25 Over The Toilet Storage Ideas Employing That Usually Ignored Space Just Right!

The bathroom got loads of supplies and personal care essentials that need a proper storage space for accomodation. But, a small bathroom might not always allow you to dedicate enough room for the same, that’s where these over the toilet storage ideas come up. Brilliant and cool to look at!

best Over The Toilet Storage Ideas

1. DIY Bathroom Cabinet

DIY Bathroom Cabinet

Bring that old window to use and transform it to this absolutely vintage looking bathroom cabinet. This shelf makes the setting classic and acts as the perfect place to store all the essential supplies. The weathered texture of the window is the cherry on the cake in the entire look of the cabinet.

Details : lizmarieblog

2. Create More Storage Space

Create More Storage Space

This over the toilet storage rack here comes with different levels and adjustable shelves that can be put and removed as per the requirement. By removing the bottom shelves, the rack gives room to the toilet space and the top shelves are used to place the important items.

Details : apartmenttherapy

3. Old Ladder to Storage Space

Old Ladder to Storage Space

Bring that old ladder to life and give it an all new purpose by using it as a storage space for your bathroom. Remove the bottom steps from the ladder and attach some baskets to the top steps that work up as the storage for the bathroom stuff. The weathered look of the ladder is the cherry on the cake.

Details : blog.jennasuedesign

4. Weathered Texture Steals the Show

Weathered Texture Steals the Show

The weathered looking cabinet hung over the toilet is the main point of attention in the entire setting and also fulfills the purpose for storage perfectly. With three different sections, the shelf provides good amount of room to store all the necessary stuff.

Details : houseofturquoise

5. Accessories Steal the Show

Accessories Steal the Show

If you have little room in the bathroom then this idea is perfect for you as it comes with a lot of storage options even after occupying little space in the setting. Just fasten some wooden boards on the wall of the toilet and store all the essential supplies and items on the racks.

Details : shadesofblueinteriors

6. Window Box Bathroom Storage

Window Box Bathroom Storage

Those rustic looking window boxes can be transformed to the perfect storage solution with minimal space. All you have to do is grab some window baskets and attach them to the wall of your bathroom with the help of hooks. Stuff the boxes with the supplies.

Details : ourfifthhouse

7. Little Basket Does the Thing

Little Basket Does the Thing

If you have a small bathroom, then work up this little storage space over the toilet which comprises of a basket with two sections that give enough room to keep towels, toilet rolls, etc. The rod under the basket provides space to hang towels for immediate use.

Details : compostrules

8. DIY Faux Floating Shelves

DIY Faux Floating Shelves

Putting together a little wooden shelf is the easiest storage solution that can be used for any room or arrangement. Occupying a little space, you just need a couple of wooden boards and brackets to work up this floating shelf. These make good room for all the necessary items and a little decor as well.

Details : mommysuite

9. A Hanging Bathroom Shelf

A Hanging Bathroom Shelf

Just some wooden boards and a little rope put together make up this rustic looking shelf. Making this rack is as easy as it is handy to use and can be placed in any room. All you have to do is attach the boards in the form of a ladder and stain the shelf in the color of your choice.

Details : shanty-2-chic

10. Chunky Wooden Floating Shelves

Chunky Wooden Floating Shelves

Switch from the regular wooden shelf and make these super classy chunky wooden shelves that look amazingly gorgeous and also are extremely strong in their built. Allowing the placement of a lot of stuff, these shelves add charms to the arrangement while fulfilling the purpose perfectly.

Details : desertdomicile

11. Crate Wall Storage

Crate Wall Storage

Grab the crates lying around in your basement or store and give them an all new purpose by turing those crates to rustic and funky looking storage space for your bathroom. You just have to stain them in the paint of your choice and attach them to the wall with the help of vintage brackets.

Details : morningbymorningproductions.blogspot

12. The Dedicated Storage Baskets

The Dedicated Storage Baskets

Combine the idea of basket storage and the regular wooden shelves by fastening boards to the bathroom wall. Place a couple of basket on each board with a dedicated name tag for each family member. The decor on the top shelf brings life to the entire setting.

Details : martysmusings