Best 24 Outdoor Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas for 2019

Apart from gifting each other some presents of love and celebrating the day, a great home decor including the outdoors is equally significant to bring out the best of Valentine’s day. Below, we have bundled up a list of some magnificent outdoor Valentine’s day decor ideas to make that happen.

16. Winter Scene Valentine’s Decor

Winter Scene Valentine's Decor

Celebrate Valentine’s with a mesmerising winter scene coming live into a lovely outdoor planter. The black planter seems to be surrounded from snow, while the beautiful fresh greens housed inside are also covered with pretty bits of white. The chief attraction flaunted by the planter is a miniature house made of wood and a large heart-shaped cut out in pastel red. Two little sticks are topped with two pretty hearts and the sticks are embedded into the mud in the planter. The overall blend of white, green, red, and hues of grey bring out the perfect Valentine vibe. Check out the below Pin to learn more about the wonderful idea.

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17. Garden Fence Valentine’s Decor

Garden Fence Valentine's Decor

Adorn the garden fence with a dose of Valentine’s, that too with just a handful of steps. Two wooden slat boards are all it takes to get it done. While one of the boards here comes in a rectangular shape, the other is a perfect square, each of which gets a heart-shape cut out in the middle. Further, you add a colored sheet or board behind the slat board to fill the heart-shape with a beautiful hue, and voila! Poke two holes each through the boards to allow the stringing of a rope through them, thereby making the finished pieces hang ready. Hang the two to your garden fence, and the Valentine’s enchantment begins.

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18. Outdoor Valentine’s Day Monogram Decor

Outdoor Valentine's Day Monogram Decor

Take the breath away of your special someone with an outdoor Valentine’s display that celebrates their initials in a romantic arrangement of decorations. The large 3 dimensional wooden letter is placed inside a shining silver envelope that’s further placed amidst loads of bright bushy greens decorated with string lights. What accompanies the envelope is a large red heart cut out, having everything tied together with a bright red ribbon bow. The ribbon here is a beautiful patterned one with silver artwork on a red hot base. Head to the Pin to learn more.

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19. Outdoor Window Box Valentine’s Day Decor

Outdoor Window Box Valentine's Day Decor

Whether you have got window boxes installed on your porch or not, adding one this Valentine’s season is going to be a marvellous idea. The wonderful fresh greens hanging out from the window box get a romantic makeover when a super large shining red ornament is placed in the middle, while lots of cotton is used to create the illusion of snow fall. Thin garlands with glossy hearts work wonders as the fillers to charm up the natural greens and an unbeatable splendour comes to life when a large wreath is hung from the box. The glittery wreath is not just a regular wreath, but a heart-shaped thing of beauty that looks quite like a piece of heaven. The best part about this arrangement is that it’s a mess-free, hassle-free idea.

DIY Details : bergiesplace

20. Candy Cane Outdoor Decor

Candy Cane Outdoor Decor

A yard sale find is all the author heads to, grabbing a bunch of pretty decorative candy canes. The author already had candy arranged together achieve heart-shaped tops placed in her yard, and some extra candy canes helped her to decorate the window shutters from outside. Of course, you can always go for a bigger batch of candy canes and let them serve the two purposes simultaneously, without having to deal with a difference in their patterns. Candy canes usually goes with Halloween, but the red and white theme of these pretties made them just right to work up an unconventional Valentine’s Day decor.

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21. Outdoor Valentine’s Day Decor – Hanging Hearts and Sparkles

Outdoor Valentine's Day Decor - Hanging Hearts and Sparkles

This amazing share by Victory Store has got an amazing pack of hanging hearts and sparkles to spruce up your yard for Valentine’s coming for a deal of 34 dollars. While you can always purchase the same and get going with the decor, taking a little inspiration from the same and whipping them up at home is also a lovely choice. All you are going to need is some strings or ribbons to hang the elements, alongwith some star-shaped cut outs of MDF or cardboard, painted with bright hues of pink, red and white. Simply adhere the decorative shaped onto the strings and hang the handmade garlands to the branches of the trees in your garden.

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22. Lollipop Pots : Fancying up Front Step

Lollipop Pots : Fancying up Front Step

All about fancying up the front steps of your porch, these lollipop pots are another name of Love – and the very first sight of them backs the statement. The sparkling pop of color this idea brings into the space is something you would fall head over heels in love with. You are going to need some sparkly hearts from Michaels, a dowel, some ribbon, and some yarn to get started with the construction of the adorable lollipop pots. That beautiful ribbon bow wrapped around the dowel heightens the attraction, while the sparkle doesn’t let anyone miss an eye. For the detailed steps, head to the tutorial below shared by A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.

DIY Details : aprettylife

23. Valentine’s Trail Sign

Valentine’s Trail Sign

Give your special one directions to find love this Valentine’s season with an incredible trail sign installed in your yard. A few pallet wood slats go for the making of the sign, while a large wooden slat works as the base for the sign. The slats shaped into arrows are painted with a unique technique to get a distressed touch. The author mixes some hot water with vinegar and some red food coloring and applies coats of the same on the arrows. The trail sign arrangement is assembled on the large slat and the directions are added to each of them with the help of white paint using some stenciling.

DIY Details : stowandtel

24. Valentine’s Day Heart Sticks- The Red Headed Hostess

Valentine’s Day Heart Sticks- The Red Headed Hostess

Felt signifies soft, cozy and delicate while wood goes for the idea of rustic. Combine the two for a great Valentine’s day outdoor decor, disguising some wood hearts and lovely felt hearts as one-of-a-kind flowers for a Valentine plant. The wooden hearts flaunt cute patterns as well as smaller moss hearts as the foreground, while some sport bright silver glitter in a dot pattern. The supplies you are going to need is some wooden hearts, some paint, a painting sponge, a few sticks, some glue, some skewers, lots of glitter, some reindeer moss, a hot glue gun and glue sticks. A sparkling Love sign is the final icing on the cake.

DIY Details : theredheaded

Pinks and bright reds spruce up the space with a pop of colour, while elements like hearts and rustic embellishments in the above outdoor Valentine’s day decor ideas cast their very own magical spell.