Basket

The most special thing about this Easter decoration is that glorious basket. It’s not just another regular store-bought one, but a totally handcrafted masterpiece worked up with homemade dough. The dough is cut into individual stripes that are weaved together in a fashion that yields the shape of a basket. When baked, the basket with a nice handle looks absolutely stunning, finally filled with speckled eggs.

DIY Details : homedecoratingideasphotos.blogspot

16. DIY Easter Egg Party Table Centerpiece Tutorial

DIY Easter Egg Party Table Centerpiece Tutorial

Are these Easter eggs or gorgeous flower buds that seem to have assembled in a vase? Actually, these are colored paper napkins cut into squares and wrapped around chocolate eggs. When the pointy ends of the napkins are cut and they are attached to skewers, they look exactly like little buds. Floral tape and a faux leaf is attached to the stem and voila!

DIY Details : blog.birdsparty

17. A Natural Easter Centerpiece

A Natural Easter Centerpiece

How about a fabulous Easter centerpiece that serves two purposes at the same time? Apart from decorating the table, this one also lights up the space, finished up with some delicate tiny flowers for extra prettiness. It’s all about placing egg shaped candles on a plate, preferably ones that have got pleasing pastel hues to set up the mood. The rest of the items and flowers are perhaps, already available around the house.

DIY Details : thespruce

18. Glitter Egg and Flowery Centerpiece

Glitter Egg and Flowery Centerpiece

Transform some hard-boiled eggs into a thing of splendour by coating them with lots and lots of glitter using some craft glue. Couple the eggs up with gorgeous flowers, placing everything in a large bowl to totally steal the show. All you are going to need is a few hard-boiled eggs, a glass or white bowl, some egg dye, glue and of course, glitter. It would be best to chill the arrangement in the fridge before actually placing it on the table.

DIY Details : sheknows

While being so effortless to work up and totally mess-free when it comes to the steps of assembly, the above Easter centerpieces are no less than a thing of complete amazement to look at!! Plus, even if you are a last minute procrastinator, they aren’t going to fail you ever.