19 Easter Mantel Decor Ideas That Will Make Things Festive-Perfect!

Easter decor mostly seems about coating faux eggs with paint, but it actually has got so much more to it. Combine those eggs with touches of creativity, lots of greens, flowers and of course, some Easter bunnies, ending up in some amazing mantel decorations. To help you get inspired, below are 19 Easter mantel decor ideas that make things festive-perfect.

11. Easter Wreath and Carrot Garland

Easter Wreath and Carrot Garland

The bright tones work up any decor to the next level just like this one here that is loaded with lots of vibrant colors bringing life to the mantel area. The pom pom flowers, easter egg wreath, the felt carrot garland, the feather boa, etc. bring out the best in the space.

Details : positivelysplendid

12. Egg Garland and Large Bunnies

Egg Garland and Large Bunnies

Going for a light decor, this mantel decor inspiration here flaunts a lot of beauty with the colorful easter eggs put together in the form of a garland and also the couple of jars filled with them. The large bunny with vintage glass jars adds a much cuter vibe.

Details : kellyelko

13. Minimalist Easter Mantel

Minimalist Easter Mantel

Minimalism is put to use yet again in this amazingly cute mantel decor that features some colorful easter eggs, florals and little vases placed on the vintage looking candle stands. The bottom is adorned by a super pretty garland that completes the look.

Details : realcoake

14. Glitter Garland Canvas

Glitter Garland Canvas

Giving life to the mantel space by being on a simple side, this decor features the beauty of minimalism. Forming the backdrop with a canvas wrapped in a printed paper adorned by a glittery garland, it provides an elegant background to the little pieces.

Details : diyshowoff

15. Boxwood Wreath and Rustic Hues

Boxwood Wreath and Rustic Hues

For a rustic lover, this inspiration is the right choice as it blends the rustic decor with the easter festive vibe. The combination of white and brown adorning the mantel space also adds to the charm while the bright boxwood wreath brings the pop of color in the setting.

Details : blog.girlswpearls

16. Candy Colors are Easter-Perfect

Candy Colors are Easter-Perfect

This mantel decor is adorned with beautiful candy colors that perfectly brings life to the space and makes it super vibrant. The main focal point here are the gorgeous bunches of colorful ribbon that give a planter vibe. The egg shaped bunting adds a lot to the decor and looks super pretty.

Details : pinkieforpink

17. Vintage Mantel Decor

Vintage Mantel Decor

This mantel decor is all about the vintage vibe as the use of an old window paired with two absolutely rustic looking window doors gives it the amazing look. The little bunny garland hung over the mantel brings the easter theme to the setting.

Details : houseofhargrove

18. Festive Message on Chalkboard

Festive Message on Chalkboard

Old window frames are perfect when it comes to making a gorgeous backdrop for the decor just like in this inspiration, the frame forms the background for the chalkboard and it can be adorned with a new message everyday. The florals, greeneries and the little bunny complete the setting.

Details : housebyhoff

19. Cute Bunting and Easter Eggs

Cute Bunting and Easter Eggs

Going for a lighter decor, the mantel here comes with a cute bunting with bunny cut outs, christmas tree with easter eggs, wood blocks and also the old window frame worked up as the backdrop.

Details : ishouldbemoppingthefloor


DIY festive signs, luscious wreaths and everything that signifies this charming occasion, the above Easter mantel decor ideas are not just easy to make but also picturesque to look at. It’s time to let that little bunny hop!