29 Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas Perfect for The Young Him as well as Her!

Awaiting a little baby?  Working up a pretty nursery for them is perhaps, the most important thing you are engaged in right now. While pink mostly goes for girls and blue for boys, a space that suits both, a girl child as well as a boy seems to be a rare something. Create a space that’s perfect for him as well as her, taking some inspiration from the below gender neutral nursery ideas.

Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas

1. Grey and White Nursery

Grey and White Nursery

A whimsical decor that centers around no more than 2 colors – white and grey may sound an unusual something for a baby nursery. But this one shows how amazingly beautiful and gender neutral can the end results be! A large lampshade hangs from the ceiling, having grey hue adorn the walls, wherein the accent wall goes for some wallpaper done in grey and white. The changing station has got ample of storage with loads of drawers going into the making, while the baby crib comes with a cute design. Throw a warm, cozy, fluffy rug on the floor and voila!

Idea Details : pin.it

2. Scandinavian Gender Neutral Nursery

Scandinavian Gender Neutral Nursery

Not just gender neutral, but this wonderful baby nursery is also a scandinavian work of decor! And the scandinavity is marked just right with a dark royal blue accent wall resting amidst all whites going for the others. Apart from a huge standing lamp, you have also got a lovely chandelier on the ceiling, accompanied by accessories like wind charms. Speaking of the comfort, the room features two recliners in dark brown to complement the otherwise neutral color scheme of the space.

Idea Details : pin.it

3. Shiplap Gender Neutral Nursery

Shiplap Gender Neutral Nursery

The wall behind the baby crib is adorned with shiplap throughout to bring out a unique texture to the room as well as make sure it doesn’t look dull in terms of the vibe. The wall is further decorated with a bunch of coordinating frames prints that look quite like geometric mandalas. For light, there’s a gorgeous copper chandelier that hangs above an oh so comfy chair. The rest of the magic is performed by some throw pillows, a furry blanket for the chair, and a rustic rug on the floor.

Idea Details : themountainviewcottage (7th photo)

4. The Woodlands Nursery

The Woodlands Nursery

Making use of the neutral and light tones like white, gray, brown, cream, etc. the nursery arrangement here looks absolutely serene. The wall covered with the large wood board adorns a beautiful poem dedicated to the little one accompanied with a stunning wreath that also adds to the beauty. A tiny ladder is worked up for storage as well as to put some cute planters and immediate items. The super fun crib hanger loaded with soft animal toys keeps the child playful all the time while it blends just right with the color tone of the room.

Details : projectnursery

5. The Fall Season Nursery

The Fall Season Nursery

The nursery featured here in this idea is beautifully inspired by the fall season. Right from the vibrant shades in the room to the unique wallpaper flaunting the dried up trees, the setting perfectly reflects the vibe of the pretty season. The wooden shelves make up for the storage and house the kid’s shoes, clothes and some decorative as well that beautify the room even more like the rustic basket, pine cones, etc. The finishing touches in the arrangement are brought by the gorgeous rug that comes with intricate designing and complimenting the room with its stunning brown shade.

Details : pin.it

6. Nursery with Accent Wall

Nursery with Accent Wall

Keeping it light and extremely cute, the pastel color tones work beautifully in this setting as the rustic decor compliments the shades just right making the room bright. The wall behind the crib, is adorned with some little pieces like the family pictures, some message boards and the stunning ‘Hello’ along with the super pretty arrow that will surely interest the baby. Another wall is dedicated for the changing sessions accompanied with some jars, a bear, message pictures, etc. The farmhouse basket houses all the little friends that the kiddo will play with.

Details : girlintheredshoes

7. Calm And Coastal Gender Neutral Nursery

Calm And Coastal Gender Neutral Nursery

The beauty of the right subtle colors, mixed textures, and a slight beach/coastal vibe makes this arrangement a right one for any kid. The amazing shiplap wall acts as the focal point in the setting which makes the vintage metal crib pop out on the grey backdrop. The gorgeous showstoppers here are the unique little fan that is quite like a blooming flower when it comes to the shape and the hanging over the crib worked up from tree branches and little wooden ornaments that keep the little one busy.

Details : tableandhearth

8. Light Tones and DIY Storage

Light Tones and DIY Storage

Being light on the color schemes, the interior makes a good use of the different shades of gray paired with white, blue and yellow. These tones keep the little kiddo calm and happier. The super cozy and comfortable glider coupled with the fluffy aqua blue ottoman works up for the perfect seating while the parent spends time with the kid in the nursery and also makes a statement in the look. For the decor, the DIY shelves used for the toy basket, story books and other cute little items that add to the look even more.

Details : thediyplaybook

9. The Rainbow Nursery

The Rainbow Nursery

Who does not like a great splash of color which takes everything to the next level just like this nursery decor that features the beauty of so many colors and looks amazingly vibrant and pleasing at the same time. The super cute pom pom garland flaunting so many different shades compliments the simple looking wooden crib and adds charms to it. While the stunning ‘You are my sunshine’ message banner, makes an absolute statement with the bright tones and steals the show with its prettiness. Whereas the light tones of the basket, wall and the chair keep the look neutral.

Details : pin.it

10. Soothing Nursery with a Touch of Vintage

Soothing Nursery with a Touch of Vintage

The little elements that add a little vintage appeal to the look are beautifully brought by the wooden crib featuring a antique design, the side table that holds a tiny cute owl along with the industrial lamp working its magic while the cozy chair makes up for the right seating for the parent. For the added decor, the super pretty letters of the baby’s name give it a more personalised touch making it dedicated for the little one. The tiny wooden cycle also adds a vintage touch to the setting.

Details : projectnursery

11. Neons Combine with Neutrals

Neons Combine with Neutrals

A blend of the beautiful neon and neutral tones is put to use in this super pretty setting as the shades of the gray curtains make a perfect combination with the bright accessories laid down in the baby crib. The unique yellow tassel garland also adds to the vibrance of the interior making a mix with the natural texture of the crib. What catches the attention here is the super soft and cozy sheepskin rug in bright white that adds a lot to the look of the room. The tiny elephant shaped stool will also interest the little one.

Details : domino

12. Go For Gray.

Go For Gray.

The monochromatic and soft gray tones work perfect for a gender neutral nursery as it fits both, the boys as well as the girls. Some elements are brought together that create a pop of color and make a cute contrast with gray like the blue and white light shade and red patterned cushions laid down in the crib. The wall with huge polka dots makes for the gorgeous backdrop. The animal pictures adorning the wall look super pretty as they will help the kid play just like the cozy elephant face blanket.

Details : blog.laurelandwolf

13. Design a space that you enjoy.

Design a space that you enjoy.

A baby nursery is not only for the little kiddo as the parents also start to spend a lot of their time there so it should be comfortable for the both of you just like this arrangement here that features a simple approach towards the decor and looks extremely elegant. Firstly the light color tones make the interior so serene and relaxed, the beauty is added by the patterned rug laid down for the room and the playful framed prints that work with the rest of the decor.

Details : blog.laurelandwolf