15 Farmhouse Style Cotton Decor Ideas That Can Jazz Up Your Space Round The Year!

The fluffiness and the unbelievably soft touch of cotton balls makes them an elegant home decor material with a rustic touch that comes to life with their sleek earthy-looking stems. Right from luscious wreaths to table centerpieces that can rock round the year, here are 15 farmhouse style cotton decor ideas for your home.

Farmhouse Style Cotton Decor Ideas

1. Rustic Cotton Ball Stems Frame

Rustic Cotton Ball Stems Frame

Instead of a canvas, an open frame housing soft cotton ball stems as pretty as this one can rock the mantel without a doubt. The frame is  barn wood piece, having the stems attached to it and hanging inside the frame at an angle. The final touches are brought by a striped ribbon in black and ivory, worked up to form a cute bow.  The weathered and raw texture of the wood of the frame looks spectacular with a few elements of greenery.

DIY Details : etsy

2. Milk Can Cotton Ball Vase

Milk Can Cotton Ball Vase

Rusticness comes at its best with a rusty, old milk can doubling up as a glorious farmhouse-inspired vase. Place it around the fireplace, throwing in long cotton ball stems into the container to end up in a more than awesome display for the fluffy beauties. Although, this Pin goes for a distressed look for the can, coating it with some paint and sanding down the surface for a rough touch would look just as great.

DIY Details : pin

3. Rustic Farmhouse Cotton Centerpiece Arrangement

Rustic Farmhouse Cotton Centerpiece Arrangement

Perfect for a heartwarming wedding centerpiece, this arrangement can add a dash of earthy goodness to a wedding decor, or any special occasion celebration where you want to keep things cottage-themed. It features a distressed wood crate in pastel blue with jute rope handles, housing glass bottles that further hold faux cotton ball stems. Wrap the necks of the bottles with some twine to accomplish beautiful end results. Thanks to its simplicity, you can use it to add a coastal beach decor to any room too besides a special event.

DIY Details : throwntogether

4. Pallet Cotton Ball Wall Decor

Pallet Cotton Ball Wall Decor

The speciality of this wall decor is its pallet wood backdrop that flaunts a combination of various shades of grey and cream done in a weathered appeal. Hanging on the wall with a jute rope loop attached to the back of the board, this piece of beauty features a bunch of rustic cotton ball stems on the foreground. What holds the bunch together is a ribbon bow in the classic black and white striped pattern. Make sure you adhere the bunch to the pallet board with a strong glue, and voila!

DIY Details : pin

5. Farmhouse Cotton Table Centerpiece

Farmhouse Cotton Table Centerpiece

Allow a luxurious-looking white painted container that resembles a watering can to serve the purpose of a table-top vase. The farmhouse themed piece is made out of ceramics, having its delicate element matched rightly with that jute twine wrapped around itself. Simply load the ceramic jars with lots of cotton ball stems and pastel green leafy stems, and they are all set to brighten up the house.

DIY Details : pinimg

6. Easy Mason Jar Sconce with Cotton Stems

Easy Mason Jar Sconce with Cotton Stems

Just a few earthy tweaks are all it takes to transform those pretty mason jars into a farmhouse decor for the place. The base for the mason jar sconces here are sleek wooden boards with distressed edges. The glass jars are adhered to the board, and turned into wall-mounted vases by filling them with some cotton ball stems and loads of luscious leaves. To bring out the best of the idea, prefer going for a dark wood stain to complement the white of the cotton.

DIY Details : pinterest

7. DIY Cotton Ball Wreath

DIY Cotton Ball Wreath

Most cotton ball wreaths out there come for about 20-30 dollars, but working up a homemade version of the same is a super inexpensive deal. All you are going to need is a grapevine wreath, a few cotton ball stems, a hot glue gun and some glue sticks. The cut cotton ball stems are glued to the wreath in diagonal rows, and a small hand-painted sign is hung right in the middle of the wreath. It’s amazing how this one goes perfect with every season.

