25 Heartwarming Nursery Ideas to Make Your Newborn’s Safe Haven!

The whole joy of parenting has got building the nursery and decorating it with cute little touches of love as quite a special part of itself! Whether it’s pretty flowers or bright patterns, soft cozy toys or beautiful storage solutions, these nursery ideas are all you need to build the safe haven of your newborn right from scratch.


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Best Nursery Ideas

1. Boy Nursery: Soulful Suite

Boy Nursery: Soulful Suite

The highlight of this boy nursery is those adorable animal photo prints placed within bright white frames. A scrabble nursery rhyme piece and a classic yellow ride-on car add even more awesomeness to the space. The little one’s name is written in pretty 3-dimensional letters on the table.

Idea Details : theanimalprintshop

2. Soft and Feminine Garden Nursery

Soft and Feminine Garden Nursery

Celebrate the feminine elegance of your little girl with a nursery that keeps everything equally delicate to look at. Lovely white faux flowers adhered to the wall, a Moroccan leather pouf ottoman, a floor lamp with a minimalist design, the pottery barn dresser, and the wall-shelf is oh so splendid.

Idea Details : bestfriendsforfrosting

3. A Serene and Calming Nursery

A Serene and Calming Nursery

If you are looking out to work up a nursery that feels calming and serene to the baby, this inspiration is going to come handy! The color pallette is limited to soft metallics, gray, white and blush pink. Additionally, a sheepskin rug, white seersucker curtains, and vintage decor elements go for the accents.

Idea Details : projectnursery

4. Grey and White Playroom Design

Grey and White Playroom Design

The whole idea of Scandinavian interior takes the cake with this play room design that brings loads of grey and white together. The modern baby haven goes for girls as well as boys alike, making everything so much more heartwarming with different toy baskets, small storage shelves and little decorations.

Idea Details : little-look

5. Baby Girl’s Whimsical Nursery

Baby Girl’s Whimsical Nursery

The author finds this whimsical nursery quite a reminiscent of a fairytale enchanted forest. A printed silhouette wallpaper forms the backdrop of the room, making the baby crib pop up with DIY flower mobile. You’ve got pastel wall-mounted hooks, DIY triangle shelves and a dresser doubling up as changing station.

Idea Details : pinklittlenotebook

6. Bring in Color

Bring in Color

It’s going to be a tough deal to name any color that seems to be missing in this room loaded with so many bright hues. Whether it’s those doodles or paintings adorning the walls, the bunch of colorful cushions resting in the crib and the couch, or simply the end tables – nothing is less than a spectrum.

Idea Details : pin.it

7. Aqua and Gray Chevron Nursery

Aqua and Gray Chevron Nursery

This incredible idea yields a room with a high-end decor yet keeps the whole assembly truly budget-friendly. A modern color palette and different patterns are combined with a stylish bunch of decoration items. You are going to spot luxurious-looking vintage elements with patterns as chic as chevrons.

Idea Details : projectnursery

8. Iron Horse – Nursery

Iron Horse - Nursery

For all those who adore contemporary styles when it comes to setting up the infant’s room – this super cool one of all nursery ideas features a variety of rustic touches. A jute-like ottoman and copper accessories are contrasted by the botanical watercolor paintings above the crib.

Idea Details : akindesignstudio

9. Fabric Accents

Fabric Accents

We are surely head over heels for this nursery that comes with a special wall having fabric accents. Different colors and patterns of fabric are put together in an artistic fashion, while ruffle blackout curtains and a thrifted vintage rocker balance the color scheme of the room just perfect.

Idea Details : bloominghomestead

10. Nautical Nursery

Nautical Nursery

How about planning the whole layout of the baby space in a soothing nautical theme? Totally out-of-the-box for its kind, this nursery gets the beachy essence from lovely vintage fishing poles, a neutral beige wall coat, and glorious accent pieces. The accents include an anchor, a basket, and a bead board.

Idea Details : bloominghomestead

11. Introduce Natural Light Grey

Introduce Natural Light Grey

Let the newborn develop some love for reading with that beautiful bookshelf around. A perfect hue of natural light grey is used to paint the walls that are rightly decorated with pretty gold prints in white frames. Delicate netting above the crib and a striped blanket keep your baby safe and warm.

Idea Details : veronikasblushing

12. Modern and Whimsical Nursery

Modern and Whimsical Nursery

Worried about getting limited within a theme? Keep it clean with lots of natural light, adding the apt and appropriate amount of colors and textures. What keeps this one versatile is the dominance of gray and white, complimented with golden yellow and touches of blue for the bedding and accessories.

Idea Details : projectnursery