21 DIY Farmhouse Style Wreath Ideas That Your House Wouldn’t Ever Want To Let Go of!

Lots of leaves, a rich use of stems, rustic fabric elements and subtle arrangements of the different items going into the making mark farmhouse style wreaths with a truly endearing appearance. Add a farmhouse vibe to your house with these farmhouse style wreath ideas that  are nothing other than complete marvel!


12. Rich Leafy Farmhouse Wreath

Rich Leafy Farmhouse Wreath

Combine your wreath with a rustic signboard to make it even more stunning as in this idea here, the farmhouse signboard hung in the middle enhances the country look for the wreath. The green garlands attached to the wreath add charms to the entire vibe which makes it perfect for Christmas time or Autumn.

Details : instagram

13. Farmhouse Style And Southern Charm!

Farmhouse Style And Southern Charm!

Keep it minimal and let the natural look of the wreath do the talking along with the gorgeous florals. All you gotta do is grab a grapevine wreath and the garlands of greenery and the flowers that you wish to display. Cover the half of the wreath with the flowers and leaves and your Magnolia wreath is ready.

Details : thehowtomom

14. DIY Farmhouse Grapevine Wreath

DIY Farmhouse Grapevine Wreath

The natural texture of a grapevine wreath is gorgeous and completely rustic in itself. You can always choose to flaunt the original look of the wreath along with a little decor that enhances its beauty. Just adding a touch of greenery to one side of the wreath beautifies the piece of decor.

Details : athomewiththebarkers

15. Leafy Burlap Ribbon Wreath

Leafy Burlap Ribbon Wreath

This vintage themed wreath sports a great deal of variety. Here it is loaded with greeneries and burlap cloth tied around the bunches of leaves. You can also choose to put different colored florals that beautify it even more. For the foundation of the piece, go for a rustic grapevine wreath yet again.

Details : pinterest

16. Farm Sweet Farm Wreath

Farm Sweet Farm Wreath

Combine the concept of a cotton wreath along with the burlap ribbon themed wreath and create this fusion wreath that features the rustic color scheme of brown and white. This wreath reflects the perfect cozy vibe and is a right piece of decor for autumn and winters.

Details : pinterest

17. Berrylicious and Leafy Farmhouse Wreath

Berrylicious and Leafy Farmhouse Wreath

Load your farmhouse wreath with all things natural like berries, leaves, florals and little pebbles. How pastel green of the leaf dominates the wreath is amazing in itself, the subtle white brought by the flowers added at certain spots makes it even more interesting

Details : pinterest

18. Book Page Magnolia Wreath

Book Page Magnolia Wreath

Start with your creative skills and make this amazingly stunning wreath made out of book pages. The main attraction of this piece here is its unique material which definitely makes it a showstopper. Just cover the wreath with torn book pages and attach the leaves, that are made out of book pages too.

Details : 2beesinapod

19. Luxurious DIY Magnolia Wreath

Luxurious DIY Magnolia Wreath

For a lucious wreath lover, this piece of prettiness here is a must try. The wreath features the versatile magnolia leaves that are equally beautiful even when they dry so this wreath can be used at all times. Just attach the magnolia leaves to a wreath or a wire wreath form which makes it easier to hang the wreath.

Details : unoriginalmom

20. Burlap Cotton Wreath

Burlap Cotton Wreath

This gorgeous wreath here is the perfect example of rustic and farmhouse style. Made out of country style burlap ribbon and artificial cotton balls, the wreath will add charm to any setting. The added beauty by the white flowers and the brown ribbon make the look complete.

Details : etsy

21. The Ultimate DIY Farmhouse Wreath!

The Ultimate DIY Farmhouse Wreath!

What can be better than a completely good texture loaded wreath which is a ultimate rustic beauty. By just using lots of fabric, rope, butcher paper and white poster board, you can bring this piece of prettiness to life which will add a new level of beauty to any interior.

Details : twelveonmain

Faux or real, leafy or floral, delicate fabrics or rustic burlap – each of the aforesaid farmhouse style wreath ideas make a statement of their very own. It’s time to upgame the porch, the mantel and the front door for the season!