14 Halloween Wall Decor Ideas For a Haunted House Touch!

When it comes to decorating the house for Halloween, the walls work no less than a canvas to get some artistic skills flowing. And some easy to pull off elements can add that instant haunted or spooky touch to the space, just like these clever Halloween wall decor ideas.

Halloween Wall Decor Ideas

1. 3D Halloween Specimen Gallery Wall

3D Halloween Specimen Gallery Wall

With just a little work, you can turn any of your simple walls to the halloween ready decor. All you have to do is grab some frame and put black and white backgrounds to them. Complete the pieces by attaching the varied specimens just like the link below. The 3D look brings the much needed vibe to the space.

Details : thriftyandchic

2. Crows, Ready to Descend!

Crows, Ready to Descend!

Just take a trip to your backyard or farm and pick some weathered branches that bring the right spooky appeal to the wall. Hang them to the wall and place some faux crows on them that vary in size. Perfect as an inexpensive decor, this decor is absolutely easy to make and compliments any space.

Details : pin.it

3. Washi Tape Spider Web

Washi Tape Spider Web

What can be better than an extremely simple to make DIY which can be done in no time just like this spider web made from washi tape. Just grab the black colored tape and make the web pattern on one corner of the wall. To complete the look, stick some faux spiders that will be the icing on the cake.

Details : getcreativejuice

4. Flying Bats Decoration

Flying Bats Decoration

Just some paper cutouts can bring life to your simple wall decor and create the perfect halloween appeal in the interior keeping it minimal and elegant. All you have to do is grab lots of black paper and a bat template, cut all the bats you want to put and with just some tape, cover the wall and make it halloween ready.

Details : madeeveryday

5. Ouija board wall decoration

Ouija board wall decoration

Ouija board is one of the spookiest of all the halloween elements. So what can be better than bringing that board to life as the perfect wall decor for your parties and halloween celebrations. You just have to cut the alphabets, numbers and the board signs in black paper and stick them to the wall, keep the lighting a little spooky on the wall.

Details : manningkrull

6. DIY Spooky Halloween Mirror

DIY Spooky Halloween Mirror

If you are a minimal lover and want to stay light on the spooky vibe then this simple DIY is your thing as you just need to grab some vintage looking mirrors and paint them in black. Attach a creepy picture of someone from an old book and scrap it a little as if the image is appearing in the mirror.

Details : nobiggie

7. Halloween Wreath with Old Frame

Halloween Wreath with Old Frame

Switch from the regular wreaths and turn an extremely vintage looking frame to the spooky halloween wreath. Give a distressed and weathered look to the frame and top it with lots of scary decor pieces like the spiders, skulls, black roses and wrap the frame with black cheesecloth completing the look.