20 JOY Christmas Decorations As Cheerful as the Word They Spell Out!

It’s Christmas season – so how about bringing some more JOY to the world? and dressing up your house with some stunning JOY signs? Specially, if it all comes almost effortlessly, because you have got these gorgeous JOY Christmas Decorations on hand.

14. Christmas JOY Wreath Sign

Christmas JOY Wreath Sign

Grab a bead board for a unique backdrop and some trims for the border, paint them in deep brown and attach them to the board. Paint the letters ‘J’ and ‘Y’, complete the look by putting a grapevine wreath in the middle making the ‘O’.

Details : lollyjane

15. “JOY” Christmas Mantel

"JOY" Christmas Mantel

If you love the touch of vintage in your decor then this JOY sign is your thing as it makes the stunning blend of a little antique and chic. The O loaded with pearls works perfect while the greenery and embellishments compliment the all whites look.

Details : loveoffamilyandhome

16. Christmas Wall Hanging

Christmas Wall Hanging

This front door decoration features a burlap runner adorned with bright red JOY letters, while a bunch of berries and a ribbon bow goes on the top. You need upholstery webbing in red and burlap, jute twine, fusible interfacing, wire, felt and glue.

Details : 20northora.blogspot

17. DIY Painted Christmas Sign

DIY Painted Christmas Sign

Simple, elegant and perfect for any setting, this Joy sign is absolutely easy to make. All you have to do is grab a pennant shaped wooden board, paints, gold vinyl stickers, a wreath and the letters. Paint the board in alternating colors and the wreath and letters in gold. Put these together and the sign will be ready.

Details : landeeseelandeedo

18. Burlap vinyl JOY frames

Burlap vinyl JOY frames

Some vintage frames and lots of burlap cloth can result in something so gorgeous and pretty like these super cute pieces here. Just take some frames and put the burlap cloth making the base. Stick the stickers on the cloth and put some embellishment making the O.

Details : agirlandagluegun

19. Wreath with Loads of Ornaments

Wreath with Loads of Ornaments

Loaded with the beautiful festive season ornaments, this wreath will be the first thing that your visitors see while coming. This stunning lush wreath is going to be a focal point in the decor because of the berries, pinecones and top it with the joy banner.

Details : theidearoom

20. “JOY” Light Marquis Canvas

“JOY” Light Marquis Canvas

For the perfect backdrop in the Christmas decor, make this stunning canvas that comes paired with the gorgeous light, also working as the ambient light in the setting. All you have to do is paint the board and poke holes in the letters. Insert each light through the holes, once lit your pretty canvas will be ready.

Details : thechildatheartblog


From a sparkling canvas that can stay on the mantel round the year to wreaths that are cute to fir for, the afore listed JOY Christmas decorations are true happiness!