19 Spectacular Outdoor Lantern Ideas Sending More Light Across your Space!

A bright and visually appealing provision of lighting is perhaps, the most significant element of a great outdoor decor. It not only ensures ample of light during the evening and dark hours, but also makes the space look much more vibrant and a treat to the eyes. Here are 19 spectacular outdoor lantern ideas that will send more light across your space.

11. Chalkboard Candle Lights

Chalkboard Candle Lights

Some chalkboard paint applied on a mason jar can give an all new funky look and transform it to a unique decorative item. All you have to do is create a light window on the face of the jar by the twine rope. Cover the rest of the jar in the chalkbaord paint and put a little tea light candle.

Details : diyprojects

12. DIY Outdoor Cube Lanterns

DIY Outdoor Cube Lanterns

Brighten up the porch, patio or backyard with these colorful and easy to make cube lanterns that will work up as great pieces for even the smallest of spaces. You just have to start with the dowel rods by attaching them to build a frame and construct a cube from the frames. Finish by sticking the washer in the center and paint the lanterns in funky colour tones.

Details : omedit

13. Twine Light Orbs

Twine Light Orbs

With some balloons, twine, glue and string lights, you can bring life to the gorgeous light orbs that make a glorious lamp for the outdoor settings and also will become the talk among your visitors. You just have to blow a balloon, wrap the twine over the balloon and coat it with lots of glue solution. Once dried, spray paint the orb and fill with string lights.

Details : splashofsomething

14. Luminaria with Kelly Wilkinson

Luminaria with Kelly Wilkinson

Details : apracticalwedding

15. DIY Rope Lantern

DIY Rope Lantern

Give an all new purpose to those old glass vases that no longer come into use to store florals. Transform the vases to beautiful and rustic looking lanterns by just blending the farmhouse appeal with the delicate glass vases with just some twine. Wrap the twine to the rime of the vase and attach one to make the handle for the lantern.

Details : madeinaday

16. Solar Bottle Lantern

Solar Bottle Lantern

Transform any regular glass bottle into a gorgeous garden light with this simple hack that you can grab from Gardeners or by putting just some string lights to a glass bottle. Or if you go for a solar panel, then all you have to do is leave it in the light so when the dusk falls, the lights will twinkle on their own.

Details : gardeners

17. Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns

Doing crafts with the little ones is something that everyone loves, this super cute DIY here is suitable to do with kids as it is amazingly easy to put together. All you have to do is grab a beautiful printed sheet of paper and cut slits on the sheet. Attach the ends of the sheet to make a cylindrical shape. Complete by sticking the handle to the lantern.

Details : designdazzle

18. DIY Summer Hanging Jar Lantern

DIY Summer Hanging Jar Lantern

Whether you are hosting a party or simply want to decorate your outdoor seating, painting the mason jars is a simple way to add a personal style. All you have to do is gather jars, twine, some sand and tones of your choice. Paint the jar and fill it with sand along with the tea light candle.

Details : acultivatednest

19. DIY Winter Solstice Lanterns

DIY Winter Solstice Lanterns

What can be better than making a lantern with a natural touch that makes it extremely rustic and gorgeous. With just some twigs and tissue papers, you can build your very own solstice lanterns. All you have to do is attach the twigs to make a frame for the lantern and stick the tissue papers to the frame. Stick some dried leaves to the faces of the lantern to make it more natural and beautiful.

Details : ehow

Hanging lanterns to more-than-breathtaking light fixtures attached to pergolas, from string lights worked up on the trees to jar luminaries, there isn’t anything that the above outdoor lantern ideas don’t cover!