Get Inspired with These 20 Old Shutter Decor Ideas That Steal All Attention Instantly

Renovating the house or making basic alterations must surely have one or more old window shutters lying in your garage or the store room. Instead of throwing those otherwise waste pieces, give them a fantastic makeover with a handful of steps and the below old shutter decor ideas.


Old Shutter Decor Ideas

1. A Shutter Wall!

A Shutter Wall

Get on with your repurposing skills and grab those old shutters lying in your basement or storeroom. This inspiration is the perfect idea if you want to add the touch of innovation to the decor of your room. Paint the shutters with different colors that compliment the theme of your setting and go for different sizes and shapes of the shutters which will create a abstract appeal to the interior. With this idea, there would not be any need for you to add more decor to your room or to the walls. Putting the shutters to cover the entire wall makes the look complete. It is one of the most easy and time saving DIYs that does not require much effort. The wall will become the center of attraction for all your visitors and guests.

DIY Details : thistlewoodfarms

2. Build a Shutter Console Table

Build a Shutter Console Table

Instead of going for a ready made console table, get those creativity wheels moving and build your very own shutter console table with the help of this inspiration by HGTV. This is a great idea to combine the old shutters and the demand for a table in your living room. All you need to build this unique piece is an old shutter, four wooden pillars and panels, and a few hours of your time. For the purpose of a table, you need a suitable size of the shutter so choose according to your need for the same. Paint the elements of the construction in the color of your choice and fasten the legs under the shutter along with the panels to make it more strong. For further details, visit the link below.

DIY Details : hgtv

3. Shutter Island

Shutter Island

One of the great uses for the old shutters is create a table from them but a different one. In this inspiration, the shutters are used in a unique manner. For the pillars of the table, a couple of shutters have been placed and a wooden plank has been attached as the top. The use of shutters as the legs of the table makes it a different piece of furniture that will be a interesting topic for your friends and family, whoever visits your house. Add a wooden box or drawer in the middle of the legs that will act as storage in the table. Fasten wheels to the bottom so that it is easy to move your island table as per your wish. Give it a rustic touch which enhances the exclusiveness of the idea.

DIY Details : beyondthepicket-fence

4. Sign Shutter Shelf

Sign Shutter Shelf

Add your personal touch to the idea of the shelf by combining a little lettering to the piece. Grab a couple of shutters, wooden planks and stencils spelling the text that you want to work up on the sign and get going to forging the project as explained in the wonderful guide by Funky Junk Interiors. Keep the original texture of the planks and paint the shutters in any color according to your requirement. The natural texture of wood enhances the rustic look of the shelf and adds to its uniqueness. Place your essentials or a few decorative pieces on the shelf to complete its look – perhaps, a wire mesh basket with a planter wouldn’t fail to charm one and all.

DIY Details : funkyjunkinteriors

5. Old Shutter Door

Old Shutter Door

With just a little effort, give an all new look to the idea of doors for a storage area by repurposing old shutters which make it different and classic. Grab a couple of old shutters that are huge in size so that they work perfectly for the use as doors and pairs of wheels that give the required sliding movement for the shutters. Fasten the wheels on the top of the shutters with panels and attach the doors to the bar which makes the path for the movement. Paint the shutters with the color of your choice or just let them adorn the rustic appeal which adds to the unique look of the concept. To have a better look, visit the link below and build your very own shutter doors.

DIY Details : mrsjonespaintedfinishes

6. Shutters into a Corner Shelf

 Shutters into a Corner Shelf

One of the most amazing ideas to repurpose the old shutters is seen in this inspiration by Thrifty Treasures, as it creates a beautiful concept for a shelf. Start with painting the shutters in the color of your choice and manage to adorn the weathered and rustic look in the old shutters. Join both the shutters from the edges that makes it look like a corner shelf, make sure that you choose the shutters of the same size. Attach some wooden planks to it, that make up the storage sections of the shelf. Place some decorative items that add to the country look of the shelf as the planter kept on the top or the chalk board that is kept at the bottom with a message of your choice. This idea can be used as the perfect bedside table to store the reading glasses and that favourite book.

DIY Details : thriftytreasures.blogspot

7. Window Shutter Replaces Table Runners

Window Shutter Replaces Table Runners

Replace the traditional idea of a regular table runner with a super chic yet rustic old window shutter to decorate your dining table. A large rectangular shutter featuring a weathered texture is placed right in the middle of the table, forming the perfect base for table centerpieces that compliment the whole arrangement even better. The paint chipping off at certain spots makes it even more appealing, while that extra large table vase is all about splendour. What the table vase has been made out of is a vintage looking ice cream freezer sporting a pastel green color and a metallic touch to itself that goes just right with the shutter placed underneath. Install a few bright green leafy branches into the vase or simply go for your choice of florals that match the overall decor of the room.

DIY Details : beckysfarmhouse

8. Shutter Mirror

Window Shutter Replaces Table Runners

Combine the concept of the old shutters and a mirror for the room and build your very own shutter mirror. The shutters give the look of the doors for the mirror while adding the exclusiveness to entire piece. Just get your shutters and a wooden frame for the mirror. Attach the wooden frame to the mirror and then the frame with the shutters. You can always add your customisations with the designing of the frame and for the painting of the entire piece. The weathered look of the old shutters compliment the appearance of the decor and make it all classical. A few hooks can be attached to the bottom of the doors to be used to hang decor pieces. To have a better idea for the inspiration, visit the link below.

DIY Details : myshabbysoul.blogspot

9. Tuscan Shutter Garden

Tuscan Shutter Garden

Another amazing way to repurpose the old shutter is to create your very own shutter garden almost effortlessly as in this inspiration. Put the panels of the french faux shutters to use and attach the hooks that will help to hang the flower pots. Keep the texture and look of the shutter natural that gives it the perfect weathered and vintage look for the purpose of making it a display for the pots. This shutter garden can be used to adorn your backyard, patio or anywhere you want to place it as it will be the center of attention for your visitors and guests. For further understanding of the idea, refer to the guide mentioned below.

DIY Details : simplenaturedecorblog

10. Shutter Wall Decor

Shutter Wall Decor

If you are a lover of the classic, country and rustic decor then this idea is a must try for you. Start with shutters, an old arc window and a chic looking wreath. This inspiration is as easy as it is inexpensive. In just a matter of few hours, you can give the walls of your living room a whole new cottage look. Try to keep the weathered and old look of the shutters and window even if you choose to paint them as it compliments the setting. The wreath placed in the middle of the decor along with the wall sized large shutters adds charms to the decor. The complete designing will make the center of attention for the room and makes a beautiful background for the seating area. Move to the link below, for a look.

DIY Details : junkchiccottage.blogspot