18 Enchanting Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas You’ll Want to Implement Now!

Farmhouse-theme decorations can add a rustic touch to just about any space, making them look oh so endearing to be in and look at. But, when that vibe gets a blend of Christmas – things reach new levels of beauty altogether. Make your home look enchanting with the below farmhouse Christmas decor ideas.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas

1. Rustic Christmas Stockings

Rustic Christmas Stockings

Providing lots of room for Santa to stuff goodies, these stockings are the perfect finishing touch for the Christmas decor. Flaunting the vintage style, traditional tones and the cute jingle bells complete the look. The use of burlap adds to the rustic look.

Details : antiquefarmhouse

2. Rustic JOY Letters

Rustic JOY Letters

These weathered letters come with a bundle of gorgeous charm that will absolutely compliment the entire decor with the rustic look. The size of the letters also makes the look glorious. The letters are perfect for porch, backyard and mantel decors.

Details : thegraydoormarket

3. Mantel Christmas Decor

Mantel Christmas Decor

The subtle and elegant vibe of this decor marks the beauty of Christmas with the super pretty monochrome theme. The coordinating stockings compliment the look while the chalkboard makes the backdrop for the mantel and the reindeers complete the look.

Details : pin.it

4. Wooden Chalkboard Tray and Embellishments

Wooden Chalkboard Tray and Embellishments

A simple decor with a little contrasting can result in something full of grace and beauty just like this setting here. A wooden block painted with chalk paint turned in a tray topped with pinecones, vases and embellishments. The wall is adorned with a pretty chalkboard print.

Details : beneathmyheart

5. Loaded Christmas Tree

Loaded Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree is the most precious part about the festival and the entire decor is complete once the tree is placed. A tree loaded with the versatile embellishments will surely be the gorgeous focal point in your home.

Details : apopofpretty

6. Galvanized Vase with Pinecones

Galvanized Vase with Pinecones

What else can display the right rustic appeal better than a galvanized metal can that looks absolutely gorgeous. The look is completed with the pinecones and greeneries that add to the rustic vibe even more.

Details : farmhouse5540.blogspot