21 DIY Farmhouse Style Wreath Ideas That Your House Wouldn’t Ever Want To Let Go of!

Lots of leaves, a rich use of stems, rustic fabric elements and subtle arrangements of the different items going into the making mark farmhouse style wreaths with a truly endearing appearance. Add a farmhouse vibe to your house with these farmhouse style wreath ideas that  are nothing other than complete marvel!


DIY Farmhouse Style Wreath Ideas

1. Cycle Wheel to A Gorgeous Wreath

Cycle Wheel to A Gorgeous Wreath

For a rustic lover, here comes the great idea of repurposing an old cycle wheel into an all new decorative wreath to adorn the look of your house. All you need to do is cover the frame of the wheel with bunches of flowers and leaves as per your choice and your farmhouse style wreath will be ready.

Details : pinterest

2. DIY Faux Magnolia Wreath

DIY Faux Magnolia Wreath

Bring the gorgeous Magnolia vibe to your decor by making this super easy DIY wreath which can be put together by just a wreath, some magnolia leaf garlands and a floral tape. Wrap the tape on the wreath and attach the leaves as per your desired look.

Details : jollyandhappy

3. DIY Cotton Branches

DIY Cotton Branches

Nothing can display the farmhouse appeal better than this stunning cotton ball wreath which is completely easy to make. Just grab some cotton balls, tiny twigs and a grapevine wreath. This piece will surely add the much needed element of nature to your decor.

Details : prodigalpieces

4. Farmhouse Style Tire Wreath

Farmhouse Style Tire Wreath

Switch from the regular wreath idea and get a completely rustic looking galvanized tire that will give home to a number of beautiful florals adding a huge amount of gorgeousness to your home. Hang the tire with the help of ropes which makes it even more stunning.

Details : thecraftpatchblog

5. Make A Faux Boxwood Wreath

Make A Faux Boxwood Wreath

If you love boxwood wreaths and don’t have a good amount of time then this beautiful wreath is your thing as it is highly easy to make and pretty for any decor. All you gotta do is grab some faux greeneries of your choice and attach them to a grapevine wreath, for added beauty you can make a burlap ribbon or add some flowers.

Details : thewholecook

6. Vintage Lambs Ear and Garden Rose Wreath

Vintage Lambs Ear and Garden Rose Wreath

This pretty piece made out of faux lamb ears and white garden roses is perfect to make any decor or setting look very special by its serene and simple style. All you need to create this beauty are lots of fuzzy lamb ears and cute white roses which will make you want to smell them.

Details : etsy

7. DIY Boxwood Wreath

DIY Boxwood Wreath

If you are a lover of boxwood wreaths, then this inspiration is a must have for you. Making this stunning wreath just requires a little amount of time and some greenery garlands along with a grapevine wreath. You just need to wrap the garlands around the wreath and you will have a beautiful decor piece.

Details : tableandhearth

8. DIY Cotton Wreath

DIY Cotton Wreath

Cotton wreaths are perfect to create the cozy and farmhouse appeal to any setting. Putting a cotton wreath together comes with a lot of options as you can choose to make a lucious looking wreath or keep it simple and low on the cotton balls to enhance the rustic look.

Details : fivelittlebears

9. DIY Eucalyptus Wreath

DIY Eucalyptus Wreath

Eucalyptus wreaths give way to a number of versatile decor ideas because of their neutral and natural muted green color, they can be paired with any florals or twigs for the evergreen farmhouse look. You just need to attach the eucalyptus leaves to the grapevine wreath and the beautiful wreath is ready!

Details : keystoinspiration

10. Stunning Ribbon Bubble Wreath

Stunning Ribbon Bubble Wreath

Wreaths are the perfect finishing touch to a interior and they enhance the look to an all new level. This piece here features a beautiful and farmhouse looking wire ribbon and a wire wreath form. You can change the ribbon as your will after some time.

Details : diybeautify

11. Rustic Rope and Burlap Farmhouse Wreath

Rustic Rope and Burlap Farmhouse Wreath

Combining all the rustic materials creates a gorgeous wreath that is perfect for any room, porch or backyard. Grab some rope, a white cloth and some burlap cloth that will cover the wreath. Once done, you will have a stunning wreath that will surely be the point of attention in your decor.

Details : hometalk