24 Fabulous Rustic Christmas Decor Inspirations That Will Make You Say Wow!

Christmas decorations are often linked to assemblies or DIY projects that come loaded with hues of red, green, white or bright goldens. But, incorporating a theme of rustic can make it all look all the way more awesome with the wooden touches, natural texture fabrics and pleasing shades. And these rustic Christmas decor inspirations do just that!

12. Merry Christmas Wreath

Merry Christmas Wreath

Wreaths are the perfect welcome for the front door and what can be better than a lush wreath that spreads the amazing festive appeal to everyone. This link here features a stunning wreath that is loaded with pine branches, jingle bells and faux berries. The wreath is topped with an equally pretty sign board that compliments the Christmas vibe and also completes the wreath. Even the sign is adorned with bells and ribbons that make the entire piece just right for the decor. The wreath is for sure a colorful delight to look at as it comes filled with bright tones.

Details : coachdecor

13. Burlap And Twine Tabletop Christmas Trees

Burlap And Twine Tabletop Christmas Trees

Who does not love a number of Christmas trees that can be made easily with different patterns and bring out the best in any arrangement. Just like this couple of trees here that are extremely easy to make and work perfect when put together in the setting. Start by making cones with cardboard sheets that will form the base for the tree. Move ahead by placing the burlap cloth or twine to the surface, also spread some glitter over the tree. Top the trees with some embellishments and ornaments like bells in the idea below. Fabulous for the tabletop or mantle decor, these trees are so easy to make that you ca make lots of them without much work.

Details : uncommondesignsonline

14. DIY Rustic Pom Ornaments

DIY Rustic Pom Ornaments

A Christmas tree is empty without bundles and bundles of ornaments and nothing can be better than making your very own ornaments with little work that also bring a personal touch to your decor. These gloriously rustic ornaments are worked up using a linen shower curtain, and the other supplies include a ball ornament, some hot glue, fabric, scissors, and some twine or ribbon. The idea is to cut square-shaped pieces out of the fabric, and glue them all over a round ornament until you get the desired structure that looks like a whole bundle of individual flower petals adhered to the ball. A final loop is attached to the ornament to make it all set for hanging on the tree.

DIY Details : myloveofstyle

15. Rustic Advent Calendar

Rustic Advent Calendar

There couldn’t be a calendar better than this for Christmas, because this one clubs a homemade tree craft with the concept of a calendar. The end results – a beautifully festive piece of decor that can add life to any room or even the front porch of the house. A white Christmas tree is painted onto a rectangular chalkboard that embraces its old weathered look with perfection. Small wood slices double up as the calendar digits as well as the ornaments for the bright white yet rustic tree. All it takes is to write the numbers on the slices with a fine Sharpie and attach them to the tree using tiny nails.

DIY Details : honeybearlane

16. Joy Holiday Sign Christmas Wall Art

Joy Holiday Sign Christmas Wall Art

How splendid can a piece of wood look when its turned into a pretty Joy holiday sign with just a few steps and the most basic of supplies. The alphabet ‘O’ in the word is replaced by a luscious bright green wreath and it goes just right with the wooden texture of the backdrop. The sign here is placed on a lovely floating white shelf, and the letters are painted in a fine white hue against the wooden board. You are going to need a large stapler, some wood glue, some screws, a hammer, some leftover strips of plywood, a grey wash paint or a grey stain, and of course, a decorated wreath that comes adorned with faux berries or your choice of embellishments.

DIY Details : ana-white

17. Wall Mounted Advent Calendar

Wall Mounted Advent Calendar

We absolutely love this 4 feet tall wall mounted advent calendar that comes charmed up with 24 advent muslin bags. The bags hang from wooden pallets that are arranged to look like a rustic Christmas tree, finished up with a large star-shaped topper. The handful of other supplies the project calls for include a stencil, some red and green paint, a foam brush, some wax paper, a wood cut list specified in the tutorial by The DIY Dreamer, some nails, some antique nails, a strong wood glue, a hammer, a star, some felt pads, wine corks, a hanging kit, and a Christmas ornament.

