24 Fabulous Rustic Christmas Decor Inspirations That Will Make You Say Wow!

Christmas decorations are often linked to assemblies or DIY projects that come loaded with hues of red, green, white or bright goldens. But, incorporating a theme of rustic can make it all look all the way more awesome with the wooden touches, natural texture fabrics and pleasing shades. And these rustic Christmas decor inspirations do just that!

Fabulous Rustic Christmas Decor Inspirations

1. Music Sheet Christmas Trees

Music Sheet Christmas Trees

What displays the perfect rustic appeal better than a bit of wood, that transforms the entire piece to an all new appeal just like these super cute Christmas trees that are extremely easy to make. All you have to do is grab a wooden slice and thin wooden sticks that make the base for the tree. Go for some repurposing and bring those old music sheets to life that are really vintage and work perfect for the rustic piece. Allowing the wooden stick to go through each fold of the paper brings out the right pine tree look and top it with a shining star.

Details : meetourlife

2. Rustic Festive Light Box

Rustic Festive Light Box

In this winter and festive season, cozy up to a lot of lights. Grab an old toolbox that is beautifully weathered and turn to a gorgeously rustic piece of decor that also fulfills the purpose of creating a pretty tiny light box. With some jars, candle bowls and some ornaments paired with lots of greens that fill the box completely and turn it to something so rustic and vintage. The distressed texture of the toolbox makes it even more stunning while the little white accents to the pieces give a frosted look. To have a better understanding, have a look at the link below to make your very own rustic light box.

Details : vibekedesign.blogspot

3. DIY Snow Globe Jars

DIY Snow Globe Jars

Who knew that the simple jars that are stacked up in the home can be transformed to a piece of splendour, perfect for the mantle or tabletop decor. These jars look so vintage in their look and give rise to a lot of possibilities. This link here features turning them to snow globes that are right for the Christmas and the winter season. All you have to do is grab these jars and fill them with lots and lots of cotton that will work as snow. Move forward by putting some tiny faux pine trees with a little frost on the edges that look like snow has fallen. Complete the look by putting a little piece like a car in this one. You can put anything of your choice.

Details : lizmarieblog

4. Cedar, Pine Cone, and Rustic Bell Swag

Cedar, Pine Cone, and Rustic Bell Swag

Start with your repurposing skills and grab that old window frame lying around in the basement and turn it to a piece of beauty that will also suit the festive season. Adorn the weathered window with a huge burlap bow that perfectly compliments the rustic idea for the piece. The main element of splendour is brought by the amazingly large bells and when it comes paired with lots of greeneries and super cute berries that add the pop of color to the rustic look of the piece. You can also put this at your front door making it the right welcome for your guests and it will surely be the talk among the visitors.

Details : hometalk

5. Rustic Christmas Tree

Rustic Christmas Tree

When it comes to the right decor, you always have to think of something unique that can be the focal point of your entire arrangement just like this gorgeously rustic Christmas tree that is made out of weathered pallets of barn wood. This wooden tree will definitely steal the show with the amazing touch it brings to the setting because of the distressed texture. You can always introduce some paints to the piece or simply adorn the natural appeal and also pair it with a few ornaments that enhance the look to an another level and makes it perfect for the Christmas decor.

Details : hertoolbelt

6.  Wooden Sign and Ornaments Mantel Decor

Wooden Sign and Ornaments Mantel Decor

Mantles are one of the major sections of the house and the decor there has to be perfect for any occasion as it forms the point of attention in the interior. This Christmas ready arrangement here beautifully flaunts the rustic appeal making the use of some amazing tones like brown, golden and some greens. Forming the stunning backdrop, the wooden sign features wishes and the message of the festival while the garland loaded with ornaments and the candle stands compliment the board. The look is completed with the super pretty stockings that hold the initial for each family member making them ready to be filled with gifts.

Details : thelilypadcottage

7. Rustic Candle Centerpiece

Rustic Candle Centerpiece

Any decor looks empty if it is not completed with lots of gorgeous candles spreading the stunning golden ambient light that adds beauty to the entire arrangement. All you have to do is grab wooden logs as per your choice and clean them perfectly so that they can house the little tea light candles. What makes this idea amazing, is the fabulous natural texture that is brought by the thick logs and turns the simplest of candles to something super stunning and unique. This link below, features the idea for making a rustic centerpiece that comes paired with some berries and little branches of the pine trees add charms to the piece.

Details : martysmusings

8. Deer Head String Art

Deer Head String Art

Strings arts are super easy to put together and give a look of something unique and extremely pretty. An amazing option to bring backdrop or focal point in a mantle decor or table arrangement, this string art flaunts the major element of Christmas that is the reindeer. All you have to do is grab a stencil of the shape and attach pins to the boundary. Start entangling the string in your desired pattern and your gorgeous reindeer board will be ready. The wooden board here highly compliments the rustic appeal while the bunting brings cuteness to the piece. String arts can also be gifted to your closed ones as it comes with the right personal touch.

Details : cleanandscentsible

9. Gloves As Decoration

Gloves As Decoration

Hanging stockings on the mantel to let Santa load them with Christmas treats is surely nothing new to the festive season. How about replacing the stockings with a few aged-looking gloves this time? Three or more different varieties of woolen gloves hang down a cabinet or the mantel, and are loaded with fresh green pine bunches and a wooden embellishment. The gloves are joined together with a piece of string or thread and hung along the edge of the structure. You can finish up the decor with some ceramic vases, old cans and glass jars. To learn more about the inspiration, head to the below link and get set to work up your very own versions of the same.

Details : huisjekijken

10. Rustic Christmas Dining Room

Rustic Christmas Dining Room

Christmas dinner is all about sharing and spreading some love to your family and friends, so the dining room should be perfectly festive ready to cherish all the laughters, gifts and talks. This rustic arrangement here comes loaded with vintage pieces that work just right for the theme. The dining table here is adorned with bunches of pine branches, candles and the magnificent log becomes the show stealing centerpiece charmed with bright red berries. The beautiful silver candle stands bring a vintage appeal to the table setting. Also the little elements added to the entrance like the wreath and the tiny Christmas tree complete the look.

Details :  lizmarieblog

11. Rustic Twig Christmas Ornaments

Rustic Twig Christmas Ornaments

Who knew that some twigs can also replace the store bought ornaments and enhance the beauty of the tree. All you have to do is gather varied twigs that can be put together to form a certain shape or pattern. Think of the desired patterns for your Christmas tree and start by gluing them in the shape. Cover each joint with twine to complete the look. You can also paint or add glitter to them or simply cherish the natural look of the twigs. Even after Christmas, these ornaments can be put to doors or shelves. A little enhancement can be made by topping the pieces with some tiny embellishments like faux berries, buttons and also pine branches.

Details : simpleasthatblog