14 Halloween Wall Decor Ideas For a Haunted House Touch!

When it comes to decorating the house for Halloween, the walls work no less than a canvas to get some artistic skills flowing. And some easy to pull off elements can add that instant haunted or spooky touch to the space, just like these clever Halloween wall decor ideas.

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8. DIY Ghost Face Picture Frame

DIY Ghost Face Picture Frame

Eerie ghost face picture frames will surely scare the pants off of anyone whoever encounters them this season. With just some cheesecloth and starch technique, you can either make a single frame or a set of two or three frames to make it even more spooky. The vintage frames will be the absolute cherry on the cake adding a lot to the decor.

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9. Bat Book Page Banner For Halloween

Bat Book Page Banner For Halloween

Combine spooky and cute just like this bat book page bunting which is absolutely easy to make and looks extremely cute. All you have to do is take the book pages and stick the bat cutout on the page. Complete the look by putting a pretty button in the middle.

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10. Spooky Lantern Hand Holders

Spooky Lantern Hand Holders

Lanterns already have something spooky about them and when combined with these super scary hand holders, they work up as the perfect halloween decor. The lanterns hanging on the spooky structures compliment the simple wall a lot and become the gorgeous backdrop for the decor.

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11.  Halloween Plate wall

Halloween Plate wall

If you want to go for an elegant decor that compliments the decor and also brings out the halloween appeal then this gorgeous wall display is your thing as with minimal work, the result turns out to be extremely pretty. The versatile prints, sizes and patterns on the plates add charms to the wall.

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12. Eerie Light Masks

Eerie Light Masks

In a dim room, this idea works just right and looks extremely scary as the eerie looking masks bring the spooky vibe to the interior for instant ghouls. You can either cover the lights with masks or put the masks on the wall with a light stick inside. The effect created because of the masks will give a look of faces protuding the wall.

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13. Easy Halloween Gallery Wall

Easy Halloween Gallery Wall

The little elements of Halloween, when put together form a stunningly spooky and amazing wall decor. From the blood stains painting to the bones hung on the wall, everything about the pieces here is just right for the scary festive vibe. The bright red shade completes the look here.

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14. Black And White Halloween

Black And White Halloween

An extremely easy and simple DIY is the perfect icing on the cake in the festive season as it is never enough with the decor. All you have to do in this DIY is just print and hang! The mousetraps used to hang the prints have a firm hold while they add a little spookiness to the look. You can simply replace the prints as per your wish.

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Faux flying bats that seem to have taken over the wall, unique spooky signs and installments, or pictures and artworks that transport one and all to a ghostly land – is there anything that this creative bundle of Halloween wall decor ideas doesn’t offer?