DIY Details : thediydreamer

18. Rustic Log Centerpiece

Rustic Log Centerpiece

We all have come across hundreds of tea light candle decor projects, but here’s a one-of-a-kind centerpiece that totally stands out from the rest. Plus, it gracefully combines the glow of pretty candles with a large rustic wooden log to end up in an extraordinary centerpiece. If you have got some votive candle holders and some tea lights, it’s time to give them a cool makeover. The log has got large openings cut out in it to fit the votive holders perfectly, further placing it on the dining table. Adorn the log with bunches of faux berries and bright green leafy decor to complete the arrangement, and voila!

DIY Details : yesterfood.blogspot

19. Believe Rustic Christmas Art

Believe Rustic Christmas Art

All about less is more, this Christmas art brings a rustic woodland theme to your space – well packed in a weathered picture frame! Actually, it’s worked up with an unfinished wood shadow box, with the help of some white wood stain, some chestnut wood stain, red paint, a large rustic jingle bell, a jute rope, a decorative ribbon and small pinecones, a staple gun, and a hammer. Once the box is painted in white and appropriate touches are added to make it look aged, further embellishing the jingle bell with tiny pinecones and berries. The word ‘believe’ is beautifully worked up on the insides of the box and the aged look is all credits to the chestnut stain and a dose of creativity.

DIY Details : thirtyhandmadedays

20. Vintage Christmas Lights Turned into Ornaments

Vintage Christmas Lights Turned into Ornaments

We all have those bunches of festive lights that just don’t seem to work anymore. But, those lights can be as magical as ever and turned into wonderful ornaments for the Christmas tree by glueing a loop of twine to the top of each of the lights. Coat the lights with a generous amount of white glue and smother them with glitter in your favorite hues. Some bulb-shaped sparkling pretties will be ready in an instant to charm up the Xmas decorations, hanging from the branches with the help of the twine loops.

DIY Details : hometalk

21. Twine Ball Ornaments

Twine Ball Ornaments

Hollow from within, stunning twine ball ornaments will add a farmhouse touch to that Christmas tree without much effort, keeping it all simple and rustic at the same time. The list of supplies for the project includes lots of glue, cornstarch, some water, a bowl and whisk, some balloons, plastic wrap, some jute twine, tape, a paintbrush, and ornament hangers. Once you have coated the balloon with glue and wrapped twine around the same in a random fashion, you allow it to dry. Finally, you burst the balloon and have got the marvellous ornament in hand.

DIY Details : lovegrowswild

22. DIY Rustic Jingle Bells

DIY Rustic Jingle Bells

One simply cannot believe that oh so glossy and shiny jingle bells freshly brought from the store can be turned into pieces of farmhouse earthiness for a rustic Christmas this season! All you have to do is grab some super affordable bunches of jingle bells from Michael’s or the Dollar Store and subject them to the action of a bernzomatic torch. The idea is to heat the surface of the bells to achieve the roughened up aged look to each of them, further stringing them to a wire hanger-like shape and dipping them all in a container filled with cold water. A little vinegar sprayed onto the surface works its own magic to get the final appearance.

DIY Details : lilblueboo

23. Christmas Ornaments from Broken Furniture

Christmas Ornaments from Broken Furniture

Just a mere look at these incredible ornaments is enough to fall head over heels in love with them – and that’s not only because of their antique shapes and wooden textures, but also the chippy paint job and the rustic surfaces that they flaunt. Plus, they look awesome when hanging on the tree, specially when you are aware that they are actually interestingly-shaped pieces of old broken furniture that can be easily gathered from around the house or a thrift store. Some paint and a damp cloth help to intensify the texture.

DIY Details : debisdesigndiary

24. Rustic Burlap Christmas Wreath

Rustic Burlap Christmas Wreath

The kind of glory that this Christmas wreath flaunts makes it hard to figure out that it has got a pool needle as its basic foundation, spruced up with lots of burlap ribbon. It calls for wrapping the ribbon around the pool needle, further decorating it at the bottom with a variety of embellishments. You will also need a small piece of hose, some duct tape, some light beige burlap ribbon, some natural burlap ribbon, some twine, a burlap bow, rustic burlap flower spray decor, a pinecone spray decor, some plaid ribbon and a few added decorations.

DIY Details : thecraftingnook

We are surely not making an overstatement by saying that these rustic Christmas decor ideas will make everyone go wow in an instant. And another most amazing thing about them is that they can gel up with a lavishly colorful space as well as the minimalist versions of festive decor equally well.