29 Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas Perfect for The Young Him as well as Her!

Awaiting a little baby?  Working up a pretty nursery for them is perhaps, the most important thing you are engaged in right now. While pink mostly goes for girls and blue for boys, a space that suits both, a girl child as well as a boy seems to be a rare something. Create a space that’s perfect for him as well as her, taking some inspiration from the below gender neutral nursery ideas.

14. Animal Paintings as Wall Accents

Animal Paintings as Wall Accents

Going for a light decor and neutral color tones, makes it suitable for anyone so that they can feel relaxed in there and the kiddo should be able to stay calm and happy. The aqua blue with pastel pink makes the perfect subtle color scheme, popping out the furniture and the decorative items in the room. The tiny animal paintings interest the kid and helps them to play while adding cuteness to the interior. The shelf over the cozy chair houses some toys as well as gives a place to hang the clothes.

Details : cookingforkeeps

15. DIY Design Nursery Makeover

DIY Design Nursery Makeover

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16. Polka Dot Wall and Cozy Rugs

Polka Dot Wall and Cozy Rugs

Keeping the crib area light on decor, this nursery here features a simple wall with tiny polka dots while the back drop for the crib comes with a large sketch of a cute rabbit that will interest the kiddo to play. The pop of color is brought by the bright cushions laid down with different patterns and shades that look so pretty. The vintage looking chandelier showers a beautiful ambient light in the room that surely will not affect the baby’s eyes. The soft rug flaunts a coziness in the arrangement and gives it a serene relaxing vibe.

Details : houseofhara.blogspot

17. For This Child We Prayed

For This Child We Prayed

Adore and show your love for your little baby by beautifying the nursery with this gorgeous sign that says ‘For this Child we Prayed’, this looks amazing and also reflects a lot of emotions while making a contrast with the white shiplap wall. Additions can be made to the idea as per your requirement but the setting here features simplicity and yet looks elegant. The combination of the brown tones gives off a very cozy vibe and feels serene to look at. The bedding also compliments the wrought iron bed and the curtains as well.

Details : startathomedecor

18.  Forest Animal Nursery

Forest Animal Nursery

Keeping the interiors white, each color in the room creates a unique mark in the setting and beautifies the look to an all new level. Just like these soft and lovely prints that are perfect to bring a warm, rustic feel to a child’s room, also bring the little contrast with the all white theme. Placed right above the crib, the little kiddo will be able to see them and these will keep him/her playful. You can also buy these at Etsy or simply make some of your own for your child.

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19. Ceiling Lights and Floor Lamps

Ceiling Lights and Floor Lamps

The amazing deep green tone makes everything contrast beautifully and brings out the best in the setting making it look so vibrant. The white shade of the crib paired with the bright orange color compliments the wall even more. The unique floor lamp makes a gorgeous statement with the star shaped ceiling light. While the cuteness in the room is brought by the little shelf loaded with all the pretty kid stuff like the funky alphabet board, story books, a family picture, etc. some rustic elements make a mark that completes the look.

Details : themodernmere

20. Minimal Decor Nursery with Vintage Crib

Minimal Decor Nursery with Vintage Crib

Making good use of a little space, the inspiration here features an elegant setting that makes the use of neutral color schemes for the interior and each item compliments each other beautifully. Giving the cozy and calm vibe to the look, the chair comes with a pair of cushions with bunny ears while the vintage looking crib makes it absolutely stunning and rustic. The wall behind the changing cabinet is adorned with three super cute paintings and a message picture. Going for a much simple look, everything keeps it minimal and yet pretty.

Details : lynzyandco

21. Outdoor Inspired Nursery

Outdoor Inspired Nursery

The chosen theme for this nursery here is the outside world, more inclined towards the nature and the adventurous things that happen in the world. The color scheme of the interior is dominated by shades of blue along with white and gray. The little vibrance is brought by the tiny elements like the hot air balloons in different colors, paintings, pillow and some toys. Making a good use of the little space, the nursery is beautifully worked up and is suitable for any child as well as the parent as it provides enough room to their comfort as well.

