30 Enchanting Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas That are Oozing with Style!

The kitchen is definitely the most special corner of the house. Doesn’t this space deserve so much more than housing cabinets, appliances and food supplies alone? Let your kitchen ooze some style with the below enchanting kitchen wall decor ideas that range from chic to vintage, metallic to earthy, colorful to monochrome and more!

best kitchen wall decor ideas

1. Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket

Stunning wired baskets attached to a wooden board look amazing with that distressed, stained backdrop. Brightly painted hooks fix the baskets onto the board, while fine letters transferred in white paint bring out the final touches.

DIY Details : homewithlo

2. Window Shutter Wall Sign

Brittany York (@brittanyork) által megosztott bejegyzés,

Flaunt a little message or the names of your loved ones on a personalized wall sign that comes with the most extraordinary of base. The base is actually a lovely assembly of old window shutters, accompanied by two wall planters.

DIY Details : instagram

3. Inspirational Wall Ensemble

Inspirational Wall Ensemble

Who wouldn’t fall in love with these barnwood frames signifying a happy home! The off-white background goes oh so well with the collage of frames that come with unique textures, knots, worn-out appeal and dents.

DIY Details : middletonmercantile

4. Dining Room Gallery Wall

Dining Room Gallery Wall

That industrial touch spelling the word ‘EAT’ looks apt and appropriate for the walls of the dining room. The wall decor is completed with a food-inspired signs and a chalkboard, along with a large duet of hanging fork and spoon.

DIY Details : feedpuzzle

5. Mason Jar Hanging Planter

Mason Jar Hanging Planter

A little integration of greenery into the kitchen only makes the whole space a lot more refreshing and of course, pretty! Allow some painted mason jars to work as planters hanging on a dark-stained wooden board using twine.

DIY Details : etsy

6. DIY Farmhouse Style Hanging Wire Baskets On Reclaimed Wood

DIY Farmhouse Style Hanging Wire Baskets On Reclaimed Wood

Repurposing with a dash of creativity makes great use of reclaimed wood here, ending up in a farmhouse-style kitchen decor. All you need to do is attach a few Dollar Store wire baskets to the wood, adding in bright succulents.

DIY Details : thriftyandchic

7. DIY Open Shelving

DIY Open Shelving

Isn’t it amazing when a thing of decor comes with great functionality? These DIY open shelves installed in the kitchen do just that. Dark stained pine boards are screwed to brackets that hold the shelf on the wall.

DIY Details : lifeonvirginiastreet

8. Farmhouse Style Gallery Wall

Farmhouse Style Gallery Wall

What a splendid assembly of a whole spectrum of farmhouse-style wall decor items is this wall that keeps everything vivid yet minimalistic. You have got wall planters, wooden signs, a weekly menu board and a large rustic clock.

DIY Details : pinterest

9. I Love You To The Fridge And Back

I Love You To The Fridge And Back

This wall signboard has been crafted specially to pay a tribute to that treat-loaded appliance of the kitchen, the refrigerator! Saying ‘I love you to the fridge and back’, it’s got a stained background with contrasting letters on top.

DIY Details : jaxnblvd

10. Our Family Recipe Kitchen Wall Decor

Our Family Recipe Kitchen Wall Decor

Getting everything done in a pleasing chalkboard appeal, this kitchen wall decor piece is hand painted, further sanding it for a distressed texture. That bright blue handle of the whisk painted on the board adds a pop of color.

DIY Details : rusticlyinspiredsigns