DIY Details : senseandserendipityblog

8. Cotton Ball Stem Wreath on Wooden Board

 Cotton Ball Stem Wreath on Wooden Board

Sleek is defined just right with a whole wreath worked up using nothing but cotton ball stems alone. The stems are assembled and tied together to get a perfect circular arrangement, having tangents of the cotton balls protruding out with true grace. To make the wreath display-ready, you adhere it to a wooden slat board flaunting strips of white and grey in a distressed finish, completing the look with ‘home’ written in the middle.

DIY Details : pin

9. Grapevine Wreath with Cotton Ball Sprigs

Grapevine Wreath with Cotton Ball Sprigs

Here is a super simple yet magnificent wreath decor wherein you disassemble larger springs into smaller individual ones, further sticking the smaller sprigs into a Dollar Store wreath and wrapping it around to secure.  While a major section of the grapevine wreath is kept plain, only the bottom-right one third is adorned with the sprigs. You are going to need a grapevine wreath, fall berry sprig, cotton boll sprig, floral wire cutter, and some burlap for hanging.

DIY Details : thecrazycraftlady

10. Burlap Cotton Ball Wreath

Burlap Cotton Ball Wreath

Burlap is perhaps, the go-to element when it comes to working up rustic decorations around the house. Combine loads of burlap with fluffy cotton balls in a fashion that yields a lusciously thick wreath. It’s all about folding lots of pieces of burlap and adhering them to a springform wreath, going for tiny bunches of cotton balls at random spots around the wreath. Place a chic wooden sign on the wreath, spelling a message or ‘Home Sweet Home’ for the final touches.

DIY Details : pin

11. DIY Cotton Stem – Farmhouse Style Decor

DIY Cotton Stem – Farmhouse Style Decor

A cottage-style table centerpiece, this one is one of the most low-maintenance vases you will find on the internet as it ditches florals and goes for cotton ball stems instead. The supplies required to work up the same include large pine cones, hot glue gun and glue sticks, needle nose pliers, cotton balls and some cotton ball twigs. The metal watering can coated in black is a piece of complete prettiness.

DIY Details : reusegrowenjoy

12. Farmhouse Cotton and Lambs Ear Arrangement in Square Wood Planter

Farmhouse Cotton and Lambs Ear Arrangement in Square Wood Planter

Delicate white cotton balls and that white-coated wooden box used to assemble the elements of this centerpiece together go perfectly hand in hand with each other. The natural cotton ball stems are paired with soft green lamb’s ear stems and sprigs of lavender. Top the planter with lots of spanish moss to complete the piece, and the rustic arrangement comes to life in no time. Learn more about the same by heading to the below inspiration on Etsy.

DIY Details : etsy

13. Rustic Sign Cotton Ball Decor

Rustic Sign Cotton Ball Decor

The author calls this rustic sign a constant reminder of the good we all do in our day-to-day life. And the way it’s decorated with utmost simplicity, signifies the message even better. What accompanies the sign is pretty ceramic jars in white with different shapes and sizes, pastel greens, a backdrop of an old window frame with its panes intact, and of course, lots of cotton ball sprigs spread on the foreground.

DIY Details : instagram

14. Modern Farmhouse Cotton Ball Frame

Modern Farmhouse Cotton Ball Frame

One can’t stop swooning over this beautifully subtle wooden frame with its glass housing a bunch of cotton ball stems in the middle. Random picked cotton ball stems and sprigs are arranged in an eye-pleasing fashion on a sheet of burlap, which is further framed inside the wooden frame. While this one goes for white burlap to complement the hue of the frame, you can also go for a brown alternate.

DIY Details : pin

15. Cotton Stem Tobacco Basket

Cotton Stem Tobacco Basket

A tobacco basket flaunts total extraordinaire when it’s employed to house a pretty cotton bouquet. The basket itself is a rustic replica of a tradition tobacco basket, and is adorned with a tiny black and burlap check bow that holds the bouquet in place. What you are going to need to get started with the project is a tobacco basket, glue and wire, some cotton ball stems, burlap ribbon, and a cotton spray. The table, the mantel or the front porch, this one won’t fail a single time.

DIY Details : etsy


The long-lasting nature and the fact that cotton balls are not an overly dramatic item in terms of decorations that you can work up around the house makes these farmhouse style cotton decor ideas versatile, low-maintenance and of course, beautiful !