Details : projectnursery

22. Rustic Interior Baby Nursery

 Rustic Interior Baby Nursery

Inclined towards the rustic idea for the interior, the inspiration here features beautiful elements like the rocking chair for the elders coupled with the rocking toy for the kid and the wooden crib that gorgeously flaunts the fine texture. The wall is adorned with the stunningly pretty crochet hanging that enhances the look of the dark toned wall with its white color and intricate pattern. The wall with the window, makes a perfect blend between the deep gray tone and the bright peach color that adds more look to the interior.

Details : sallyengland

23. Under the Palms Nursery

Under the Palms Nursery

Bringing out the vibrance with the bright green wall which makes up for the beautiful backdrop for the baby’s crib and also becomes the focal wall of the entire room. The planter placed on the shelf compliments the green wall with its vibrant greenery while the wooden shelf hung on the wall houses some pretty elements like the cute paintings, the wood blocks and a wire showpiece. The mirror adds a rustic touch to the setting along with the black and white cushions laid down in the crib that contrast with the green shade.

Details : projectnursery

24. A Green Nursery With Modern Black And White Accents

A Green Nursery With Modern Black And White Accents

This super beautiful nursery features a stunning blend of green, white and black that work up perfectly to bring this room to life. Right from the black cushions to the white art pieces, everything flaunts the monochromatic color scheme bringing a completely bold statement to the interior. The three art pieces make up for the ultimate backdrop for the crib and also as the focal point in the setting. The shelves are loaded with story books that make the space super cute.

Details : bloomandbundle

25. A Moroccan Inspired Neutral Nursery

A Moroccan Inspired Neutral Nursery

The nursery features the Morocco desert camp inspired interiors with a light and neutral palette that makes it a soothing room with a touch of a naturalist and gives off an explorer vibe. Even the rug laid down comes with a subtle sheen and a faded pattern with gray and green on it. The shelf on the utilising the concept of ladders looks absolutely stunning while the super cute decorative items placed on it make it more gorgeous. The story telling space houses a super comfy chair with a pretty ottoman and the books, accessories work it up to beauty.

Details : ruffledblog

26. Farmhouse Touch Nursery

Farmhouse Touch Nursery

Yet again the neutral tones work perfect to create a gender neutral nursery as these color schemes are right for either a boy or a girl. The cozy appeal in the room is brought by the deep blue rug laid down on the floor covering most of the space in there, also adding a little vintage touch to it. A farmhouse vibe is brought by the huge basket turned planter that becomes the bright pop of color. The classic lamp and the baskets kept for storage also bring a lot to the look.

Details : thediyplaybook

27. Add Wall Hangings And Planters

Add Wall Hangings And Planters

Working the magic, the deep shade beautifies the setting as it gorgeously flaunts every piece that is displayed in contrast with it. The simply structured crib features a light gray tone while the two pretty blankets in black and pink make its appearance cozy. The owl painting is the focal point here as it looks super cute and also brings a different vibe to the room while the hanging planter on one side and the decorative hanging with tiny wooden stars makes it even cuter. You can design a similar nursery as the link provides all the details.

Details : bybrittanygoldwyn

28. Monochromatic Nursery

Monochromatic Nursery

Choosing the monochromatic color scheme of white and gray for the room, it features a cool and calm appeal accompanied with the varied pop of color brought by green and blue. The pendant light adds much character to the room and a rustic look as well. The little additions for the decor like the elephant head, the pictures of a rabbit and a raccoon, wooden horse and every corner loaded with a soft toy make it perfect for any kid. The backdrop for the crib comes with a pretty wallpaper that is just right for the theme of the room.

Details : houseofhawkes

29. The Perfect Little Nursery

The Perfect Little Nursery

Making the best use of a small place, this room looks so dreamy because of its beauty that is brought by each element put in the interior. Starting from the gorgeous ‘Love You Babe’ sign written on a burlap cloth making it cute and rustic at the same time. Everything about the setting makes it super cozy and warm flaunting a farmhouse vibe. The shades of green, pink and the different shades of brown make a perfect blend for the arrangement that delivers a calm atmosphere. Not only for the kid, but this room is relaxing for the parent as well because they will be spending a lot of time in the nursery.

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Taking a look at the above gender neutral nursery ideas, beautiful natural tones with touches of color come out as the key to working up the rooms apt for both, boy and girl kids. Choose your vibe – cozy and rustic or bright and chic, finally getting started with the project!