20 Rustic Easter Decorations Bringing a Farmhouse Appeal to Your Home!

Easter is right around the corner, and it seems time to be immersing the house with festive-themed decorations that signify the day. Loads of bunnies, carrots, lavishly adorned eggs and all are totally going to be in. How about getting it all done with a touch of rustic? Here are 20 rustic Easter decorations bringing a farmhouse appeal to your home.


11. Pretty Pastel Easter Eggs

Pretty Pastel Easter Eggs

Engage the kiddos in some festive crafts, while ending up in glorious Easter eggs that make the home decor so much more awesome. This inspiration is all about dying plain plastic eggs in pretty Easter colors using natural food coloring mixed in water. Simply place the whole bunch of eggs in a large tray, and you have got the centerpiece all set.

DIY Details : myrusticfarmhouse.blogspot

12. Floral Bucket Easter Decor

Floral Bucket Easter Decor

Aren’t these colorful blooms a treat for the eyes? A large metal bucket in a pastel shade of blue doubles up as the vase for this one-of-a-kind floral decoration apt and appropriate for Easter. The bright green from the leaves and a blend of pink, white, and orange from the flowers makes it oh so pleasing! And ofcourse, it’s easy and quick to assemble.

DIY Details : pin.it

13. Metal Watering Can Florals

Metal Watering Can Florals

Whether it’s the front door or the porch, this metal watering can loaded with bright flowers can’t fail to impress the guests, while greeting them with some spring goodness. The worn out texture of the can contrasts the delicate ribbon bow on top like magic, while the flowers and fresh greens inside the can signify the spirit of Easter.

DIY Details : mycraftilyeverafter

14. Flower Box Easter Centerpiece

Flower Box Easter Centerpiece

That table decoration is so luscious and gorgeous that you wouldn’t want to get rid of it even after Easter has passed. A super rustic wooden flower box is placed right at the center of the table, and lots and lots of flowers in hues of yellow, pink and lavender, along with bright green leaves form the fillers. For the added Easter touch, adorn the planter with speckled eggs.

DIY Details : mycraftilyeverafter

15. Wooden Bunny Decor

Wooden Bunny Decor

If the concept of less is more suits you more than anything else, then this Easter bunny that’s a simple bunny-shaped wooden cut out is what your entryway or front porch needs for the festive decor. The roughened up paint job of the white bunny goes oh so well with the large bucket placed on the side. Plant a few branches in the bucket and you are good to go.

DIY Details : sortrature

16. Rustic Easter Nests with Birds

Rustic Easter Nests with Birds

Synonymous to sheer cuteness, this table setting keeps things sticking to rustic Easter nests, tiny 3 dimensional bird models and paper grass. Small speckled and solid-hued eggs are placed inside the mini nests, while birds seem to guard them. A Happy Easter sign and a mug holding small branches with utmost grace complete the look with true perfection.

DIY Details : sortrature

17. Stenciled Canvas Bunny Framed Picture

Stenciled Canvas Bunny Framed Picture

A rustic canvas print made at home – immersed in the magic of Easter! Allow a sheet rustic canvas placed inside an old white photo frame to cast its magical spell. Simply print off a bunny silhouette and cut it out to use as the stencil for the bunny shape. once you place the shape over the canvas, trace it and fill the outlines with some white paint, and voila!

DIY Details : restylerelove

18. Easter Carrots

Easter Carrots

The next cutest thing about Easter after the bunnies and eggs is bright red carrots. And here’s a decor inspiration that uses them with sheer creativity. Actually, these are not real carrots, but handmade dolls that look exactly like the real veggies. And the kind of texture the faux carrots flaunt steals the credit for making the final assembly look oh so rustic.

DIY Details : etsy

19. Rustic Charm

Rustic Charm

Keeping it limited to different hues and shades of brown alone is the key to making this Easter decor inspiration all about rustic. A large brown bowl, loads of long and small branches from the yard, and some faux Easter eggs in colors that suit the setting are all you need. Simply place the dried branches inside the bowl, finally adding the eggs on top to create a lovely nest.

DIY Details : rustic-charm.tumblr

20. Elegant and Rustic Easter Mantle Decor

Elegant and Rustic Easter Mantle Decor

This season, work up a stunning farmhouse-themed scape for the mantle, signifying Easter at its best. Everything ranging from an adorable bunny silhouette placed inside a photo frame, lots of mossy greens, beautiful white flowers on branches placed inside a large white vase, an Easter egg wreath, and more faux eggs are covered with utmost elegance.

DIY Details : pinterest

Isn’t it incredible how these inspirations blend the vibrant hues of green, pink, peach, red, orange and more with the earthy tones of brown, grey and natural textures? Let’s get started with some rustic Easter decorations and brighten up the space with more cheers!