17 Incredible Laundry Room Design Ideas That Combine Functionality with Visual Appeal!

Often less talked about in home decor and organization projects, but the laundry room is perhaps, one of the most significant spots around the house in terms of functionality. A well-managed laundry area that holds all the necessary equipment and supplies in a way that also looks pleasing to the eyes is a must-have. And these laundry room design ideas will assist you in working up one for your house irrespective of how large or small your space is.

9. Rustic Shelf and Coordinating Accessories

Rustic Shelf and Coordinating Accessories

The gorgeous setting here comes for a large space as it features the space to house two different cabinets. The beauty of the room is increased by the rustic looking wooden shelf and the accessories used to store the essential supplies like the little crate for bottles, a basket on the side for brushes, etc. While the cabinet with the sink and super chic faucet completes the arrangement.

Details : onechitecture

10. Vintage Inspired Laundry Room

Vintage Inspired Laundry Room

Completely inspired by the vintage look, if you are a vintage lover then this stunning arrangement is your thing. Featuring the all whites color scheme, the room is all about rustic right from the lighting to the hooks installed on the wall. The room provides a good amount of space to fit in a little bench for when one wants to sit while the clothes are washed.

Details : hometalk

11. A Reclaimed Wood Laundry Sign

A Reclaimed Wood Laundry Sign

Featuring a gorgeous rustic laundry sign that comes accompanied with a industrial pipe fixture to fulfill the purpose of hanging clothes, this arrangement is extremely stunning. The decor accessories placed on the wall compliment the look. It also utilizes the space to house an ironing table which makes it easier to iron the clothes once dried.

Details : funkyjunkinteriors

12. Storage Items Clubbed with Decor

Storage Items Clubbed with Decor

This gorgeous arrangement here in this idea comes with a huge space with lots of different options. Starting from the coat rack to the folding section that comprises of a separate basket for each kid and the concrete sink which is dedicated to wash the dirty shoes, this setting look incredible. The room comes loaded with a variety of ideas and the result looks just perfect

Details : beneathmyheart

13. Shiplap Laundry Room

Shiplap Laundry Room

As the theme suggests that the entire setting is inspired by the rustic appeal and each element added to the room makes up for the perfect farmhouse look. The wooden accessories placed in the interior compliment the look right from the cloth rack to the crate used to keep bucket and a planter.

Details : pillowthought

14. Pop of Color in Neutral Space

Pop of Color in Neutral Space

Keeping the look simple, the main attention here is grabbed by the floral wallpaper which is the absolute showstopper here in the entire setting. The rest of the room is kept completely simple and no additional accessories and items are placed while the rustic brown countertop brings the vibe and adds the pop of color in the neutral theme of the room.

Details : sarahshermansamuel

15. Coastal Blue Laundry Room Design

Coastal Blue Laundry Room Design

The arrangement here comes with a special element that the complete interior is made in the coastal blue tones which looks extremely beautiful and cute. The light color scheme gives life to a positive vibe in the setting along with the little rustic touches introduced by the baskets and the yellow stools.

Details : homebunch

16. 4 Elements of a Perfect Laundry Room

4 Elements of a Perfect Laundry Room

Featuring the cute green pastel tones for the cabinets, the laundry room makes a good use of the little space. The white marble countertops compliment the light color scheme of the entire room. The rustic baskets placed in the middle of the cabinets brings out the farmhouse vibe in the interior.

Details : housebeautiful

17. An Eclectic High Glam Laundry Room

An Eclectic High Glam Laundry Room

With the pop of color brought by the bright blue toned washing machines, the laundry room arrangement here comes with a vibe of grandeur. The huge vintage door of the room also intensifies the beauty and adds to the magnificent appeal of the setting. The paintings kept on the shelves and the countertop, compliment the gorgeousness of the color scheme.

Details : stylemepretty

Emphasizing storage and ample of room for laundry, the above laundry room design ideas make sure you get an efficient washing space, while housing the appliances and other essentials of the space beautifully. The decorations suggested are just the cherry on the cake!