19 Spectacular Outdoor Lantern Ideas Sending More Light Across your Space!

A bright and visually appealing provision of lighting is perhaps, the most significant element of a great outdoor decor. It not only ensures ample of light during the evening and dark hours, but also makes the space look much more vibrant and a treat to the eyes. Here are 19 spectacular outdoor lantern ideas that will send more light across your space.

Outdoor Lantern Ideas

1. Jute String Lanterns

Jute String Lanterns

What can be better than having the perfect patio decor with just some easy to make jute string lanterns. All you have to do is grab some mason jars, lots of jute strings or rope and some faux candles. Start by making a web like pattern with the idea of lanyard knots. Put the mason jar in the little jute basket and hang each lantern to your patio.

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2. Chandelier with Paper Lanterns

Chandelier with Paper Lanterns

A bunch of many paper lanterns looks extremely beautiful and catches a lot of attention from everyone. As here, the varied lanterns hung together will make any setting or decor look amazingly mesmerizing and pretty to look at. These lanterns reflect a serene glow which will compliment any arrangement just right. If you are hosting a party or simply designing your outdoor space, this is one of the best options for lighting.

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3. Rustic Vintage Lanterns

Rustic Vintage Lanterns

Give an all new purpose to the old lanterns and work them up as the vintage looking outdoor lighting decor. These lanterns look extremely rustic and add a great amount of look to the arrangement. You can either hang them or just place them in a dedicated corner in your backyard or patio. You just have to put candles or lights inside the lanterns, once lit they reflect the perfect ambient lighting.

Details : stylemepretty

4.  From Baskets to Lanterns

From Baskets to Lanterns

Can there be anything more summery than long summer evenings with luminous lanterns on the outdoor seatings of the house. These mesmerizingly rustic lanterns are worked up by using different shaped jute baskets and the can like structure made from wire. You just have to put the candle inside and you can enjoy the beautiful golden lighting in those family brunches.

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5. Outdoor Tuna Can Lantern

Outdoor Tuna Can Lantern

Give the antique and vintage vibe to your backyard setting with these stunning and easy to make tuna can lanterns that provide a remarkable number of variations. You just have to attach the tuna can to an old stick and put a candle inside. Some rustic customizations can be brought to the look of the stand for the lantern by painting it in a deep, dark tone.

Details : inmyownstyle

6. Pumpkin Shaped DIY Lantern

Pumpkin Shaped DIY Lantern

From the regular and common ideas, switch to a completely different concept for the lantern that can be put together in just a few steps. All you have to do is grab some wood reed, plywood and a piece of wood along with two wooden boards that will make the base shape for the structure. Start attaching the reed to the base in the desired pattern and also attach each reed to the top base.

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7. Vintage Looking Lanterns

Vintage Looking Lanterns

If you are at a beginner stage with your DIYs then you can head to any store and grab these lanterns and finish by painting them with a color of your choice or you can simply put together these gorgeous lanterns in some steps, head to the tutorial below. For added decor, you can put some twine orbs with string lights to complete the look for these lanterns.

Details : allthingsheartandhome

8. Cube Shaped Lanterns

Cube Shaped Lanterns

This guide here features a simple way to make your very own lantern that can be worked up in a few steps. All you have to do is gather a wood poplar boards, some square poplar dowels and a stain of your choice. Start by making a frame like structure for the lantern and attach the board to one side of the frame. You can attach a door and glass walls to the lantern.

Details : theidearoom

9. Tin Can To Outdoor Lantern

Tin Can To Outdoor Lantern

Bring life to the old tin cans and transform them to beautiful lanterns that reflect a gorgeous ambient light. You just have to draw the desired design on a strip of paper and attach that paper to the can. Start by poking holes as per the design to the can, when finished, the entire design will be made on the can with the help of the stencils.

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10. Dollar Tree Picture Frame Lanterns

Dollar Tree Picture Frame Lanterns

Who knew that vintage looking picture frames can be turned to new rustic lanterns that bring the classic vibe in any setting. Grab four frames with same look and one with a much simple pattern. You just have to attach the four frames together in the form of a cube and divide the square frame in two different pieces to make the roof for the lantern.

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