14 Rustic Kitchen Island Ideas Keeping it Earthy and Charming!

Isn’t the kitchen island perhaps, the most prominent part of the space when it comes a to catching the eyes? Ofcourse, the point of emphasis deserves to get a charming appeal and go with the overall theme. Here are 14 Rustic Kitchen Island Ideas that are gorgeous and versatile at the same time, while keeping it all beautifully earthy.

8. Kitchen Island with Storage

Kitchen Island with Storage

This rustic chic island is surely going to be the focal point of your kitchen. With the stunning reclaimed lumber top featuring the various tones, it’s definitely a show stopper! Coming with a bundle of functionality, you can use it for everything right from cooking and eating to storing or doing the homework and projects.

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9. All About Grand and Vintage

All About Grand and Vintage

If you are looking for a king size kitchen island then this island here is your thing as the huge size and grand vintage look are the main points of attention about this piece here. The dark stained wood makes it even more gorgeously appealing while maintaining the minimalism in the setting. The granite countertop makes the perfect contrast with the wooden texture.

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10. Bright Red is The Focus

Bright Red is The Focus

The bright red tone here is the absolute focal point in this island while the huge size provides a good amount of functionality. Housing space for a little microwave at one side, this island facilitates different purposes. You can always choose a different tone for the frame while the wooden countertop looks wonderful and rustic.

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11. Natural Wood and White Marble

Natural Wood and White Marble

This perfectly vintage looking kitchen island here features the right elegance and minimalism making it appropriate for any setting. The natural wooden texture of the structure compliments the pearly white marble countertop beautifully. Providing a good amount of storage, this island comes with a lot of options and functionality.

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12. Rustic Island with Reclaimed Wood

Rustic Island with Reclaimed Wood

Who does not like to go a little unique when it comes to arranging the house. Just like this kitchen island here that is perfect for the rustic appeal in any setting. The weathered planks of reclaimed wood featured in this island here add a lot to the old vintage look. Topped with the contrasting countertop, it completes the look.

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13. Handmade Kitchen Island with Reclaimed Lumber.

Handmade Kitchen Island with Reclaimed Lumber.

Put together from reclaimed lumber, this primitive kitchen island comes with a spacious pass through drawer and a huge, accessible cabinet right for housing big pots and pans. The dark tone adds a lot to its vintage appeal while the light wooden countertop makes it rustic and brings a modern touch.

Details : etsy

14. DIY Industrial Kitchen Island

DIY Industrial Kitchen Island

Repurposing an old industrial cart and a table can result in an all new rustic kitchen island that comes with a lot of room for storage. The distressed look of the cart works perfect for the vintage and rustic look while the fine countertop made from the table looks gorgeous with the weathered texture.

Details : blueroofcabin

Combining natural textures and shades of wood with lovely elements like marble in some ideas while going for glass in others, the above list of rustic kitchen island ideas is loaded with variety, grace and prettiness.