25 Over The Toilet Storage Ideas Employing That Usually Ignored Space Just Right!

The bathroom got loads of supplies and personal care essentials that need a proper storage space for accomodation. But, a small bathroom might not always allow you to dedicate enough room for the same, that’s where these over the toilet storage ideas come up. Brilliant and cool to look at!

13. Deep Tones Contrast the Best

Deep Tones Contrast the Best

The magic in this setting is made by the perfect little shelves along with the beautifully contrasting accessories placed over them. Occupying a little space on the wall, the shelves have good area for urgent materials and also some decorative items.

Details : theyellowcapecod

14. Vintage Basket to Storage

Vintage Basket to Storage

A vintage basket is an absolute showstopper when arranged in any interior just like in this idea here. The wall mounted basket is the perfect storage option occupying a little space on the bathroom wall and providing good amount of room for stuff.

Details : hammersandhighheels.blogspot

15. A Reclaimed Wood Old Sign Shutter Shelf

A Reclaimed Wood Old Sign Shutter Shelf

Bring life to those old window shutters and wooden boards by transforming them into an all new sign shelf for the bathroom storage. The weathered look of the shelf is the ultimate icing on the cake adding an element of funk to the interior.

Details : funkyjunkinteriors

16. Martina Bath Wall Storage Shelf with Hooks

Martina Bath Wall Storage Shelf with Hooks

Looking for a small storage space that does the work just right then you can make this cute little wall mounted shelf in just a matter of minutes. Featuring two cubbies, top shelf storage with protective ledge and two hooks, this rack is the perfect solution for the necessary bathroom items.

Details : ana-white

17. DIY Sliding Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet

DIY Sliding Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet

If you like the concept of a sliding door cabinet then go for this easy to make and gorgeous looking shelf that needs just some wooden boards and the tools to make the sliding door. The shelf features enough room to store all the important items.

Details : shanty-2-chic

18. Gabriel Wall System Hanging Organizer

Gabriel Wall System Hanging Organizer

A hanging wall organizer adds a unique look to the setting and makes it super chic and stylish. By a couple of pipes and some S hooks, this gorgeous rack can be built in a few hours. The rack gives room for necessary items and the S hooks are perfect to hang towels.

Details : ana-white

19. Nautical Rope Shelf

Nautical Rope Shelf


Add a little beach to the decor with this stunning nautical rope shelf that also fulfills the purpose of storage in your bathroom. All you have to do is gather wooden boards and tie the rope to the boards. Paint the wooden boards in the blue tones that compliment the look.

Details : myfirstapartment

20. Neutral Schemes and Small Bathroom

Neutral Schemes and Small Bathroom

The neutral color tones work perfectly for a bathroom setting and this arrangement here is all about the light color schemes and putting a small space to the best use. The shelves over the toilet provide good room to store the important stuff.

Details : arquiteturainteriores

21. Little Rack, Big Solution

Little Rack, Big Solution

If you do not have enough room in the small bathroom space to store all the necessary supplies and need a dedicated place to keep them, then putting a little rack or shelf over the toilet is a good option. As here in the idea, the cabinet with different sections has good space to keep the stuff.

Details : maisondepax

22. Building Bathroom Storage

Building Bathroom Storage

For a vintage lover, this easy to make DIY shelf is the perfect option as it also fulfills the storage need just right. All you have to do is grab some vintage looking brackets and wooden boards. Paint the stuff in the color of your choice and put the items along with decorative pieces on the shelf.

Details : firsthomedreams

23. Over The Toilet Leaning Ladder Shelf

Over The Toilet Leaning Ladder Shelf

An old ladder can be transformed to a great storage shelf or rack for the bathroom area as each step of the ladder can be used as a storage space. Just removing the bottom steps and working up the top steps as the shelves makes the perfect storage rack.

Details : etsy

24. Storage Ladder with Hanging Baskets

Storage Ladder with Hanging Baskets

Bring life to an old ladder by working it up as an all new storage option of your bathroom that is absolutely easy to make and requires a little amount of your time. All you got to do is attach a dedicated hanging basket to each step of the ladder and start stuffing the important items you need.

Details : averageinspired

25. The Hanging Organizer

The Hanging Organizer

A hanging bathroom rack with a weathered texture definitely adds the rustic appeal to the arrangement making it convenient to store all the towels, toilet rolls, sprays, etc. This rack here is as gorgeous as it is easy to make and provides good room for all the urgent supplies.

Details : pinterest

Something or the other on the above list of over the toilet storage ideas is going to fit your bathroom like a lock and key mechanism. After all, we have got racks hanging on the wall storing towels and paper rolls, old ladders turned into storage solutions, or out-of-the-box cabinets and so much more!