14 Small Bathroom Ideas That Blend Style with Storage and Utility!

Less space inside a bathroom sometimes turns out to be a menace when you can’t get ample of room to shower, to work up storage solutions, or integrate the toilet area in to the limited space in a way that doesn’t look an eyesore. However, a little artistry can make even the smallest of bathroom spaces go screaming with style and the right combination of essential elements – just like these small bathroom ideas bundled below.

8. Rustic Blends with Industrial

Rustic Blends with Industrial

Consisting of only the toilet space, the room is kept minimal on the interior with just a little cabinet placed for the storage and the sink fixture. The industrial lighting over the mirror, adds beauty to the look while the pop of color brought by the florals kept on the shelf makes the look pretty. The rustic touch is brought by the basket whereas the picture with the ‘Hello Beautiful’ message makes it super funky and cute.

Details : oheverythinghandmade

9. The Wall Mounted Storage

The Wall Mounted Storage

The wall mounted cabinet built behind the toilet space houses a lot of necessary items along with the vintage decorative pieces that beautify the arrangement. The rustic looking wire baskets making the setting pretty are utilised to store the bathroom towels and soap bars. An antique mirror kept on the shelf looks extremely gorgeous. The small space of the room is put to best use by this storage cabinet. Even the old books used for the added decor enhance the beauty of the setting.

Details :  pin.it

10. Over The Toilet Leaning Ladder Shelf

Over The Toilet Leaning Ladder Shelf

To make the best use of a small space, the idea to house an old ladder in the bathroom is a good one as it provides enough room for storage and occupies very minimal space in the entire arrangement. The rustic looking old ladder utilises each step as a separate storage shelf where all the necessary supplies can be kept without putting any special cabinet. The size for the steps can be altered as per your requirement.

Details : pin.it

11.  Hanging Storage Shelves

Hanging Storage Shelves

The hanging shelf in the idea here looks super chic and funky while occupying little space in the bathroom it fulfills the purpose just right. Making this shelf is as easy as it looks pretty as all you have to do is gather some wood boards and some hooks that will hold each shelf together. The concept and idea for this shelf is amazingly unique and adds a beauty element to rustic interior. This shelf also provides good room to store all the necessary items.

Details : magasdesigns

12. Bring Tranquility to a Small Bathroom

Bring Tranquility to a Small Bathroom

This amazing guide here features the hacks to decorate a small bathroom space just like in the idea here. The industrial lighting and the rustic baskets used to store towels brings out the little farmhouse vibe to the decor. The cabinet on the back with the tiny glass jars and the flower vase with the cotton stems makes the look all cozy. The family pictures put on the walls also adds a personal touch to look.

Details : snippetsofdesign

13. Cool Small Bathroom With Glass Door Shower Area

Cool Small Bathroom With Glass Door Shower Area

Complimenting the dark tones, the setting looks super classy and funky! The little rustic wooden planter box kept over the toilet adds to the positive vibe in the room. The interior adorns the monochromatic theme gorgeously making the appearance vintage as well as rustic. The glass door separates the shower area from the rest of the space, making the most of the small bathroom.

Details : homeastern

14. Funky Racks and Glass Vases

Funky Racks and Glass Vases

Putting the space to the best use, The arrangement features a separate area for the shower while the rest of the area is utilised for the toilet and sink fixtures. The funky rack placed for the purpose of hanging towels makes the interior appear cute. For the little decor, the glass vase with beautiful bright florals adds the pop of color along with the rustic message picture hung on the side. Instead of an additional storage, a tiny rack is kept for the toilet rolls which looks unique.

Details : pin.it